Tishomingo County Grooms


SALMON, J M C KING, Franna 1894-Mar-18
SAMPLE, J I GILBERT, Ada J 1894-Jan-14
SAMPLES, W R PHARR, Paralee 1895-Mar-03
SAMPSON, Dave WARD, Jane Mrs 1900-Feb-27
SANDERS, Elisha RIGSBY, Margaret 1835-Feb-05
SANDERS, G T YARBROUGH, Maud 1899-Sep-05
SANDERS, George W Jr STEPHENS, Jane 1833-Mar-12
SANDERS, Gus ROBINSON, Lou 1900-Sep-09
SANDERS, Jackson DYER, Francis 1833-Jul-14
SANDERS, Jason CROPLY, Susan Ann 1834-Mar-24
SANDERS, Jessie BASS, Katherine 1834-Sep-01
SANDERS, John C CHAMBERS, Lou 1894-Sep-09
SANDERS, John F SHEHORN, Sarah Ann 1860-Dec-22
SANDERS, S T WOODS, Alice 1899-Mar-16
SANDERS, Thomas M BROWN, Ester 1896-Feb-16
SANINGTON, James C GUISE, Sarah E 1892-Dec-31
SAPPINGTON, Henry DAVIS, Ella R 1887-Dec-14
SARTIN, J T SHOOK, M E Miss 1893-Nov-15
SARTIN, John MORRISON, M J Miss 1890-Jun-27
SARTIN, John STACY, Josy 1892-Dec-31
SARTIN, L F CAMPBELL, L R Miss 1896-Jan-22
SAVAGE, Austin WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 1855-Jan-03
SAVAGE, J R PADEN, M E Miss 1887-Oct-02
SCALES, L M MITCHELL, M E Miss 1891-Feb-12
SCOTT, J H COGGINS, Lou 1895-Dec-24
SCOTT, J W MORGAN, Alice 1899-Oct-08
SCOTT, Lawrence MEDLEY, Mary Jane 1900-Feb-11
SCRUGGS, J S HAM, L R Miss 1894-Nov-02
SEAGO, J C CROSS, Dillie Ann 1897-Nov-25
SEAGO, L D MCNUTT, L F Miss 1894-Dec-06
SEARCY, D W TRIM, Katie 1892-Sep-25
SEARCY, M T SMITH, Minerva 1899-Jan-25
SEARCY, W L PITTS, Sibbie 1895-Dec-17
SEAY, John WILLIS, Bula 1899-Aug-19
SELBY, D H MCRAE, Mary 1895-Dec-18
SELBY, W W SANDERS, Addie 1895-Oct-30
SELLERS, Philip RINEHART, Sealby 1848-Jan-23
SERCY, Willie LENTZ, Mary Lou 1898-Jul-07
SHACKLEFORD, W A H MOORE, Louisa 1890-Nov-04
SHANNON, John M SHACKELFORD, Carolina M 1834-Jan-09
SHARP, Thomas SNELL, Rory Ann 1833-Nov-28
SHAW, Phil Jr STEGALL, Callie 1900-Jan-08
SHEFFIELD, W DYKES, L Miss 1888-Nov-25
SHEILY, Nathaniel WOOLRIDGE, Sarah P 1831-Sep-20
SHINAULT, N B YEATES, Virginia 1852-Jan-31
SHIPPEY, J M Mrs ALDRIDGE, J L 1896-Mar-08
SHOERS, J R BONDS, Alabama 1897-Dec-13
SHOOK, B A Miss CORNELISON, A J 1898-Nov-13
SHOOK, Carter S HALLMARK, Olena E 1887-Aug-30
SHOOK, F B Miss BOSTIC, W A 1898-Mar-13
SHOOK, H F CAIN, Sallie 1898-Sep-22
SHOOK, J W HARRIS, Edna E 1899-Nov-05
SHOOK, R L LINDSEY, M A Miss 1893-Nov-23
SHOOK, W T WHITE, M E Miss 1894-Sep-26
SHORT, B L MASON, T J Miss 1897-Aug-19
SHORT, D L KENNEDY, M B Miss 1891-Jan-15
