Tishomingo County Grooms


CAGLE, C L KIRK, Belle 1896-Mar-29
CAGLE, L H SAMPLES, M E Miss 1887-Sep-20
CAGLE, W A MURPHY, M E Miss 1889-Nov-24
CAIN, J T LUKER, Clara 1892-Dec-24
CALDWELL, Ben WAGONER, Mary Mrs 1897-May-02
CALLICUTT, Will MCNUTT, Julia 1895-Jul-28
CAMP, H W SOUTH, Doshia 1899-Aug-13
CAMPBELL, Frank WASHINGTON, Lilia 1897-Aug-17
CAMPBELL, G O WELLS, Anna 1896-Oct-11
CAMPBELL, J A HENLEY, C L Miss 1891-Sep-05
CAMPBELL, L L BYRAM, C C Miss 1899-Dec-31
CAMPBELL, W F MITCHELL, Beulah 1887-Sep-22
CAMPBELL, W F PHARR, G L T Miss 1889-Dec-26
CAMPBELL, William CHRISTOPHER, Rebecca 1832-Sep-06
CANTERBERRY, Thomas COOHER, Mary 1854-Jul-26
CANTERBERRY, Thomas COOPER, Mary 1854-Jul-26
CARPENTER, W R WILHITE, Susan M 1894-Apr-05
CARRINGTON, M M VIGUS, Julia 1834-Feb-24
CARSON, Thomas S OWENS, Martha J 1850-Oct-07
CARTER, Hugh ELLISON, Elizabeth 1830-Mar-03
CARTER, Michael LEWIS, C J 1893-Oct-05
CARTER, Other WADKINS, A G 1899-Nov-26
CARTER, William ALDRIDGE, Bamma 1898-Sep-19
CHACE, John W STRICKLAND, Della 1899-Jan-18
CHAMBERS, J W THOMAS, Spicie 1888-Oct-07
CHARLOTT, Luck COOPER, Cincinatus 1835-Dec-03
CHASE, B J GREY, L E Miss 1891-Jan-29
CHASE, C B WHITFIELD, Roxie 1889-Feb-12
CHEEK, Phillip WALKER, Emerline 1834-Sep-03
CHENAULT, L C HUGHS, Mattie 1898-Jan-05
CHENAULT, Morris C HUBBARD, Martha Ann 1856-Aug-30
CHILDS, Morgan MOORE, Hester Ann 1832-Nov-22
CHILDS, William P LYLE, Mary 1832-Sep-27
CHISHOLM, R D MOORE, Alice 1897-Feb-10
CHOATE, Luke HALLOWAY, Margaret 1895-May-13
CHOATE, W M WALTERS, M E Miss 1888-Oct-15
CHRISTIAN, Elias BEALLE, Martha 1848-Nov-05
CLARK, A A CONN, Mattie B 1889-Jan-27
CLARK, Harvey MCVEY, Dollie 1892-Jan-22
CLARK, J F ROWENS, Euginia 1894-Dec-09
CLARK, J M MCCABE, Mary 1894-Nov-18
CLARK, Levi MCGAUGHEY, Caroline 1888-Jan-11
CLARK, Luke HANNON, Minnie 1887-Dec-29
CLARK, R B REYNOLDS, Fannie 1866-Feb-17
CLAUNCH, George T CRISAMORE, Annie B 1899-Aug-20
CLAUNCH, J F ALLEN, E J Miss 1893-Sep-07
CLAUNCH, John OWENS, Rhoda E 1860-Nov-12
CLAUNCH, L OWENS, Nancy L 1860-Oct-18
CLAUNCH, L G SMITH, L C Miss 1893-Dec-03
CLAUNCH, William R MARTIN, Blanche 1897-Oct-17
CLEMENT, Charlie CLIFTON, Haley 1887-Dec-27
CLEMENT, F C HUBBARD, E A Miss 1893-Jul-24
CLEMENT, John E KING, Ella 1896-Nov-10
CLEMMONS, J Henry SMITH, Elizabeth 1853-May-14
CLENGON, G W UNDERWOOD, Emma 1892-Nov-21
CLINGAN, J J D GREEN, N F Miss 1889-Oct-08
CLINGAN, O M PARKER, M J Miss 1899-Aug-01
CLINGER, J M UNDERWOOD, M E Miss 1890-Nov-20
CLINGON, W D BOYD, C A Miss 1890-Jan-08
COBB, Charley BRUTON, G A Miss 1891-Jan-25
COBB, S L OWENS, P J Miss 1889-May-05
COBBLE, John LAIRD, Charlotte 1852-Jan-29
COCHRAN, J A BEARD, Sarah 1865-May-10
COGER, David CASTLEBERRY, Katy 1896-Jun-10
COGER, Tom DERICK, Henrietta 1896-Dec-24
COKER, N L JOURDAN, N E Miss 1889-Dec-26
COLBERT, Heines H BUMAN, Martha -   -
