Tishomingo County Grooms

P - Q

PACE, C L MONTGOMERY, Ada 1899-Apr-30
PACE, Cullen Lee LOWREY, M C Miss 1896-Nov-04
PACE, Elmer E MARTIN, William Lee 1898-Dec-25
PACE, G W RUMMAGE, Annie 1893-Dec-25
PACE, P W B TERRY, Matilda 1891-Jan-10
PADEN, D L GARDNER, Minnie V 1893-Aug-06
PADEN, F F GREEN, M J Miss 1888-Feb-09
PADEN, G A CLEMONS, Julia 1890-Dec-07
PADEN, J B COCHRAN, Dona 1897-Oct-31
PADEN, James M MCDOUGAL, Amanda E 1861-   -
PADEN, L M BLUNT, Cynthia Ann 1891-Dec-20
PADEN, L R KENNEDY, Ronie Miss 1898-Aug-18
PADEN, R W GREEN, U M Miss 1892-Jan-26
PAGE, W D TWITTY, Martha 1889-Jun-02
PAGE, W H RAST, May 1897-Dec-26
PALMER, Jushua D BECKWITH, Mary 1830-May-06
PANNELL, J F BRUTAN, Katy 1896-Aug-09
PANNELL, J H RANDOLF, Mary 1891-Apr-25
PANNELL, Jonothan BROOKS, Martha 1850-Dec-16
PANNELL, Sim THOMPSON, Annie 1894-Nov-16
PARKER, D L PARKER, L A 1866-Jul-28
PARKER, H C STOVALL, Margaret Ann 1866-   -
PARKER, Henry C MOORE, Jane 1857-Nov-23
PARKER, J P BELUE, Addie 1898-Aug-21
PARKER, Jack PROVINCE, Hollie 1893-Oct-31
PARKER, L A PARKER, D L 1866-Jul-28
PARKER, M L HAMMETT, S J Miss 1890-Jan-19
PARKER, S A REVAS, P A Miss 1893-Feb-03
PARKER, W T ALLEN, Rebecca 1866-Sep-01
PARKS, Washington TURNER, Ida Mrs 1891-Jun-24
PARSONS, N L WILSON, Fannie 1897-Aug-12
PARSONS, R A MCCAINS, Lou 1887-Dec-22
PARSONS, Willie MCCOY, Laura 1899-Mar-05
PATE, W L MCRAE, F Miss 1888-Dec-06
PATRICK, J J PYRON, Katie 1899-Feb-19
PATTERSON, A B DEAN, Laura E 1890-Sep-24
PATTERSON, Charley NELSON, Katie 1888-Jul-21
PATTERSON, J A NIX, A C Miss 1899-Jul-19
PATTON, Dorn MOORE, Martha 1860-Oct-15
PATTON, G I BOONE, Mary 1866-   -
PATTON, Hanson A SHERILL, Mary Ann 1853-   -
PATTON, J C W BREDSWELL, Martha J 1860-   -
PAYNE, Daniel MOON, Matilda 1833-Dec-18
PAYNE, Edgar A BROWN, Mollie 1899-Dec-06
PAYNE, J C ARCHER, Jennie 1899-Aug-02
PAYNE, J H LEDGARD, Jennie 1889-Jun-13
PAYNE, Nicholas STEPHENS, Barsheba 1830-Aug-12
PEDIGREW, J C JERKINS, Clara 1892-Nov-06
PEEL, William MOORE, Louisa Jane 1852-   -
PENNICH, E P GARRETT, Ada 1890-Jul-31
PERKINS, William D WARD, Mary Ann 1833-Dec-19
PERSONS, H A SELMON, Mollie 1887-Oct-16
PETTY, C O DEWOODY, Bettie 1893-Jan-02
PHARR, Evergreen WIMBS, J T 1896-Feb-02
PHARR, G T M SAMPLES, Nancy Bell 1897-Oct-03
PHARR, W C BENNETT, S C Miss 1899-Dec-19
PHIFEN, J M JOHNSON, Malissa 1889-Mar-12
PHILLIPS, D M CORNELIUS, Didemie 1898-Dec-25
PHILLIPS, G P BONDS, M E Miss 1894-Jul-15
PHILLIPS, J A LINDSAY, Mollie 1899-Jan-05
PHILLIPS, J E TUCKER, Minnie L 1898-Dec-11
PHILLIPS, William MARTIN, Elizabeth D 1855-Mar-07
PICKENS, S R DAVIS, Sarah C 1852-Jun-03
PIEL, November WILSON, J Miss 1894-Feb-19
PINKERSTON, Lanner PINKERSTON, Delilah 1848-Feb-24
PINKSTON, John JOHNSON, R P Miss 1892-Feb-04
POINTER, Sunday BEARD, Cyntha 1891-Dec-29
POLK, Thomas J MCGAUGHEY, Sarah 1832-Mar-08
POLK, Will JACKSON, Annie 1897-Feb-14
POOL, W H JOSLIN, Nan 1890-Jun-22
PORTER, Isaac BAILEY, Harriet 1887-Sep-26
PORTWOOD, Jno. HALBERT, Merry E 1835-Jan-15
PORTWOOD, Zebulon BROWN, Maria 1831-Sep-20
POSEY, A J CATHEY, Ida 1890-Oct-26
POTTS, Andrew JONES, Julia 1848-May-30
POUGH, Charley TURNER, Nancy A 1835-Mar-30
POWELL, Dick MURRELLE, Bettie 1893-Oct-10
POWELL, James TURBIVILLE, Sallie Mrs 1891-Dec-22
POWELL, John MORRIS, Lear 1888-Jul-17
POWELL, R L NORTHGATE, Sarah 1848-Apr-08
POWERS, J M KAY, Dora E 1892-Dec-25
PRIDE, Rad JORDAN, Nannie 1897-Jul-24
PROVENCE, Rube HELTON, Annie 1899-Dec-31
PUCKETT, Oscar ALLEY, Dizy 1893-Jul-16
PYLE, J A E HYATT, Alice V 1890-Aug-24
QUILLIN, James HUNT, O B Miss 1889-Aug-29


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