Walthall County Grooms

TAYLER, Ellie HICKS, Lillie 1923-Aug-09
TAYLOR, Albert COOPER, Donie T 1927-Jan-25
TAYLOR, E P DAIL, Mabel 1916-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Elley HICKS, Lillie 1923-Aug-09
TAYLOR, Henry W MILTON, Annie R 1920-Dec-23
TAYLOR, L A SPEED, C C 1917-Jan-09
TAYLOR, L B MAGEE, Perlie 1916-Feb-12
TAYLOR, Lawrence THOMAS, Florence 1928-Oct-29
TAYLOR, Manney DYKES, Nuten 1919-Aug-14
TAYLOR, R T TRUSSAN, Carrie 1916-Jun-20
TAYLOR, S F POWELL, Forence 1917-Oct-13
TERRELL, Ancil WOOD, Myra 1917-May-11
TERRELL, Dolphus BEDWELL, Lillie 1931-Jul-06
TERRELL, E H THOMAS, Lillie 1926-Dec-31
TERRELL, Jeremiah JONES, Mildred 1931-Feb-10
THAMES, Willis E KEATON, J L 1919-Oct-24
THILLIS, Thames DUNAWAY, Vellan 1917-May-05
THOMAS, A S ADAMS, Rosie Fae 1929-Apr-23
THOMAS, Albert MARTIN, Essie 1927-Jan-05
THOMAS, Bazzie BARBEE, Stella 1921-Feb-24
THOMAS, C D ARD, Meril 1918-Dec-21
THOMAS, C M HOLMES, Lillie 1916-Mar-04
THOMAS, Cauley OBRIANT, Viola 1930-Jul-12
THOMAS, Clyde HERRING, Ida 1914-May-27
THOMAS, Dave HALEY, Leta 1926-Mar-24
THOMAS, Dock BROCK, Lucy 1923-Mar-19
THOMAS, Dock JORDAN, Eva 1931-Sep-26
THOMAS, Ed MAGEE, D A 1925-Dec-03
THOMAS, Eddie SANEL, Otho 1928-May-31
THOMAS, Frank DILLON, Erma 1927-May-22
THOMAS, Fred SCRAGGIS, Gladis 1916-Feb-02
THOMAS, Hilman J ROWELL, Grace 1928-Nov-10
THOMAS, Houston KNIGHT, Myrtis 1928-Feb-25
THOMAS, J L WOOD, Viola 1926-Jan-14
THOMAS, Jimmie STOGNER, Flossie 1931-May-30
THOMAS, Johnnie MCMURRAY, Margarette 1926-Nov-09
THOMAS, Lenis JENKINS, Lucy 1927-Oct-26
THOMAS, Lucious BROCK, Rebechar 1921-Sep-10
THOMAS, Lucius ASH, Ruby 1926-Feb-18
THOMAS, M C COOPER, Doretha 1926-Jun-03
THOMAS, M J ARD, Rozetta 1916-Aug-21
THOMAS, M T Jr TAYLOR, Edith 1931-Feb-17
THOMAS, Mathew THOMAS, Mesa 1930-Jan-27
THOMAS, Noah DUNKIN, Zora 1918-Dec-04
THOMAS, Oscar BROCK, Perlie 1920-Jan-23
THOMAS, Otto BLACKWELL, Ruby 1922-Dec-23
THOMAS, Percy PRIME, Rosettie 1926-Feb-03
THOMAS, Robert WOOD, Nelda 1919-Jan-25
THOMAS, Seamon SUMRALL, Bettie 1927-Aug-27
THOMAS, Simon S SMITH, Mardell 1930-Mar-20
THOMAS, Steve STOGNER, Lonie 1928-Jul-26
THOMAS, Taylor E ERWIN, Margrette 1922-Aug-30
THOMAS, Thad HARRELL, Janet 1920-Oct-04
THOMAS, W H SPEARS, Eliza Mrs 1930-Jan-10
THOMPSON, Ben H BROCH, Blanche 1926-Jul-03
THOMPSON, Buford B BOYD, Lerolie 1918-Apr-13
THOMPSON, E G FRITCH, Mary A 1924-Dec-24
THOMPSON, Fullton MAGEE, Bertha 1914-Nov-16
THOMPSON, Joe P DUNAWAY, Ada 1919-May-13
THOMPSON, Lexie May FORBES, William 1931-Mar-02
THOMPSON, Patrick Weldun CREEL, Alma 1929-Feb-26
THOMPSON, Pernala JONES, P S 1926-Oct-16
THORNHILL, Clyde RAYBURN, Flora 1923-Feb-23
THORNHILL, Dean STANGE, W E 1921-Feb-21
THORNHILL, Ethel ALFORD, J H 1914-Dec-08
THORNHILL, Ida BOYD, Percy L 1919-Feb-21
THORNHILL, Jennie WALLIS, Bessie 1918-Feb-06
THORNHILL, L S TULLIS, Ophelia 1924-Aug-08
THORNHILL, P P MATHEWS, Coylla 1928-Apr-14
THORNHILL, T Wes PEZARET, Idar B Mrs 1917-Oct-22
THORNHILL, Verns CORTHERN, Dasie 1916-May-23
THORNHILL, W F BALL, Gladys 1927-Jun-23
THORNHILL, Willie CORTHERN, Mabell 1917-May-09
TILLOSON, Chas PRICERSON, Ruth 1926-Nov-29
TIPPIT, Daniel SMITH, Dixie D 1928-Jan-18
TIPPIT, Johnnie Lee ALFORD, E C 1923-Dec-23
TOLAR, A R JONES, Nannie Louise 1928-May-05
TONEY, Burrell PITTMAN, Conie 1917-Dec-07
TONEY, J E WOOD, Lettie 1923-Dec-15
TONEY, L H MARTIN, Burt 1915-Oct-27
TONEY, Thad ROWLEY, Irma 1920-Nov-06
TONEY, Wilbur WOOD, Verlie 1927-Aug-06
TRAVIS, Richard MYERS, Nettie 1928-Nov-21
TULLAS, H S HOLMES, Edna Lee 1926-Feb-27
TULLAS, O A JENKINS, Myrtis 1926-Sep-08
TULLOS, Cullen BREELAND, Clotee 1928-Dec-07
TULLOS, E M CORKERN, R V 1926-Apr-29
TURNAGE, Forrest LOTT, Dovie 1923-Sep-22
TURNAGE, M K STOGNER, Lizie 1925-Dec-08
TURNAGE, Marcus DUNCAN, Lucy E 1919-Dec-02
TURNAGE, Rosset MCCAIN, May 1927-Jun-18
TUTTLE, Ottis BEASLEY, Deller 1924-Jun-05
TYNES, W D CHRISTHOLM, Mae 1929-Nov-20
TYSON, N E HALL, Della 1919-May-03
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