Tishomingo County Grooms


RAE, Robert BAILEY, Hattie 1893-Jan-03
RAGSDALE, William VANCE, Sarah E H 1835-Feb-10
RAINEY, W P ALDRIDGE, Eula B 1895-Dec-19
RAMSEY, A R WOODEN, A L Miss 1897-Sep-12
RAMSEY, J A BROWN, J A Mrs 1893-Aug-24
RAMSEY, S A WOODEN, Ida M 1896-Jun-21
RAMSEY, Sirus PICKENS, Daisy B 1898-Jul-31
RANDALL, Joel B MCREYNOLDS, Martha H 1832-Dec-13
RANDOLF, G W FARRIS, Della L Mrs 1889-Jun-28
RANDOLPH, Joseph B ISBEL, Mary %J< 1853-Dec-05
RANDOLPH, Maracheah SHEFFIELD, Elinor H 1835-Feb-24
RAPELL, John MOORE, Emely 1849-Feb-18
RAST, A J CASTMAN, L Mrs 1892-Aug-14
RAST, J A DOUGLASS, E E Miss 1893-Oct-28
RAST, J E ALDRIDGE, Lizzie 1892-Nov-03
RAST, J S GLASGAN, M L Miss 1888-Nov-25
RAST, J T UNDERWOOD, Nancy A 1889-Nov-06
RAST, T W NUNLEY, B B Miss 1888-Mar-01
RAST, W R RANDOLF, M E Miss 1888-Jan-25
RATLIFF, J T BELUE, S A 1866-Feb-01
RAUSEY, William ANDERSON, Cintha 1848-Apr-08
REA, Charles GOBER, Elzora 1897-Dec-30
REAGAN, G W FLOYD, Sarah 1863-Aug-11
REAL, John BROTHRIDGE, Cintha 1833-Oct-10
REDDEN, Elias CORNELISON, Lucinda 1846-Nov-25
REDUS, Henry MALLOY, Elizabeth 1833-Feb-21
REED, E N MATTHEWS, Anna Lou 1889-Dec-31
REED, Hardy LITRALL, Winnie 1863-   -
REED, James BEARD, Barbara Jane 1853-   -
REED, Lon MULLON, William 1894-Jan-05
REID, A D PADEN, Manenia 1889-Dec-22
REID, Frank RAY, Annie 1887-Dec-30
REMMI, Francis WEATHERS, Estella 1889-Jan-02
RENA, S D PITTS, Sudora 1888-Jan-04
REY, John W MCWILLIAMS, Rachel 1834-Jul-29
REYNOLDS, A B DEAN, J L Miss 1893-Mar-01
REYNOLDS, D J HARRISON, Belle 1899-Dec-24
REYNOLDS, G G PIERCE, Mary Etta 1897-Sep-05
REYNOLDS, G W SHEHORN, Rebecca 1890-Jan-05
REYNOLDS, Guilford COWEN, Mary F 1855-Aug-09
REYNOLDS, John H MARS, A 1859-Sep-14
REYNOLDS, Thomas G NABERS, Nancy L 1861-   -
RHODES, John B MAYO, Mittie Lou 1889-Aug-09
RHYNE, Michael SMITH, Elizabeth Mrs 1833-Feb-05
RICE, James THOMPSON, Mary 1898-Jun-05
RICKETTS, A F REEDING, Martha 1843-Jul-03
RILEY, Thomas J EMBREE, Celeste 1833-Jun-04
RINEHART, G M SMITH, Ellen 1865-   -
ROACH, J W M RICKS, F R Miss 1891-Oct-09
ROBBINS, Jeptha DALLEN, Eliza 1854-Dec-14
ROBBINS, Jeptha Robbins DALLEN, Eliza 1854-Dec-14
ROBBINS, W J DAWSON, Elizabeth 1860-   -
ROBERSON, Alford MOORE, Martha 1860-   -
ROBERTS, J W NICKOLS, Maggie 1899-Apr-05
ROBERTSON, J A BARNES, Clara 1896-Feb-27
ROBERTSON, None JOHNSON, Clara 1900-Feb-15
ROBINS, Jeptha ALLEN, Eliza D 1854-Dec-14
ROBINS, R H HARRISON, Mary F 1853-Nov-16
ROBINSON, D W KING, M M 1855-Mar-15
ROBINSON, D W KING, Mm 1855-Mar-15
ROBINSON, Frank BROWN, Josie 1895-Jul-21
ROBINSON, Homer PATTON, Mattie Belle 1900-Mar-07
ROBINSON, J T BROWN, Lizzie E 1888-Nov-18
ROBINSON, James L ROBINSON, Laura I 1892-Apr-19
ROBINSON, Joe J GIVEN, Ellen 1832-Dec-06
ROBINSON, John MOORE, Susan C 1849-Oct-13
ROBINSON, John I WHITEHURST, Josie 1894-Dec-27
ROBINSON, L R SMITH, Aurlenia 1887-Dec-20
ROBINSON, Levi DONAHOO, Lon 1893-Jan-09
ROBINSON, P H BELLUE, L A Miss 1898-Sep-11
ROBINSON, Sidney J DUGGAR, Julia 1897-Dec-27
ROBINSON, T J BULLARD, Bettie 1899-Dec-03
ROBINSON, W M ERVIN, Sallie B 1894-Nov-03
ROBINSON, Y W KIRK, Flora 1893-Dec-24
RODGERS, A A GREY, M A Miss 1887-Nov-07
RODGERS, Ben WILLIAMS, Phoeba 1888-Dec-01
RODGERS, John NAIL, Missiniah 1833-Sep-04
RODGERS, S M HANNA, R J Miss 1887-Dec-08
RODGERS, Thomas MANN, Mattie 1893-Dec-29
ROGERS, Carrhe SKILLMAN, Mary 1847-Oct-17
ROGERS, John CARTER, Maggie 1895-Feb-15
ROLLER, Robert L HENDRIX, Josie P 1899-Dec-03
ROLLEY, Hiram C WILSON, Elener 1848-   -
ROSE, G W EADY, Hattie 1897-Mar-12
ROSS, Frank GRAHAM, Mary 1889-Aug-22
ROSS, Newton NIXON, Hattie 1895-Aug-13
ROSS, Wesley MCGOWAN, Emily 1835-Jan-25
RUMAGE, W B MASSENGALE, Sebba 1894-Aug-26
RUSHING, Abel LINNESSA, Mary 1848-Mar-16
RUSHING, I M SOUTH, Mollie 1889-Oct-10
RUSSEL, R A WILEMAN, J M 1863-Mar-25
RUTHERFORD, A H HUNT, Willie Lou 1891-Sep-09
RUTHERFORD, R H GOBER, Martha 1899-Aug-13
RUTHERFORD, R M LINDSEY, Addie 1898-Dec-07
RYAN, C A EPPERSON, Cora 1888-Dec-23
RYAN, William COWSER, Mary 1835-Feb-05

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