Tishomingo County Brides


WADKINS, A G CARTER, Other 1899-Nov-26
WADKINS, D C THORN, Dutley 1897-May-27
WADKINS, Ellen WALKER, A W 1898-Feb-24
WADKINS, Laura JONES, Roy 1897-Jan-27
WAGNON, J J Miss DAVANEY, C 1888-Sep-12
WAGONER, Mary Mrs CALDWELL, Ben 1897-May-02
WAITS, Ella DANIEL, John 1900-Jan-11
WALDROP, Eva EPPS, J P 1896-May-07
WALKER, A F Mrs HALE, Jacob 1898-Jan-27
WALKER, C A Miss BARTLETT, G T 1891-Oct-01
WALKER, E J Mrs WILSON, Robert 1892-Feb-01
WALKER, Emerline CHEEK, Phillip 1834-Sep-03
WALKER, M S Miss DICKINSON, W E 1895-Jan-28
WALKER, T F Miss WOOD, W A 1895-Jun-01
WALMSLEY, Elizabeth M MCKINNEY, W W 1899-Jan-18
WALMSLEY, Myrta J HODGES, D H 1898-Jan-25
WALTERS, Dora LINDSEY, J R 1892-Apr-21
WALTERS, M E Miss CHOATE, W M 1888-Oct-15
WARD, Jane Mrs SAMPSON, Dave 1900-Feb-27
WARD, Mary Ann PERKINS, William D 1833-Dec-19
WARDLAW, Jane BROOKS, Josiah 1865-   -
WASHINGTON, Lilia CAMPBELL, Frank 1897-Aug-17
WATKINS, Melvina BARRETT, W T 1890-Nov-23
WATKINS, Rena FIELDS, William 1900-Jan-14
WATKINS, Sallie REED, James 1897-Mar-14
WATSON, Mattie GRISSOM, F M 1891-Nov-26
WEATHERS, Estella REMMI, Francis 1889-Jan-02
WEAVER, Emily TAYLOR, Pannal 1834-Mar-05
WEBSTER, Jane E BURGESS, William 1859-   -
WELCH, C A Miss FITE, P M 1892-Sep-19
WELCH, Dollie I ADAMS, D A 1890-Apr-06
WELCH, Frances LILES, Samuel 1833-Apr-14
WELCH, Nancy DANCER, James 1847-Sep-29
WELLS, Anna CAMPBELL, G O 1896-Oct-11
WESTBROOK, Jucy A ALLEN, L D 1833-Mar-07
WHEELER, Elizabeth MOORISON, R R 1847-Dec-02
WHEELOCK, Jane MOORE, Thomas 1848-   -
WHEELOCK, Jane MOORE, Thomas 1848-Nov-02
WHEELOCK, Lucinda WAMACK, Branch T 1848-Jun-07
WHITE, Anna JENKINS, G S 1896-Oct-18
WHITE, Febie COMON, Garrett 1897-Sep-01
WHITE, Jane HAVELE, John 1848-Mar-20
WHITE, L P Miss JOSLIN, W P 1888-Jun-17
WHITE, M E Miss SHOOK, W T 1894-Sep-26
WHITE, Margaret HARRIS, Dave 1894-Dec-04
WHITE, Mary BONDS, Anthony 1895-Nov-24
WHITE, Maudie ANGLIN, T J 1899-Dec-31
WHITE, Milly BONDS, Dember 1888-Jun-25
WHITEHEAD, Adell WIGGINTON, Paul 1892-Dec-23
WHITEHEAD, Dellar HUTCHESON, H G 1898-Jul-03
WHITEHEAD, M M Miss HAMMETT, G P 1892-Oct-29
WHITEHURST, Josie ROBINSON, John I 1894-Dec-27
WHITEHURST, Lula THOMAS, John 1900-Feb-04
WHITEHURST, M E Miss BISHOP, J L 1891-Feb-06
WHITESIDE, Donie MADDOX, Henry 1896-Jan-20
WHITESIDES, Belle JONES, J J 1894-Mar-05
WHITESIDES, Cinthia SPENCER, Edward 1848-Feb-04
WHITESIDES, Mary HILL, Marion 1896-Apr-08
WHITESIDES, Sarah LITTLE, Dave 1895-Sep-25
WHITFIELD, Callie HARWELL, Sam 1891-Aug-29
WHITFIELD, Josie HARP, A J 1891-Jan-18
WHITFIELD, Mollie HILL, J T 1887-Nov-10
WHITFIELD, Roxie CHASE, C B 1889-Feb-12
