Warren County Grooms

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YACHIM, Peter SCHWARTZ, Sophie S 1873-May-06
YATES, W J THOMPSON, Marg C 1869-Jun-01
YERGER, Daniel H WALCOTT, Charlotte 1837-May-18
YERGER, Edwin M HASKINS, Sarah B 1842-Jul-23
YOSTA, Henry PRICE, A E 1866-Oct-11
YOSTE, Geo W JORDAN, Sarah C 1866-Nov-15
YOUNG, Aaron STEWART, Ellen 1872-Nov-14
YOUNG, Daniel W BLOOM, Sarah Ann 1859-Oct-30
YOUNG, Henry T DOWNING, Marg L 1858-Jun-29
YOUNG, John B BIDDLE, Eliz D 1852-May-26
YOUNG, John I BRABSTON, Viola 1832-Jun-25
YOUNG, John I NEWMAN, Mary 1828-Mar-06
YOUNG, John J NEWMAN, Martha R 1837-Aug-23
YOUNG, Upton M MARSHALL, Matilda 1873-May-27
YOUNG, Wm H BRABSTON, Mary Ann 1827-Mar-13
YOUNG, Wm H CHAMBERLIN, Abaigail B 1829-Jun-16
YOURIE, Alex P FRETWELL, Mary Ann 1836-Dec-14
ZABER, Jefferson PORTER, Sarah S 1838-Sep-27
ZAPFAL, Chas COX, Mary 1856-Feb-21
ZIMMERMAN, Sol RIGGS, Hannah J 1845-Feb-27
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