Tishomingo County Grooms


GABLE, G T RICHIE, Mary E 1891-Oct-13
GABREL, R L STORMENT, Rebecca Jane 1888-Nov-04
GAHAGAN, Joseph MILICAN, Mary A 1866-   -
GAINES, HARRIS, Lillie 1893-Dec-14
GAINES, J B LAMBERT, Virdie 1893-Oct-08
GAINES, Wesley COOPER, Jennie 1892-Dec-26
GALYEAN, J R ENLOW, Mary 1896-Jul-31
GANDY, Ike MARTIN, Beckie 1888-Apr-26
GANING, C T SITTON, Eddie 1889-Dec-05
GANN, T J CHANCY, L M Miss 1888-Dec-20
GARDNER, A C MCDOUGAL, Lou 1893-Jan-17
GARDNER, E W MCDOUGAL, S W Miss 1895-Jan-03
GARMAN, R P HILL, Annie 1894-Aug-25
GASTON, Stephen HODGES, Francis 1831-Jan-30
GATLIS, George W BARNETT, Mary Jane 1899-Dec-24
GATTEYS, William HARP, Cynthia 1892-Sep-29
GENTLES, F F BREAKFIELD, Mollie C 1897-Mar-28
GENTRY, Drury DAVIS, Rebecca M 1859-May-30
GENTRY, Uriah E DAVIS, Mary E 1852-   -
GEORGE, Charles LACKEY, Margaret Ann 1857-   -
GEORGE, J N DUNN, Emily 1856-   -
GEORGE, O T GROVES, Minnie 1893-Nov-19
GEORGE, S B JOBE, C P 1866-Jan-23
GIBSON, Randolph BEAN, Martha Jane 1843-Dec-28
GILBERT, C A PUCKETT, O E Miss 1893-Jul-31
GIREUS, William HARRIS, Nancy 1848-Feb-09
GIST, Joseph M FARRIS, Jennie 1895-Feb-24
GIVEN, George LOVE, Jain 1832-Oct-23
GIVEN, William N DALE, Alleo 1832-Jul-26
GLASGOW, C C MARTIN, Mary 1889-Feb-26
GLASGOW, T E STEPHENS, L E Miss 1891-Nov-21
GLASSCO, W B ROBINSON, Tine 1892-Nov-06
GLENN, D L HUBBARD, Cora 1893-Oct-29
GLENN, W C AMERSON, Phoebie 1888-Nov-01
GLOVER, Allen MILLS, Sarah 1848-Jan-30
GOODLOE, Wesley BRIGGS, Loula 1898-Mar-01
GOODMAN, R D FOOTE, Columbia 1892-Feb-24
GORDON, John F MAYFIELD, Elizabeth C 1834-Nov-24
GORE, Thomas RICKMAN, Jan 1833-Mar-07
GORMAN, Demcy WILSON, Elizabeth 1833-Aug-09
GORTNEY, J D CATHEY, Allie 1889-Feb-07
GORTNEY, K L BARNETT, Maud 1897-Jan-28
GORTNEY, M E PEAKS, M E Miss 1894-Dec-09
GORTNEY, R L DONALDSON, Willie 1899-Mar-12
GRAHAM, J H RODGERS, Carry 1896-Jun-27
GRAHAM, John L BONDS, F E Miss 1891-Mar-08
GRAY, Albert ESTES, Georgian 1896-Jan-08
GRAY, Benjamin Eh YOW, Sarah 1854-   -
GRAY, D L GRAY, Sallie 1898-Nov-03
GRAY, Daniel MARTIN, Sarah 1850-   -
GRAY, David DAVIS, Bethenia 1854-   -
GRAY, E R KILLINGSWORTH, Sarah E 1866-   -
GRAY, Edward FOWLER, Mary 1860-   -
GRAY, George W KILLINGSWORTH, Nancy 1853-   -
GRAY, Isaac HUTCHINS, Amanda 1860-   -
GRAY, J B NAGLE, Allie 1896-Feb-23
GRAY, J H EARNEST, Polly M 1857-   -
GRAY, J W TAYLOR, Nora B 1898-Mar-02
GRAY, James P BLEVIY, Elizabeth A 1847-Apr-07
GRAY, John GRAY, Gertrude 1895-Feb-13
GRAY, M THOMPSON, Harriett 1894-Sep-15
GRAY, Robert GRAY, Huldy 1843-Jan-25
GRAY, Robert GRAY, Huldy 1863-Jan-25
GRAY, Robert MCKEVER, Eveline 1852-   -
GRAY, T N BARNETT, Eugenia 1892-Mar-14
GRAY, Thomas DAVIS, Elizabeth 1848-Dec-11
GRAY, W G SHELBY, Mary E 1860-   -
GRAY, Walyer H HARRIS, Francis 1846-Sep-
GRAY, William KILLINGSWORTH, Polly 1859-Aug-23
GRAY, William N JAMES, Martha A C 1854-Jun-10
GRAY, Willis DAVIS, Polly A 1849-Nov-
GREEN, Henry DERRICK, Emmerly 1888-Jan-22
GREEN, J E PADEN, Sallie P 1890-Jan-16
GREEN, P C BELUE, N L Miss 1892-Jan-26
GREEN, R J BRITNELL, Julia 1892-Oct-14
GREEN, W M BRITTON, M J Mrs 1887-Jul-24
GREENE, L S WRIGHT, Annah 1899-Nov-05
GREENHAW, John T GEORGE, Elizabeth 1859-   -
GREENHAW, William SMITH, Elizabeth 1866-Feb-17
GREER, Henry Jr NASH, Esse 1830-May-06
GREER, John H HARDEMAN, Elizabeth C 1833-Sep-07
GREER, Joshua GREER, Elizabeth Calru 1833-Aug-31
GREER, Seburnal HAYNS, Lucinda 1833-Jul-31
GREGSON, W T ROBINSON, Mollie 1900-Jan-31
GRESHAM, L D MILLER, India 1899-Dec-12
GRESSNO, Isaac KINDAL, Ann Liza 1847-Sep-30
GREY, John T GRIFFETH, Louisa 1860-   -
GREY, Rufus HELMES, Lou Jenie 1888-Oct-04
GRIFFIN, John Riley DEGRAW, Lillie 1899-Jun-25
GRIMES, G N FELKER, L J Miss 1898-Aug-18
GRIMES, H N TAYLOR, S E Miss 1890-May-25
GRISHAM, M D SHOPE, M O Miss 1888-Sep-26
GRISHAM, M E SCRUGGS, E M Miss 1887-Aug-10
GRISHAM, T H BROWN, M E Miss 1893-Dec-07
GRISHAM, W M PATRICK, L C Miss 1888-Dec-23
GRISHOLM, J M REYNOLDS, Mary 1891-Sep-26
GRISSOM, F M WATSON, Mattie 1891-Nov-26
GRIZZARD, Sidney SPARKS, Fransance 1887-Dec-07
GROSS, Lester M DAVIS, Cora Mrs 1896-Feb-02
GURLEY, J E ALLEY, Ann L 1895-May-26
GURLEY, J W MILLFORD, Lizzie 1893-Sep-03
GURLEY, M W STAMPHILL, Emma 1899-Nov-02
GURLEY, W H Jr SELBY, E V Miss 1894-Dec-06
GURLY, John I COMMINGS, Lucy 1834-Feb-27
GWIN, Robert A MCRAE, Catherine 1834-Dec-17


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