WHITLEY, Annie HOUSTON, Joe 1889-Apr-04
WHORTEN, Orlena LANGFORD, J L 1891-Jan-12
WIGGINTON, Nelie BUTLER, W A 1900-Jan-18
WILEMAN, Emily J MITCHEL, E C 1863-Nov-07
WILEMAN, Harnet WISE, Henry 1868-   -
WILEMAN, L J TRUE, J W 1858-Aug-02
WILEMAN, N E MOORE, M B 1858-Aug-09
WILHITE, Susan M CARPENTER, W R 1894-Apr-05
WILLIAMS, A L Miss BURFIELD, G W 1889-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Cerina TULELE, Phillip H 1833-Dec-25
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth SAVAGE, Austin 1855-Jan-03
WILLIAMS, Fanny LOWRY, Robert 1859-   -
WILLIAMS, Georgia BROWNING, Joe 1891-Feb-12
WILLIAMS, Leola NELSON, Wiley 1896-May-31
WILLIAMS, Martha NELSON, George W 1835-May-21
WILLIAMS, Mary SNELL, James E 1831-Jul-07
WILLIAMS, Mary THOMPSON, James 1897-May-20
WILLIAMS, Mollie COMON, Stephen 1898-Dec-28
WILLIAMS, Nancy OLDHAM, Andrew B 1834-Aug-12
WILLIAMS, Nettie WHITE, J F 1895-Jan-13
WILLIAMS, Phoeba RODGERS, Ben 1888-Dec-01
WILLIAMS, Sallie NIX, Lewis 1891-Aug-24
WILLIS, Bula SEAY, John 1899-Aug-19
WILLIS, Della JOWERS, J W 1897-Jul-14
WILLSON, Mary SMITH, Thomas 1856-Feb-21
WILSON, Elener ROLLEY, Hiram C 1848-   -
WILSON, Elizabeth GORMAN, Demcy 1833-Aug-09
WILSON, Fannie PARSONS, N L 1897-Aug-12
WILSON, Henrietta MONTGOMERY, R J 1863-   -
WILSON, J Miss PIEL, November 1894-Feb-19
WILSON, M A Miss TAYLOR, M E 1894-Nov-15
WILSON, Nancy LUMPKIN, Richard H 1835-Jan-16
WIMBS, Cynthia Mrs TROLLINGER, L 1899-Apr-09
WIMBS, J T PHARR, Evergreen 1896-Feb-02
WINBISH, Cora EMMONS, Hugh 1896-Sep-22
WINBISH, Ellen HENDERSON, John C 1896-Oct-25
WINDAM, Ann JARIS, William 1848-Sep-15
WINGO, Lilly M FURGERSON, Andy 1900-Feb-13
WINGO, Shellana BUNT, John H 1890-Sep-11
WISDONE, Nancy LEWIS, John 1848-Mar-26
WISH, Dovie MCDOUGAL, John A 1895-Oct-02
WITHERS, Georgia E JOHNSON, M F 1888-Dec-06
WOMACK, Lucinda MOORE, James W 1858-Mar-10
WOOD, Edna A KIMBERLY, S A 1888-Sep-16
WOOD, Florence A MATTHEWS, D O 1895-May-08
WOOD, Mary A ARCHER, F G 1892-Oct-14
WOODARD, E E HENDRICKS, George L 1860-   -
WOODEN, A L Miss RAMSEY, A R 1897-Sep-12
WOODEN, Ida M RAMSEY, S A 1896-Jun-21
WOODLEY, Julie HARRIS, J E 1899-Dec-13
WOODRUFF, J H Miss WOODRUFF, C M 1892-Feb-06
WOODRUFF, Laura BERRY, James 1895-Dec-25
WOODS, Alice SANDERS, S T 1899-Mar-16
WOOLRIDGE, Sarah P SHEILY, Nathaniel 1831-Sep-20
WORD, Nancy NANN, Henry A 1846-Mar-05
WRIGHT, Allie B HILL, J W 1899-Dec-17
WRIGHT, Annah GREENE, L S 1899-Nov-05
WRIGHT, N E Miss COOK, A M 1896-Aug-29
WRIGHT, Rilla NAGLE, C B L 1899-Jun-18
WROTEN, M C Miss WHITFIELD, W E 1892-Feb-13


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