Tishomingo County Grooms


WADE, Harvey DAVIS, Hattie 1893-Apr-18
WADE, Joe LANCASTER, Jennie 1889-Jan-26
WALKER, A W WADKINS, Ellen 1898-Feb-24
WALKER, Edward JONES, Belle Mrs 1898-Apr-03
WALKER, Eugene JAMES, Carrie 1900-Jan-03
WALKER, Frank MARLOR, Margaret 1896-Dec-20
WALKER, J F ELLIS, Bessie 1889-Nov-18
WALKER, J M TACKETT, L Miss 1893-Sep-16
WALKER, James H DAVIS, Margaret 1845-   -
WALKER, L T PICKETT, Mary E 1855-Jun-20
WALKER, Tom LASTER, Inie 1899-Nov-21
WALKER, W I GORMAN, P C Miss 1892-Jun-19
WALLACE, A L GOP, Mollie 1888-Apr-12
WALLACE, J D COOK, Caroline Mrs 1887-Dec-04
WALLACE, R L MEDLEY, Mollie 1889-Sep-22
WALLS, Tom PRICE, Millie 1900-Feb-02
WALTERS, Taylor JACKSON, Sallie 1889-Mar-18
WAMACK, Branch T WHEELOCK, Lucinda 1848-Jun-07
WARDLOWE, James M JOURNIGAN, Mary Jane 1859-Mar-30
WASHINGTON, George GRAHAM, Alice 1889-Jul-20
WATERS, M C SANDERS, M J Miss 1890-Apr-26
WATKINS, David HUBBARD, Ella 1888-Dec-09
WATKINS, J W ERRETT, Annie 1893-Jan-12
WATKINS, James SHEFFIELD, Liddie 1888-Oct-28
WATTS, James HOLLEY, Jane 1847-Aug-12
WEAR, R B NEELY, Candace M 1861-Jul-27
WEAVER, R H ANDERSON, Emma Mrs 1888-Nov-26
WEBB, Andrew HUTSON, Ann 1833-Jan-24
WEBB, T J BONDS, Ethel J 1898-Mar-03
WEIR, Abraham H JONES, Mary F 1843-Nov-21
WEST, William ROBERTS, Birtie 1899-Dec-06
WESTBROOKS, William A JOHNSON, Amy 1835-Mar-08
WHEELER, C J UMPHRUS, Julie Ann 1897-Dec-01
WHITAKER, J D MEDLEY, Myrtle 1899-Dec-31
WHITAKER, J W GRAY, Carrie 1898-Dec-28
WHITE, Benjamin RATLIFFE, Fanney 1842-Nov-22
WHITE, Buss GEORGE, Jane 1900-Jan-31
WHITE, C W ROBINSON, Virginia 1893-Oct-29
WHITE, J F WILLIAMS, Nettie 1895-Jan-13
WHITE, J H TIPLER, Fannie 1896-Feb-11
WHITE, J L SKINNER, Donie 1899-Dec-24
WHITE, James W SMITH, Henrietta 1888-Feb-05
WHITE, Lewis M MEDLEY, Ella 1892-Apr-01
WHITE, Martin DERRICK, Anna 1890-Apr-20
WHITE, T O H LEIGH, Alice G Mrs 1889-Nov-21
WHITE, Ulysus BRANSON, Mary 1889-Sep-02
WHITEHEAD, J H PHARR, L E Miss 1889-Aug-20
WHITEHEAD, S J HAMMETT, Elizabeth 1892-Mar-04
WHITEHEAD, William COBB, Melvina 1832-Jun-12
WHITEHURST, D L GLENN, Lou Tisha Mrs 1898-Jun-05
WHITEHURST, T N KINCAID, Helen 1894-Aug-02
WHITEMAN, W B TRIMIER, Malinda 1889-Oct-06
WHITFIELD, C L HOLDER, D E Miss 1894-Nov-04
WHITFIELD, G L ROSS, Minnie 1896-Oct-15
WHITFIELD, J H EHRETT, Annie 1888-Apr-15
WHITFIELD, J H TOLAND, Onie 1898-Mar-20
WHITFIELD, W A HOWARD, M B Miss 1894-Jan-28
WHITFIELD, W E WROTEN, M C Miss 1892-Feb-13
WHITLOCK, Charley PARSONS, Dosha 1897-Jul-25
WIGGINGTON, Silas PHAIR, Elizabeth 1888-Jul-29
WIGGINS, James MESSER, Ada 1896-Dec-17
WIGGINTON, Paul WHITEHEAD, Adell 1892-Dec-23
WIGGINTON, S A PHARR, Minda 1891-Jul-15
WILDMAN, Benj. J CROCKET, Sina A 1853-Oct-22
WILEMAN, J A HOLT, Mollie 1890-Nov-24