SHORT, J M SHOOK, Vecy 1893-Apr-07
SIMMONS, M A JONES, Nancy E Mrs 1887-Dec-23
SIMPSON, J W MORGAN, I L Mrs 1894-Oct-07
SIMS, Martin SMITH, Elizabeth E 1831-Mar-16
SITTON, Eddie GANING, C T 1889-Dec-05
SKARD, James FORD, Sarah 1893-May-28
SKELTON, T F GALYIAN, J B Miss 1897-Mar-14
SKINNER, Francis BELK, Martha Ann 1834-Apr-22
SKINNER, Josiah RENTFROW, Sarah Ann 1833-Jul-29
SKINNER, William H BUGG, Pheba 1898-Mar-13
SLACK, A C DEAN, Callie 1894-Nov-15
SLACK, C F PADEN, Belle 1888-Apr-12
SLACK, J A BELUE, Verdie H 1898-Sep-04
SLOAN, Willis PEAL, Francis 1897-Sep-06
SMALLMAN, Charlie JACKSON, Cora 1896-Mar-26
SMITH, A I SPROUCE, Sarah 1833-Oct-24
SMITH, A M TACKER, M J Mrs 1899-Feb-26
SMITH, C N MARSHALL, E L Miss 1899-Oct-25
SMITH, D J DUNN, S L 1866-   -
SMITH, E H PATRICK, Amanda 1860-   -
SMITH, E T ALEXANDER, Julina F 1859-   -
SMITH, Elijah JOHNSTON, Amanda H 1859-Dec-22
SMITH, Elijah NICHOLDSON, Nancy 1855-   -
SMITH, G T DUNN, Mary H 1866-   -
SMITH, G W BURNEY, Maggie 1893-Nov-05
SMITH, George W FISHER, Sallie 1893-Jul-26
SMITH, Georgia BIGGS, C W 1896-Nov-15
SMITH, H C BURNS, T J 1867-   -
SMITH, J B CROSS, Mary J 1865-   -
SMITH, J D BLAKENY, Nancy 1864-   -
SMITH, J J HOWELL, Elizabeth 1864-Apr-28
SMITH, J J YOUNG, Eliza 1894-Jun-10
SMITH, J N HONNYCUTT, Louiza 1864-   -
SMITH, J T ARCHER, Mollie 1888-Dec-23
SMITH, J T HUTTON, Lena 1890-Oct-09
SMITH, J W MORRIS, L B Miss 1893-Sep-03
SMITH, J W YOUNG, M A 1867-   -
SMITH, James FINLEY, Arena 1866-   -
SMITH, James REYNOLDS, Tishee 1867-May-07
SMITH, James A BELEW, Catherine 1866-   -
SMITH, James L JONES, Sinthey 1860-   -
SMITH, John GURLEY, Harriet 1863-Aug-17
SMITH, John C VANDERFORD, Frances 1860-   -
SMITH, L HARRIS, Eveline 1892-Jul-27
SMITH, Levi CHOUT, Flora Ann 1858-   -
SMITH, M K SHERRIL, Salina A 1865-Jul-10
SMITH, R P LINDSEY, Nancy L 1866-   -
SMITH, S H GRAHAM, Litha Mrs 1899-Jun-13
SMITH, S J BISHOP, Carrie 1895-Nov-03
SMITH, S M SHERRON, Amy Emelin 1865-   -
SMITH, Sam COOPER, Sarah 1887-Dec-30
SMITH, T H P ANDERSON, M J Miss 1889-Sep-22
SMITH, T L MCNEAL, Ella 1891-Dec-05
SMITH, Thomas WILLSON, Mary 1856-Feb-21
SMITH, W T HARRIS, Ada 1893-Dec-24
SMITH, William CLEMENT, Mollie 1890-Dec-25
SMITH, William DOTSON, Melvina 1857-   -
SMITH, William PHILIPS, Mary 1860-   -
SMITH, William W BICKERSTAFF, Sarah E 1866-   -
SNELL, James E WILLIAMS, Mary 1831-Jul-07
