Wilkinson County Grooms

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YARBOROUGH, David WATTON, Sarah 1837-May-23
YARBOROUGH, Lewis A HUMPHREYS, Elizabeth 1837-Nov-30
YATES, James M C WETHERSBY, Harriett 1842-Jul-02
YATES, S F MCGRAW, Rosa 1911-Mar-26
YERBY, Ben F GILDART, Sophia C 1840-Sep-01
YERBY, Robert BAILEY, Jaine F 1831-Dec-15
YERBY, Wm. HADLEY, Thirza A 1826-Mar-01
YORK, Wesley HALL, Maudie 1900-Mar-04
YOUNG, Adolphus BOGAN, Sarah 1882-Mar-06
YOUNG, Andrew RUCKER, Ellen 1876-Mar-01
YOUNG, Anthony GRAY, Susan 1893-Apr-01
YOUNG, B F COLE, Margarite O 1858-Feb-02
YOUNG, B L HAMILTON, Fannie 1895-Aug-27
YOUNG, Benjamin F TEMPLE, Catherine 1824-May-27
YOUNG, E W COGGIN, M J 1886-Feb-14
YOUNG, E W MORGAN, I J 1890-Feb-03
YOUNG, Elegan CARTER, Eliza 1888-Nov-28
YOUNG, F L SLONDER, Harriott 1899-Jun-05
YOUNG, Ferdinand M TARGUINO, Mary 1837-Jul-04
YOUNG, George L BENNETT, Hannah 1878-May-16
YOUNG, H T LOVE, S P 1890-Mar-04
YOUNG, Harrison MURRY, Julia 1891-Aug-08
YOUNG, Harry ANDERSON, Mary Jane 1893-Dec-09
YOUNG, J C HOWARD, Malissa A 1867-Nov-18
YOUNG, J J DAVIS, Mary 1846-Aug-
YOUNG, J O DELAPP, Caroline 1867-Jan-19
YOUNG, J T LAY, Hallie Odella 1893-Oct-01
YOUNG, Joe NOPHILL, Lizzie 1890-Aug-04
YOUNG, Joe WILLIAMS, R Mrs 1888-Feb-19
YOUNG, John BENNETT, Julia 1869-Jul-04
YOUNG, John HERN, Mollie 1888-Jun-19
YOUNG, John TERRY, Matilda Mrs 1873-May-17
YOUNG, Joseph SMITH, Catherine 1868-Jan-11
YOUNG, Lewis POLLY, Mary 1866-Aug-18
YOUNG, Louis SMITH, Caroline 1877-Aug-31
YOUNG, Luther LEWIS, Lucinda 1865-Nov-06
YOUNG, Martin RIDEN, Anna 1882-Sep-22
YOUNG, Thomas L MCGILL, Elizabeth 1841-Sep-13
YOUNG, Wm SMITH, Nancy 1855-Mar-22
ZEAGLER, P K (Jr) ASHLEY, Alma 1900-Apr-11
ZUCKERMAN, Samuel SCHWARTZ, Julia 1873-Apr-17
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