COLE, Isaac D PIGG, Samantha E 1859-   -
COLLIER, M H POLLARD, Mary Lou 1896-Oct-07
COLLINS, Joseph CHEWING, Martha 1835-Jul-28
COLOMY, William KILLAM, Nancy 1848-Jan-25
COMAN, James BROWN, Sarah 1891-Dec-05
COMAN, Stephen CAMPBELL, Victory 1895-Dec-23
COMMON, Bob PAYNE, Isabella 1897-Mar-04
COMON, Garrett WHITE, Febie 1897-Sep-01
COMON, Hilliard J MARTIN, Della 1900-Jan-20
COMON, Stephen WILLIAMS, Mollie 1898-Dec-28
COMON, Willie BURT, Minnie 1899-Mar-30
CONDREY, Charlie HARVEY, Mary F 1888-Jun-07
CONN, Samuel SANDERFORD, Elizabeth 1833-Oct-03
COOK, A M WRIGHT, N E Miss 1896-Aug-29
COOK, Boston SETTLES, Violet 1897-Jul-06
COOK, Daniel SHEFFIELD, Lasbery 1831-Aug-25
COOK, David DAVIS, Elizabeth 1845-   -
COOK, Jackson DONAHOO, Artimissey 1847-Oct-15
COOK, John TOOMER, Katherine C 1832-Sep-20
COOPER, George COLEMAN, Emma 1900-Feb-16
COOPER, J E BUCHANON, Montana 1891-Feb-02
COPELAND, Richard ATKINS, Lillian 1895-Dec-16
COPELAND, Rudy HAMERLY, Laura J 1899-Jan-24
CORNEALINSON, I H ESTES, Josie 1898-Sep-01
CORNELISON, A J SHOOK, B A Miss 1898-Nov-13
CORNELISON, Joe MIZE, Martha Mrs 1896-Aug-06
CORNELISON, W A HARPER, Caroline 1892-Jun-06
CORRALL, William POINDEXTER, Birdie 1892-Oct-29
COTTON, A J MCKINNEY, Carrie 1894-Dec-26
COULTER, William M CHAPPEL, Martha 1834-Dec-29
COUNTS, Charley BOND, Mamie 1894-Sep-16
COUNTS, Charlie JOSLIN, Hattie 1891-Oct-21
COUNTS, J V FOOTE, Fannie 1890-Dec-31
COUNTS, Max SCRUGGS, Julia 1889-Jul-18
COWAN, Frank POWELL, Caroline 1870-   -
COWEN, Wade HUMPHREYS, Harriet 1859-   -
COX, I F PARSON, Ada P 1893-Sep-17
COX, James G PARHAM, Julia A 1834-Oct-20
COX, R A DURHAM, Q E Miss 1892-Dec-27
COX, R A RUSH, N A Miss 1895-Aug-25
CRAINE, A J LINDSEY, M D Miss 1891-Oct-13
CRANE, John FULLER, Willie 1898-Jan-16
CRANFORD, J G HAMMETT, Mary A 1897-Dec-15
CRAWFORD, J R VINSON, Mary A 1889-Nov-14
CREDILLE, B W NENELL, A B Miss 1898-Jul-24
CREDILLE, E S STACY, Delby Bell 1897-Mar-04
CREIGHTON, J H STEEL, Ethel 1899-Sep-07
CRESSNO, Isaac KINDAL, Ann Liza 1847-Sep-30
CRIDDLE, W B STACY, M J Miss 1892-Aug-04
CRISLER, J A HUBBARD, Josie 1890-Dec-15
CROCKETT, J C FULGHAM, Callie 1865-Dec-19
CROCKETT, James M BILLINGS, Sarah 1848-Aug-05
CROUSE, J R MARLOR, Maggie Mrs 1898-Dec-04
CROW, G A MORRIS, Lula 1890-Jul-27
CRUMP, Charlie CHERRY, Lucy Mrs 1888-Nov-29
CUMMINGS, Henry ALDRIDGE, Sarah 1891-Dec-15
CUMMINGS, John BAILY, Adaline 1835-Mar-31
CUMMINGS, Malichi C ROGERS, Sarah 1833-Feb-19
CUNNINGHAM, Alfred FINCH, Mary Ann 1854-Sep-20
CUNNINGHAM, Andy FINCH, Fanny Green 1857-Sep-02
CUNNINGHAM, James BLYTHE, Elizabeth 1853-Jan-12
CURLEE, W P BOONE, Mary E 1865-Oct-10
CURTIS, C W CURTIS, Jennie 1889-Jun-09
CURTIS, H A ALEXANDER, Alice 1891-Jul-18
CURTIS, J S YARBER, Emma 1896-Jan-23
CURTIS, Thomas BLUNT, Lou 1899-Dec-24
CUTSHAW, J J BROWN, Martha J 1899-Apr-23

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