Tishomingo County Grooms


ABBEY, John T FIELDS, Nancy 1847-Dec-02
ADAMS, D A WELCH, Dollie I 1890-Apr-06
ADAMS, Ed BATES, Laura 1892-Oct-15
ADAMS, H W SEAGO, Mattie 1897-Jul-23
ADAMS, Henry JOHNSON, Almeter 1890-May-04
ADAMS, J N CHENNACH, Sallie 1889-Mar-31
ADAMS, Martin DAVIS, Nancy 1859-Sep-23
ADEN, William D COCKERHAM, Louisa 1835-Oct-23
AGEE, W A CORNELIUS, I J Miss 1894-Aug-08
AGNEW, P S BELUE, Caroline 1894-Jan-18
AKERS, T M DEAN, Bertie 1899-Jul-04
AKINS, Charles DAVIS, Mamie 1894-Aug-05
ALDRIDGE, C T SPARKS, Alice 1889-Apr-07
ALDRIDGE, E BOOKER, M E Mrs 1890-Nov-24
ALDRIDGE, Fowler RAST, Hattie 1893-Jan-31
ALDRIDGE, George ALDRIDGE, Emma 1890-Jul-08
ALDRIDGE, J L SHIPPEY, J M Mrs 1896-Mar-08
ALDRIDGE, J T GOODEN, Cyntha 1897-Feb-07
ALDRIDGE, M A RAST, Effie 1899-Oct-11
ALDRIDGE, Porter JACKSON, Georgian Mrs 1897-Jan-14
ALDRIDGE, W G GARMON, Rosie 1897-May-21
ALEXANDER, J J HUFF, Lottie 1891-Nov-25
ALEXANDER, J W NULL, D E Miss 1888-Apr-24
ALLEN, C H ADAMS, Mary 1895-Oct-24
ALDRIDGE, Sarah CUMMINGS, Henry 1891-Dec-15
ALEXANDER, Alice CURTIS, H A 1891-Jul-18
ALEXANDER, Julina F SMITH, E T 1859-   -
ALEXANDER, Lettie MEDLEY, C C 1898-Feb-24
ALEXANDER, Los MEDLEY, Luke 1897-May-23
ALEXANDER, M E Miss SPARKS, James 1889-Mar-17
ALEXANDER, Mattie STEWART, Mark 1889-Dec-08
ALLEN, E J Miss CLAUNCH, J F 1893-Sep-07
ALLEN, Eliza D ROBINS, Jeptha 1854-Dec-14
ALLEN, Elonora MCLERAN, J D 1896-Aug-30
ALLEN, Eugene PARKS, Maggie 1888-Jul-11
ALLEN, Jarre H J KEETON, Francis 1833-Jan-01
ALLEN, John A MCKINNY, Sarah 1893-May-31
ALLEN, L D WESTBROOK, Jucy A 1833-Mar-07
ALLEN, Robert OWENS, Alabama 1865-Oct-26
ALLISON, John CARTWRIGHT, Mary 1835-Mar-04
ALLISON, Sam MALONEY, Katie 1898-Oct-24
AMERSON, A BONDS, Martha E 1890-Sep-25
ANDERSON, D L BONDS, M A Miss 1895-Apr-09
ANGLIN, T J WHITE, Maudie 1899-Dec-31
ANSFIELD, William T NANCE, Jennie E 1890-Oct-23
ARCHER, Charley SMITH, Lula Belle 1891-Nov-21
ARCHER, F G WOOD, Mary A 1892-Oct-14
ARCHER, H S SMITH, Elizabeth 1856-   -
ARCHER, J H NORMAN, Maggie A 1891-Sep-25
ARDIS, D D EATON, M D Miss 1892-Jan-05
ARDIS, David ADAMS, Elisabeth Mrs 1899-Sep-03
ARDIS, P D TROLLINGER, N J Miss 1893-Jan-13
ARMSTRONG, George HOUSTON, Eva 1899-Jul-05
ARMSTRONG, George MARTIN, Adline 1847-Sep-10
ARMSTRONG, George A COTTON, Emma F 1896-Jun-24
ARMSTRONG, John BOSWELL, Vellitta 1830-Aug-01
ARNOLD, Berrity D JONES, Clementine 1830-Aug-09
ARNOLD, J W MEDLEY, Nellie 1893-Sep-03
ASBEL, Daniel STRINGFELLOW, Elizabeth 1866-Feb-28
ASHMORE, Henry CONNER, Margaret 1833-Aug-17
ATKINSON, George SANDERS, Jane 1889-Jul-16
AURSWORTH, William PREWITT, Elizabeth 1830-Dec-11


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