Tunica County Brides

TANNER, Laura TAYLOR, Wash 1896-Feb-06
TANNER, Lee COSWELL, Miles 1897-Jan-28
TARDY, Fannie WADE, Moses 1898-Jan-11
TATE, Mary TATE, Alf 1896-Aug-15
TATTON, Rosa ANDERSON, Thomas 1895-Dec-31
TAYLOR, Carnelia WILLIAMS, J M 1894-Feb-19
TAYLOR, Caroline MHOON, Mark 1894-Jul-27
TAYLOR, Cora JACKSON, Billy 1896-Oct-16
TAYLOR, Della SCOTT, Jas 1894-Jul-07
TAYLOR, Ida BOLTON, Wm 1897-Feb-20
TAYLOR, Lucy WILLIAMS, Grant 1896-Jun-13
TAYLOR, Maggie BREWSON, William 1894-Feb-28
TAYLOR, Rosa SIMMONS, Fred 1895-Dec-23
THOMAS, Bell HEARD, Eliza 1894-May-02
THOMAS, Diley GILMER, Wm 1896-Feb-19
THOMAS, Ellen KEELY, Calvin 1896-Jan-06
THOMAS, Hattie COATS, Charlie 1894-May-15
THOMAS, Henreitta PFIRFER, Edward 1895-Sep-14
THOMAS, Jenny HANDY, Abe 1895-Dec-31
THOMAS, Maria DOTSON, Charles 1897-Feb-09
THOMAS, Mary RIGGS, J H 1897-Oct-22
THOMAS, Mary TONEY, Jake 1893-Oct-21
THOMAS, Mattie HENDERSON, John H 1896-Mar-14
THOMPSON, Ada HARRIS, Solomon 1895-Aug-14
THOMPSON, Annie MASHMORE, Paul 1894-Feb-07
THOMPSON, Ella HEIN, Wm 1895-Aug-31
THOMPSON, Mamie MATHEWS, Grant 1897-Sep-30
THOMPSON, Rebecca FALKNER, Henry 1896-Dec-12
THORNTON, Julia STITTS, Wallace 1896-Aug-24
TIBBS, A C Miss TAYLOR, Jerry A 1895-Sep-28
TILLMAN, Caroline STRICKLAND, Ed 1895-May-29
TITUS, Delia THOMAS, Wash 1895-Aug-28
TODD, Harriett THOMPSON, Augustus 1897-Jun-07
TOLIVER, Jennett MORRIS, Tom 1895-Dec-27
TOWNSAND, Anna MITCHELL, Lee 1895-Dec-11
TOWNSAND, Sarah WILLIAMSON, Dock 1896-Aug-05
TOWNSEND, Georgia BOUREGUARD, Abe 1894-Feb-17
TRAY, Clara THOMAS, Charlie 1894-Jul-26
TRENT, Lucy Ann BROWN, Henry 1897-Mar-20
TROY, Emma TURNER, Joe L 1896-Dec-10
TROY, Sallie GOINS, Henry 1898-Feb-25
TURKS, Catherine KITCHEN, Cornelius 1897-Jan-05
TURNER, Emma ELLERSON, A J 1894-Nov-10
TURNER, Jane BUFORD, Henry 1894-Jan-03
TURNER, Lizzie BOSTICK, Jack 1896-Feb-12
TYSON, Anna ROBINSON, Jimmie 1896-May-23
TYSON, Janie BOLDEN, Will 1897-Dec-24
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