Winston County Grooms

Y - Z

YAGER, Wm T KINSWELL, Kissilla 1855-Feb-22
YAGER, Wm T KNOWELL, Kissilla 1855-Feb-22
YARBOROUGH, A MCQUINN, Sallie 1884-Dec-30
YARBOROUGH, C DENNIS, Chas 1882-Dec-25
YARBOROUGH, J R ROBINSON, Jennie 1884-Dec-01
YARBROUGH, Abner HARRIS, Ella 1880-Apr-15
YARBROUGH, Calvin SUBER, Elvira 1895-Aug-10
YARBROUGH, Geo EADES, Julie Ann 1896-Jan-11
YARBROUGH, Hiram TRIPLETT, Cehia 1897-Feb-10
YARBROUGH, Ike FULTON, Sarah Jane 1898-Feb-15
YARBROUGH, J L JOHNSON, Mary 1892-Dec-14
YARBROUGH, James L LIDDELL, Susan J 1857-Dec-07
YARBROUGH, John BALL, Fanny 1894-Aug-29
YARBROUGH, John TRIPLETT, Harriet 1871-Nov-24
YARBROUGH, Lawyer BROGG, Jennie 1873-May-19
YARBROUGH, Lesox COOPER, Georgia 1898-Nov-16
YARBROUGH, Louis EILAND, Anna 1894-Jan-30
YARBROUGH, Matt RUFF, Martha 1879-Jul-31
YARBROUGH, Profit ALDRIDGE, Malinda J 1878-Jan-30
YARBROUGH, R E LINDSEY, Mattie W 1873-Jul-14
YARBROUGH, S J DUCK, A B 1875-Jan-11
YARBROUGH, Wesley ESTES, Cintha 1894-May-12
YARDBROUGH, Abner EADER, Joe 1891-Dec-08
YATES, Albert STEPHENS, Amanda 1869-Dec-18
YATES, J S HINGE, Nancy J 1882-Oct-05
YATES, James Y RICHARDSON, Mary R 1860-Oct-10
YATES, Marshu EDWARD, Martha 1893-Oct-19
YATES, Wm T DAVIS, Martha A 1850-Sep-18
YATES, Wm T DAVIS, Martha A E 1850-Sep-18
YEAGER, A M C AVERY, B 1860-Dec-10
YORK, D A WEST, Mary Jane 1878-Dec-04
YOUNG, A EDWARDS, Virginia 1884-Oct-27
YOUNG, Alex MARTIN, Nancy 1875-Mar-08
YOUNG, Alexander WOFFORD, J C Mrs 1851-May-06
YOUNG, Alexander WOFFORD, J C Mrs 1851-May-08
YOUNG, Ben OWINGS, Mallie 1897-Apr-17
YOUNG, C A BENNETT, Edna 1896-Dec-23
YOUNG, Georbe WILLIAMS, Catherine 1880-Feb-15
YOUNG, Henry HATHORN, Celona 1888-Oct-13
YOUNG, Henry HUGHES, Eliza 1897-Nov-10
YOUNG, Henry STEWART, Dilla 1887-Dec-28
YOUNG, Ike PRICE, J 1884-Dec-03
YOUNG, Isaac MOORE, Pheby A 1882-Dec-25
YOUNG, Isaac RUFF, Craney 1877-Mar-20
YOUNG, Isac HATHORN, Ella 1897-Feb-22
YOUNG, Jackson CADE, Laula 1898-Dec-26
YOUNG, John HUDSON, Sallie 1898-Dec-29
YOUNG, M D FORT, Mary 1851-Dec-24
YOUNG, Mack WOODRUFF, Mariah 1873-Dec-13
YOUNG, Miller VANBROUGH, Lizzie 1892-Oct-15
YOUNG, Thos GAGE, J 1881-Oct-14
YOUNG, Wiley TRIPLETT, Repsey 1898-Feb-09
YOUNG, Z N BARNHILL, T F 1876-Nov-04
ZACHEY, Jake AVERY, Sarah 1879-Dec-25
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