Tunica County Brides
N - O

NATUL, Mattie MITCHELL, Dan 1896-Nov-21
NEAL, Bettie TURNER, Charley 1896-Aug-20
NEAL, Connie JOHNSON, Ed 1896-Nov-11
NEAL, Kizzie JONES, Jim 1895-May-17
NELSON, Emma MILLER, Charles 1897-May-14
NELSON, Ida HENDERSON, Joseph 1894-Dec-24
NESBY, Lizzie GREY, Robert 1897-Feb-22
NEWSOM, Patty UPSHAW, Douglas 1898-Jan-11
NORMAN, Emma HOWARD, Floyd 1896-Dec-15
ODEY, Francis WILLIAMS, Ned 1898-Mar-05
OLIVER, Mollie MCGEE, Bob 1894-Sep-20
ONEAL, L V Miss WARD, Thos 1894-Oct-10
ONEAL, Ophelia CHAMBERS, Tom 1895-Aug-21
ONEIL, Lucy WILLIAMS, M J 1896-Feb-28
OPELTON, Greta JOHNSON, Joe 1894-Aug-27
ORBURS, Julia GRAY, Jack 1894-Oct-02
OTTS, Ella SCOTT, Horace 1893-Oct-23
OVER, Alide WHITE, Annie 1897-Oct-07
OWEN, Mary Tappan WHITE, Z L 1897-Nov-10
OWENS, Anna JOHNSON, Matt 1893-May-09
OWENS, Letha STILLS, Brookes 1894-Feb-05
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