Tishomingo County Grooms


LACEY, Franklin A NASH, Nancy H 1834-Feb-20
LAMBERT, Arch JOSLIN, Bulah 1895-Jan-27
LAMBERT, J B ROBINSON, N E Miss 1891-Dec-17
LAMBERT, Jack CLANNAH, M H Miss 1889-Jan-08
LAMBERT, Jim LEE, Ella 1897-Sep-12
LAMBERT, Nick BARNES, Sallie 1893-Apr-09
LAMBERT, Russell ROSS, Sarah 1896-Oct-15
LAMBERT, W F HUBBARD, C C Miss 1894-Aug-23
LAMENICK, Luther T MCELHANEY, Carrie 1899-Feb-01
LANCASTER, Charlie DOP, M J Miss 1889-Jan-05
LANCASTER, Henry DEAN, L B Miss 1892-Sep-30
LANCASTER, Henry DEAN, L B Miss 1892-Oct-02
LANCASTER, James SANDERS, Callie Mrs 1892-May-26
LANGFORD, J L WHORTEN, Orlena 1891-Jan-12
LANGLEY, William YOUNEY, Martha 1847-Sep-28
LAWRENCE, Arthur BUSLEY, Artimissia 1834-Mar-13
LAWRENCE, Henry A HEWES, Mary 1835-Apr-02
LAWS, Lot W HENDRICKS, Rebecca 1834-Jun-12
LAYLAR, Edmound COOPER, Georgiann 1848-Feb-24
LEATHERWOOD, James W SMITH, Mary Ann 1860-   -
LEATHEWOOD, W F POWELL, Annie 1893-Jan-03
LEATHEWOOD, W W TOLAND, E H Miss 1893-Jul-30
LEE, Harry Leon LITTLE, Amanda Mrs 1900-Feb-26
LEE, J H SLAY, Annie 1893-May-22
LEE, Jimmie MALONE, Milly 1888-Mar-01
LEECH, Elbert E BARTEE, Eliza 1833-Jun-03
LEGATE, John W HILL, E J Miss 1890-Jan-30
LENARD, Robert DUNN, Emma 1892-May-29
LETSON, Atison J TERRY, Mary E 1899-Mar-04
LEWIS, John WISDONE, Nancy 1848-Mar-26
LILES, Samuel WELCH, Frances 1833-Apr-14
LINDSEY, J L HOPKINS, A M Miss 1888-Oct-04
LINDSEY, J R WALTERS, Dora 1892-Apr-21
LINDSEY, S C CAMPBELL, Pearl L 1899-Nov-26
LINDSEY, W H CORNELIOUS, Mollie 1888-Jan-01
LINES, William HEARTSTON, Minerva 1847-Nov-11
LINES, William HEATSTON, Minerva 1847-Nov-11
LITTLE, Dave WHITESIDES, Sarah 1895-Sep-25
LITTLE, David OWENS, Elizabeth P 1850-Mar-05
LIVINGSTON, R H MOSER, Mattie 1895-Aug-13
LOCKRIDGE, C DRAKE, Ida 1895-Apr-07
LOCKRIDGE, W W DRAKE, Belle 1893-Feb-02
LOFTIS, Richard L THOMAS, Martha H 1834-Jul-16
LONEY, Arch FIELDER, Aden 1889-Jan-06
LONG, A B BINGHAM, Melvie 1899-Jan-01
LONG, C M DAVIS, Roxie A 1898-Jan-09
LONG, Charlie REED, Lizzie 1887-Nov-20
LONG, H C FAIRLESS, Mollie 1895-Dec-08
LONG, Henry MAJORS, Bular 1896-Jul-18
LONG, Jacob L BURGESS, Ida S 1896-Oct-04
LONG, M M TAYLOR, S E Miss 1895-Aug-11
LONG, S J SMITH, M M Miss 1890-Nov-02
LONG, T A BIGGS, Myrtie Mrs 1899-Sep-17
LONG, W S CUTSHAW, M B Miss 1896-Feb-16
LOSLEY, Jerry SOUTHARD, Mattie 1894-Jun-10
LOVE, Benjamin GIVEN, Matilda 1830-Nov-25
LOWREY, W M HILL, Mary 1894-Dec-23
LOWRY, Robert WILLIAMS, Fanny 1859-   -
LUMPKIN, Richard H WILSON, Nancy 1835-Jan-16
LUSTER, Layfaett HILL, Sillie 1892-Dec-23
LYLE, C C MOORE, Armanella E 1865-   -
LYLE, T B DEWOODY, Linnie 1892-Oct-12


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