WILEMAN, J M RUSSEL, R A 1863-Mar-25
WILEMAN, William R COON, Susannah 1865-Jun-21
WILEMON, C F TYNES, M V Miss 1896-May-17
WILKINS, W J BRAY, R Octavia 1897-Sep-05
WILKINSEN, Thomas ELLISON, Mary 1831-May-15
WILLBANKS, D P CROCKET, Sarah 1856-Jan-07
WILLCOTT, James SCOTT, I J Miss 1893-Mar-19
WILLIAMS, C H BARNETT, Alice 1888-Mar-15
WILLIAMS, Elzey COCKERHAM, Nancy E 1833-Sep-05
WILLIAMS, J B DEWOODY, Mary Leo 1897-Dec-29
WILLIAMS, J G OWENSBY, Emma 1891-Oct-30
WILLIAMS, James S SPEER, Nancy 1835-Jan-01
WILLIAMS, Jonah MCREYNOLDS, Hester Ann 1833-Feb-
WILLIAMS, Robert LIPSCON, Lucy 1888-May-17
WILLIAMS, Thomas H MCBEE, Estatia Ann 1832-May-04
WILLIAMS, W C MCGAUGHEY, Eliza 1894-Jun-07
WILLIMSON, James MOORE, Nancy Jane 1852-Jan-21
WILSON, Columbus HILL, Lizzie 1896-May-03
WILSON, Elmer BOLLEY, Hiram 1848-Mar-16
WILSON, J M RETLIFF, Fannie 1867-   -
WILSON, John NAGLE, L C Mrs 1893-Mar-26
WILSON, R J BARNETT, Pearl L 1899-Jun-14
WILSON, Robert OWEN, Vince Mrs 1890-May-12
WILSON, Robert WALKER, E J Mrs 1892-Feb-01
WILSON, W D CARTER, Nancy E 1860-   -
WILSON, William PICKEN, Margaret 1859-   -
WILSON, William H KOLB, Mary Ann 1834-Nov-05
WIMBISH, John GOODE, Ida 1893-Apr-10
WIMBISH, Robert L JOURDAN, Cora A 1890-Dec-25
WINDHAM, William REESE, Eliza 1833-Jul-18
WING, Benjamin THORNE, Sarah 1897-Aug-15
WINGO, R C SNIDER, Luly 1893-Dec-03
WISDOM, Gabriel SCOTT, Martha 1848-Feb-09
WISDOM, J H MORGAN, A Zella 1888-May-07
WISE, Henry WILEMAN, Harnet 1868-   -
WOMACK, James A BROOKS, Nancy A 1867-Feb-04
WOOD, D N RAMSEY, Netta 1896-Sep-30
WOOD, David MANLEY, Delilah 1848-Feb-11
WOOD, James SMITHWARD, Eliza 1889-Aug-24
WOOD, Ky MURPHY, Alice 1889-Sep-22
WOOD, T B KIRK, Minnie 1898-Jan-26
WOOD, W A WALKER, T F Miss 1895-Jun-01
WOODALL, A THOMAS, Rosie 1890-Aug-22
WOODALL, John R OMALLEY, Mary 1891-May-03
WOODALL, William M MILES, M J Mrs 1890-Nov-12
WOODARD, George COOK, Polly 1848-Mar-05
WOODEN, J V RAMSEY, Dora A 1898-Sep-18
WOODEN, John RAMSEY, Fannie 1896-Nov-19
WOODLEY, A C GRAY, Annie 1895-Dec-12
WOODLEY, J D ADAMS, M A Miss 1890-Oct-29
WOODLEY, R U GLENN, Donie 1891-Nov-10
WOODLEY, T W STRICKLAND, Sallie 1894-Nov-29
WOODRUFF, A F BEARD, Vearie 1897-Feb-07
WOODRUFF, C M WOODRUFF, J H Miss 1892-Feb-06
WOOLEY, G B ASBEL, Mary J 1865-Oct-19
WREANCH, Russell JARRETT, Virgie Lee 1900-Jan-13
WRIGHT, J R NAGLE, Fannie 1897-Feb-07
WRIGHT, L W BURNS, Leola 1898-Apr-10
WRIGHT, W F BOWLER, M A L E Miss 1888-Dec-28
WRIGHT, W F MARTIN, Lizzie 1896-Dec-20
WRIGHT, W J CLANNEH, S A Miss 1887-Dec-25
WRIGHT, W P KEENEM, Sallie I 1892-Apr-04
WYNN, G E DENTON, Mary L 1890-Apr-06
WYNN, S A AUSTON, Elza 1890-Feb-11
WYNNS, E C CRAWFORD, M E Miss 1893-Nov-16


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