Union County Grooms
U - V

VANZANT, Andy WRAY, Hattie 1892-Sep-29
VAUGHAN, R B MCDONALD, M A Miss 1894-Nov-29
VAUGHAN, T J CONWAY, Mollie 1879-Apr-02
VAUGHN, George WEST, M J Miss 1880-Feb-25
VAWTORS, J N SANDFORD, S M Miss 1880-Dec-13
VERNON, Luther LINDSEY, Vela 1900-Dec-17
VERNON, O O HARRIS, Sallie 1882-Sep-07
VERRELL, J A WAGES, L M Miss 1880-Nov-26
VERRELL, John THOMAS, Emma 1889-Jun-17
VINSON, J A ROBBINS, E A Miss 1884-Nov-07
VINSON, W A ROBBINS, M E Miss 1884-Dec-15
VINZANT, Felix TICER, Sallie 1887-Feb-09
VINZANT, Mims GREGORY, Etta 1884-Oct-09
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