Attala County Brides


EAKIN, Della MILLER, James J 1915-Dec-26
EAKIN, Ella CUMMINS, J A 1897-Sep-02
EAKIN, Ida SIMMONS, E F 1902-Dec-15
EARLEY, Dora CAIN, W W 1906-Apr-15
EARLY, Adelia A HUTCHISON, H B 1901-Sep-01
EDDLEMANN, Kate MAULDIN, M S 1916-Oct-24
EDDLEMANN, Velma WHITTEN, Willie A 1917-Feb-28
EDMONSON, Cora BURNLEY, H C 1913-Feb-09
EDMONSON, Flora WEBSTER, C D 1912-Jan-28
EDWARD, Minnie TEAT, John 1910-Oct-23
EDWARDS, Allie JENKINS, J S 1896-Nov-11
EDWARDS, Carrie CHAPPELL, E J 1913-Apr-19
EDWARDS, Emma HUTCHISON, E E 1902-Dec-25
EDWARDS, Estelle COLSTON, Bryan 1908-Nov-09
EDWARDS, J L Miss ALLEN, W W 1900-Apr-08
EDWARDS, Laura STEWART, H L 1898-Sep-04
EDWARDS, Lettie WASSON, John 1911-Oct-26
EDWARDS, R Miss RILEY, M J 1906-Sep-25
EDWARDS, Rosa Lee WATTS, Edward 1898-Mar-03
EDWARDS, Virginia SARDIN, William 1907-Aug-21
ELLARD, E Miss WALKER, J O 1908-Nov-23
ELLARD, Nannie D BURDETT, W F 1919-May-04
ELLETT, Evie J TYLER, J R 1898-Oct-18
ELLINGTON, Annie E ODOM, M E 1906-Sep-26
ELLINGTON, Bannie BEAUCHAMP, Harvey 1904-Jan-17
ELLINGTON, Dena GWIN, R A 1919-Aug-09
ELLINGTON, Ernestine RAY, J B 1907-Dec-22
ELLINGTON, H L Miss ADAMS, H F 1899-Nov-31
ELLINGTON, Hattie M STANCELL, H W 1905-Jun-28
ELLINGTON, Lillian DUNCAN, James D 1915-Jul-14
ELLINGTON, M J Miss JENKINS, D D 1893-Jan-08
ELLINGTON, May DOWNS, W H 1918-Dec-22
ELLINGTON, Murtis GRAVES, W H Jr 1915-May-26
ELLIOTT, Eva RUSSELL, S J 1899-Apr-20
ELLIS, Amie BATES, Davis 1899-Jul-26
ELLIS, Bessie BRASWELL, W L 1916-Oct-29
ELLIS, Edna M MABRY, O L 1898-Jan-09
ELLIS, Effie E BAILEY, R K 1904-Jul-10
ELLIS, Nannie WADE, C V 1900-Feb-24
ELLIS, Sarah ALLEN, Samuel 1898-Jan-03
ELLISON, Ida VINES, Loner 1906-Oct-21
ELLORD, Mary WHITEHEAD, L H 1895-Feb-13
ENGLAND, Clara STRINGER, O D 1919-Jun-13
ENGLAND, Clara STRINGER, O D 1917-Dec-08
ENGLAND, Dora ATWOOD, D C 1915-Mar-31
ENGLAND, Mollie BELL, C B 1898-May-26
ENGLER, Ethel MAYO, R P 1914-Jul-16
EUBANKS, Annie RODGERS, Albert 1911-Jan-01
EUBANKS, Annie Mrs TURNER, John 1909-Aug-21
EUBANKS, Edna HAMILTON, Noah 1919-Jan-11
EUBANKS, Fannie LOVOM, W G 1899-Feb-13
EUBANKS, Fannie Reed Mrs LIVINGSTON, R E 1909-Oct-10
EUBANKS, M O Miss MANN, J T 1893-Feb-22
EUBANKS, Martha MOUNGER, J I 1912-Feb-11
EUBANKS, Mary SHELLEY, Guss D 1902-May-25
EUBANKS, Mollie ALLEN, Grant 1893-Oct-12
EUBANKS, Sarah SULLIVAN, Walter 1907-Dec-31
EVANS, Blanche MCGEE, C C 1914-Aug-23
EVANS, Lettie M ATKINSON, W M 1899-Mar-29
EVANS, Pearl HUNTSINGER, E C 1903-Nov-09
EVANS, Winnie D PARKS, J H 1919-Oct-12


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