SNELLING, John MCANALLY, Bell 1894-Jul-08
SOUTH, J T MAYO, N J Miss 1895-Aug-15
SOUTH, R B LAMBERT, Sarah Jane 1897-Oct-24
SOUTH, R G HATCHER, Daisy 1897-Sep-12
SOUTH, W M JOHNSON, Della 1889-Nov-05
SOUTH, Will JONES, F R Miss 1891-Aug-13
SOUTHWARD, Anderson FINLEY, Sylvia 1891-Jan-01
SOUTHWARD, George A SOUTHWARD, Lucie 1899-Dec-25
SPARKS, James ALEXANDER, M E Miss 1889-Mar-17
SPARKS, William DAVIS, Emeline 1844-Jan-04
SPEARMAN, J C HOGUE, Vick 1895-Aug-04
SPEARS, Littleberry HENRY, Margaret 1835-Oct-28
SPENCER, Edward WHITESIDES, Cinthia 1848-Feb-04
SPENSEN, Walter FULTON, Jennie 1889-Apr-13
SPICKARD, S B MASON, Ola 1890-Dec-10
SPOON, George ANGLIN, Mattie 1895-May-05
SPROUSE, William RUSSELL, Nettie 1895-Jun-23
STACY, G H STEWARD, Fannie 1898-Feb-14
STACY, W M CREDILLE, Dona 1898-Jan-06
STALLEY, A L ISBELL, Sofa Mrs 1896-Mar-31
STALLINGS, Shadrach MCWILLIAMS, Sarah 1830-Dec-30
STAMPHILL, J P EPPS, S E Miss 1890-Dec-25
STAMPHILL, Thomas M GENTRY, Mary C 1887-Nov-14
STAMPHILL, V P TWITTY, M M Miss 1899-Aug-20
STANFORD, C L BLISSET, Leola 1898-Dec-14
STANLEY, Johnathan FLOYD, Martha Jane 1897-Oct-31
STANLY, Martin LINDSEY, Nora 1893-Dec-19
STATON, M C ISBELL, J R 1857-Dec-20
STEPHENS, G P GLASGOM, L B Miss 1889-Jan-16
STEPHENS, George C DEAN, Annie 1899-Nov-19
STEPHENS, Georgia A HARP, M F 1890-Feb-06
STEPHENS, J W MARTIN, Alice 1891-Jul-20
STEPHENS, W S FLEMMING, Mollie 1891-Sep-03
STEPHENSON, John MURPHY, Elizabeth R 1833-Jan-03
STEPPS, T J COKER, P V Miss 1889-Dec-25
STEVENS, George MCCOWERY, Mattie 1900-Jan-17
STEVENSON, O N J GEORGE, Eliza J 1859-Jun-27
STEWART, Mark ALEXANDER, Mattie 1889-Dec-08
STEWART, Sam INGRAM, Sarah 1894-Sep-03
STEWART, W P KENEDY, Nettie 1892-Jul-31
STEWART, William LOCKEY, Adaline 1847-Dec-12
STOKES, A SKELTON, M E Miss 1890-Sep-21
STONE, Trannie HEARD, Tannie 1900-Jan-08
STORMENT, D MONTGOMERY, Sallie 1895-Mar-20
STORMENT, W T THOMPSON, Tinie 1891-Sep-06
STOUT, I HUBBARD, L E Miss 1891-Jul-06
STOVALL, W I MOORE, Sarah M 1852-Oct-21
STRICKLAND, John W FIELDS, Dicy Jane 1899-Mar-19
STRICKLEN, Marcus E DAVIS, Blanche 1899-Nov-29
STRONG, Thomas BLYTHE, Charlott 1887-Oct-08
SUGGLEY, W P DENTON, Annie 1895-Feb-14
SUGGS, Neaville KYLE, Sarah 1833-Jan-18
SUTTON, J W ALDRIDGE, Mary 1899-Sep-17
STUBBS, Dallis COLLIER, Mary Ann Mrs 1900-Feb-11

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