Warren County Brides

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YATES, Catherine ALEXANDER, Samuel 1854-Aug-15
YATES, Jane PAYNE, Wm H 1859-May-09
YATES, Maggie ROBERTS, Wm 1871-Dec-27
YERGER, Amanda J STEWART, Jas D 1850-Nov-07
YERGER, Georgie E BROOKS, Aaron C 1872-Oct-01
YERGER, Mary Ann ANDERSON, Fulton 1848-Jan-18
YOGELBOLE, Eliz MICHAELIS, Charles 1851-Jan-17
YOSTA, Caroline DAVISON, Ellis B 1867-Nov-14
YOSTE, Clara FORCE, Asa B 1855-May-21
YOSTE, Lizzie FLANAGAN, A J 1866-May-24
YOUNG, C D Mrs STHRISHLEY, Wm H 1857-Jan-22
YOUNG, Carrie E ROBERTS, Edwin R 1868-Apr-10
YOUNG, Eliz SANDERS, John W 1848-May-23
YOUNG, Eliza MCKINNEY, Wm H 1850-Aug-21
YOUNG, J E Mrs BRUNER, J F 1872-Aug-15
YOUNG, Maggie A DAVIS, Clem 1872-Apr-09
YOUNG, Martha R JONES, Thos C 1853-May-26
YOUNG, Mary T BIRDSONG, T B 1866-Dec-18
YOUNG, Sarah LEGRAND, Alexander 1857-Jan-19
YOUNG, Sarah Ann COE, Thomas J 1847-Jul-19
YOUNG, Sarah Jane MCNOATS, Robt 1854-Jan-30
YOUNG, Susan HERRING, Simon B 1811-Oct-17
YOUNG, Virginia CLARK, Edwin W 1853-May-23
YOUNG, Virginia HILL, Wm E 1854-Aug-27
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