Winston County Brides

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YARBOROUGH, Emma LANGLEY, Thomas A 1887-Dec-19
YARBOROUGH, Euda COLEMAN, Robt 1885-Jan-22
YARBOROUGH, Louisa MCQUINN, Charles 1887-Jun-11
YARBOROUGH, Mahulade COCKBURN, Robt 1881-Feb-17
YARBOROUGH, Mary HUGHES, George 1889-Jan-31
YARBOROUGH, Millie MCCULLY, William 1888-Jan-05
YARBROUGH, Adeline BABER, Allen 1870-Jan-03
YARBROUGH, Betty HARRIS, Alex 1880-Jul-17
YARBROUGH, Caroline ALDRIDGE, George 1874-Jan-13
YARBROUGH, Elizabeth WOODRUFF, W G 1838-Sep-10
YARBROUGH, Ellea BROWN, Will 1898-Jul-11
YARBROUGH, H PATTY, Isaac 1884-Dec-24
YARBROUGH, M C WHITTEN, Silas 1851-Oct-20
YARBROUGH, M C WHITTEN, Silas R 1851-Oct-20
YARBROUGH, Mary FERRELL, Geo 1897-Dec-23
YARBROUGH, Mollie DAVIS, Moton 1893-Dec-23
YARBROUGH, Nancy S KING, Joseph H 1845-Jul-17
YARBROUGH, Nancy S KING, Joseph R 1845-Jul-17
YARBROUGH, Rebecca Frances SMYTH, Wm 1846-Oct-01
YARBROUGH, Sarah LEWIS, Geo 1893-Nov-01
YARBROUGH, Sarah J TAGGART, J L 1864-Nov-08
YATES, Delilah A SCROGGIN, C M 1865-Jun-13
YATES, Lida ALGOOD, Jeptha 1886-Aug-12
YATES, Sarah GIBBS, Elbert 1855-Aug-29
YATIZ, Amandy WILLIS, George W 1873-Jan-09
YEARWOOD, Emiley SISTRUNK, D D 1893-Nov-10
YOUNG, Alice JENNIGAN, Thos W 1880-Aug-11
YOUNG, Annie CRAPE, Andrew 1881-Dec-14
YOUNG, Callie BURNSIDE, Jeff 1887-Oct-07
YOUNG, Caroline FRAZIER, Tom 1893-Feb-21
YOUNG, Ealy COCKERN, Albert 1848-Sep-08
YOUNG, Elizabeth TYLER, Jno 1839-Feb-11
YOUNG, Elizabeth E WOODALL, F M 1873-Dec-28
YOUNG, Elizabeth R TYLER, Jno S 1839-Feb-11
YOUNG, Fannie CLARK, M L 1896-Jan-20
YOUNG, Jane H PARKS, James M 1845-Mar-24
YOUNG, Jane H PARKS, James M 1845-Aug-24
YOUNG, Laura H HOLMES, P Y 1871-Jan-31
YOUNG, Maggie GAGE, Chas 1898-Mar-17
YOUNG, Mandy CROCKETT, Robt 1881-Dec-09
YOUNG, Margaret TRIPLETT, George 1852-Feb-17
YOUNG, Mary Ann LIDDELL, Ebb 1844-Nov-18
YOUNG, Mary Ann SCOGINS, William 1838-Dec-29
YOUNG, Mollie COX, Ned 1880-Dec-04
YOUNG, Nancy DAVIS, S W 1894-Dec-19
YOUNG, Nancy PARKS, Chesley 1837-Sep-11
YOUNG, S C Mrs WEBB, J P 1877-Mar-13
YOUNG, Vency REED, Robert 1879-Dec-25
YOUNGBLOOD, Nancy C WILLIAMS, Kaleb 1849-Aug-02
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