Union County Brides

YARBROUGH, Ellen DYE, A 1889-Nov-26
YARBROUGH, George Ann GRUBBS, Simeon 1887-Apr-05
YOUNG, A B Miss GARRETT, R 1892-Nov-10
YOUNG, Ann HODGE, Anderson 1885-Feb-05
YOUNG, Anna STOVALL, Frank 1880-Dec-11
YOUNG, Bessie RORIE, R S 1897-Mar-08
YOUNG, C P Miss MARTIN, C L 1880-Sep-09
YOUNG, Cassie SIDES, S A 1886-Dec-21
YOUNG, Coy ROBERTS, T N 1887-Jan-05
YOUNG, Dollie DUNCAN, J N 1885-Dec-16
YOUNG, Ellen WILLIAMS, Jesse 1880-Mar-09
YOUNG, Etta GULLICH, Robert 1895-Nov-13
YOUNG, Frances SPEARMAN, Abram 1883-May-10
YOUNG, Hattie YOUNG, G W 1900-Dec-11
YOUNG, Janie RANDALL, Robert 1896-Apr-16
YOUNG, L Miss LATHAM, Jack 1884-Jan-09
YOUNG, Laura MCKEOWN, J B 1899-Jun-08
YOUNG, Lottie MOORE, Willie 1919-Oct-04
YOUNG, Lula SNIDER, W D 1900-Feb-15
YOUNG, M C Miss ROBERTS, E C 1887-Jan-
YOUNG, M L Miss MCKEOWN, V V 1895-Jan-02
YOUNG, M S M Miss SIDES, C M 1888-Jul-04
YOUNG, Maggie PARK, J M 1897-Sep-11
YOUNG, Mary YOUNG, George 1892-Nov-04
YOUNG, Mathena MITCHELL, Ivey 1883-Jan-16
YOUNG, Mollie JONES, J T 1897-Sep-16
YOUNG, Parthenia PARKER, Enoch 1893-May-29
YOUNG, Ruth FRAZIER, H C 1894-Oct-29
YOUNG, Sula WOOD, J A 1899-Nov-02
YOUNG, T E Mrs NORRELL, W C 1880-Aug-02
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