Tunica County Brides

ADAMS, Tisha DAVIS, Geo 1896-Oct-27
ALDERMAN, Sallie LOWRY, S P 1897-Aug-17
ALEXANDER, Annie GREEN, Joe 1893-Nov-06
ALEXANDER, Carrie RODGERS, Herman 1894-Jan-29
ALEXANDER, Eliza CLAY, Richard 1898-Feb-07
ALEXANDER, Estella GREENWOOD, Wiley 1896-Aug-24
ALEXANDER, Mollie JOHNSON, Dallas 1896-Sep-23
ALEXANDER, Myra ROSENTHAL, Henry 1898-Feb-16
ALFORD, Mary ALLEN, Henry 1896-Dec-12
ALLEN, Alice CAGE, David 1896-Feb-16
ALLEN, Anna SMITH, Joseph 1897-Oct-16
ALLEN, Louisa BROOKS, Aaron 1895-Nov-09
ALLEN, Lucinda TRENT, Joe Henry 1897-Oct-09
ALLEN, Mary ALLEN, Hewey 1894-Sep-18
ALLEN, Mary HUDDLESTON, Green 1896-Mar-14
ALLEN, Mattie BOYD, John 1894-Feb-21
ALLEN, Rose AUSTIN, George 1896-May-20
ANDERSON, Lena KEYS, Hellany 1895-Jan-05
ANDERSON, Lula CLEMONS, Tom 1898-Mar-08
ANDERSON, Mary SIBLEY, Ben 1897-Feb-01
ANDERSON, Mary Jane PERKINS, Charlie 1897-Dec-25
ANGER, Bertha Mamie KELLEY, J W 1897-Dec-15
ANTHONY, Minnie DOWD, Lucious 1894-Dec-18
ARCHER, Clara GRAY, Oliver 1898-Feb-23
ARMSTEAD, Della COLLIER, Pete 1897-Sep-11
ARMSTEAD, Laura STRONG, Benjamin 1897-Aug-28
ARNOLD, Emma GIBBS, Chas 1893-Sep-16
ARNOLD, Maria FOSTER, Tom 1895-Feb-14
ARNOLD, Sarah EVANS, Earnest 1896-Dec-26
ASH, Sarah CLARK, Nazarith 1897-Dec-18
AUSTIN, Johanna RODGERS, Pat 1893-Nov-09
AUSTIN, Sallie LEWIS, Geo 1897-Jan-25
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