Tishomingo County Grooms

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NAGLE, C B L WRIGHT, Rilla 1899-Jun-18
NAGLE, George TAYLOR, Mandy 1897-Jan-03
NAGLE, J S CAIN, Rebecca Jane Mrs 1898-Jan-30
NANN, Henry A WORD, Nancy 1846-Mar-05
NASH, James M RUTHLEDGE, Louise 1855-Apr-10
NASH, James M RUTLEDGE, Louise 1855-Apr-10
NASH, John NASH, Nancy Adeline Ophe 1834-Oct-25
NASH, John C HEOBLES, Louisa 1834-Jul-10
NASH, John C HOBBS, Louisa 1834-Jul-21
NASH, Reuben SHORT, Elizabeth 1834-Jul-21
NASH, Wm. V HOBBS, Mary 1834-Oct-30
NEAL, D L G HAMPTON, A O Miss 1895-Nov-17
NEAL, J C MCNATT, Jessie 1893-Mar-08
NEAL, J M F GODDARD, Georgie 1894-Feb-29
NEIGHBORS, W N LESLEY, Martha 1847-Nov-21
NEILL, John C MURPHY, Catherine 1833-Sep-15
NELSON, Arthur MASON, Fannie 1900-Nov-25
NELSON, George W WILLIAMS, Martha 1835-May-21
NELSON, Jerry MURRY, Henrietta 1898-Apr-06
NELSON, Robert JOHNSON, Emma B 1897-Mar-18
NELSON, Wiley WILLIAMS, Leola 1896-May-31
NEWMAN, W T MESSER, Ella M 1895-Oct-13
NICKERSON, Frank PUCKETT, Georgia 1900-Jan-07
NIX, J A M TATUM, Selonia 1890-Oct-23
NIX, Lewis WILLIAMS, Sallie 1891-Aug-24
NIXON, T L MARTINER, Elvina Mrs 1893-Aug-20
NIXON, W A CALLICOTT, Pearl V 1897-Jul-22
NIXON, W N TIMBES, Anna 1898-Feb-06
NORMAN, W G MOUELIN, Elizabeth L 1859-   -
NORWOOD, Jeff PADEN, Mariah Mrs 1887-Dec-11
NUNLEY, J A MURPHY, M C Miss 1889-Dec-22
OAKES, J F MILLSAPPS, R L Miss 1894-Nov-18
OAKLY, Fielding KOBB, Jane 1832-Feb-28
OBRIEN, W H VAUGHAN, Mattie James 1897-Nov-24
ODEM, James BAILEY, Vera 1835-Jun-02
OLDHAM, Andrew B WILLIAMS, Nancy 1834-Aug-12
ONEAL, E A ELIZEE, Mary Ann 1834-Dec-06
ONEAL, J N SCOTT, Rebecca 1892-Mar-12
ONEAL, J W TIPTON, Mary Jane 1887-Dec-18
ONEAL, Will CLARK, Lillie 1896-Oct-30
OSBIRN, G W S HOLLOWAY, Alma 1895-Mar-31
OSBORN, J H HUDSON, M E Miss 1890-Dec-23
OWEN, D Will CAYCE, Mary 1858-   -
OWEN, G W VANDERFORD, Julia 1866-   -
OWEN, James MILLER, Esther 1848-Nov-
OWEN, Peter PHILLIPS, Violet 1867-   -
OWENS, A F HENSON, Nancy M 1866-Jan-17
OWENS, H H HAYGOOD, Alla B 1889-Nov-25
OWENS, J H BRYANT, Janie 1899-Aug-27
OWENS, J H SEWELL, Ann H 1865-May-21
OWENS, John BERKS, Sarah 1853-Jul-11
OWENS, John TERRY, Lucrecia 1867-   -
OWENS, John TURNER, Kissiah 1856-Mar-04
OWENS, John H HINSON, Malinda 1865-Dec-30
OWENS, L F FALLS, M E Miss 1891-Apr-18
OWENS, Obidiah MILLER, Elizabeth 1851-Dec-24
OWENS, William L LAURENCE, Elizabeth 1857-   -
OWENS, William M EDWARDS, Mary E 1861-   -
OZBIRN, T W L DAVIS, M J Miss 1891-Dec-23


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