Tishomingo County Brides


TACKER, M J Mrs SMITH, A M 1899-Feb-26
TACKET, Susie BULLARD, T H 1889-Mar-21
TACKETT, L Miss WALKER, J M 1893-Sep-16
TALBOT, Eugenia H BAILEY, J M 1859-   -
TATE, M K Miss MAULDIN, James 1894-Dec-30
TATUM, Mary D BULLEN, Edward 1894-Jan-18
TATUM, Selonia NIX, J A M 1890-Oct-23
TAYLOR, Frona KIRK, Charlie 1895-Jun-16
TAYLOR, Lucinda R DARDEN, Elias 1832-Jun-21
TAYLOR, Mandy NAGLE, George 1897-Jan-03
TAYLOR, Nora B GRAY, J W 1898-Mar-02
TAYLOR, S E Miss GRIMES, H N 1890-May-25
TAYLOR, S E Miss LONG, M M 1895-Aug-11
TEASTIE, Harriet H HARRIS, Buckner -   -
TEER, Harriett JACKSON, Wyly 1832-Mar-22
TEER, Neoma JORDAN, William R 1831-Feb-10
TEPTON, India MARTIN, William N 1897-Dec-05
TERRY, Josie BYRAM, J W 1892-Jan-28
TERRY, Lucrecia OWENS, John 1867-   -
TERRY, Mary E LETSON, Atison J 1899-Mar-04
TERRY, Matilda PACE, P W B 1891-Jan-10
THOMAS, C A Mrs MITCHELL, J C 1896-Mar-05
THOMAS, Katie MCCROY, George 1899-Jun-12
THOMAS, Lucy JONES, William 1900-Feb-26
THOMAS, M J Miss MITCHELL, J W 1897-Nov-13
THOMAS, Martha H LOFTIS, Richard L 1834-Jul-16
THOMAS, Rosie WOODALL, A 1890-Aug-22
THOMAS, Spicie CHAMBERS, J W 1888-Oct-07
THOMPSON, Ada HARRIS, Thomas 1889-Oct-15
THOMPSON, Annie PANNELL, Sim 1894-Nov-16
THOMPSON, Fannie Mrs MONTGOMERY, J P 1897-Sep-23
THOMPSON, Harriett GRAY, M 1894-Sep-15
THOMPSON, Ida KENRIDGE, William 1895-Jul-03
THOMPSON, Josie MURRY, Joe 1888-Jan-21
THOMPSON, Mary FLOYD, William Jasper 1856-May-25
THOMPSON, Mary RICE, James 1898-Jun-05
THOMPSON, Tabitha A MOORE, William J 1866-   -
THOMPSON, Tinie STORMENT, W T 1891-Sep-06
THORNE, Sarah WING, Benjamin 1897-Aug-15
TICKELL, Zilpha BEARD, William 1865-   -
TIFFIN, Malinda HAM, W C 1896-Feb-20
TIGNER, Bettie BULLARD, John B 1898-Oct-15
TIGNER, E M BUSBY, E R Miss 1898-Nov-08
TIGNOR, Amanda FLOYD, A J 1861-Feb-15
TIMBES, Anna NIXON, W N 1898-Feb-06
TIMMES, Louisa BUSBY, James 1846-Mar-04
TIMMES, Martha BUSBY, Robert 1846-Mar-04
TIPLER, Fannie WHITE, J H 1896-Feb-11
TIPTON, F Miss EATON, J R 1889-Jan-24
TIPTON, L C Miss TRALLINGER, T J 1896-Jan-16
TIPTON, Mary Jane ONEAL, J W 1887-Dec-18
TITTLE, N M Miss TITTLE, J C 1891-Nov-05
TOCKET, S A Miss BROWN, G T 1891-May-23
TOLAND, E H Miss LEATHEWOOD, W W 1893-Jul-30
TOLAND, Onie WHITFIELD, J H 1898-Mar-20
TOLBERT, Maranda BAILEY, Marmaduke 1855-   -
TOLEN, Victoria BRAKEFIELD, James 1899-Sep-06
TOLIVER, Elizabeth Jane JOHNSON, William 1888-Apr-22
TOMLIN, Martha D JORDAN, Nathan 1831-Nov-08
TOOMER, Katherine C COOK, John 1832-Sep-20
TRIM, Ella DEATON, B H 1897-Mar-28
TRIM, Katie SEARCY, D W 1892-Sep-25
TRIMIER, Malinda WHITEMAN, W B 1889-Oct-06
TROLLINGER, N J Miss ARDIS, P D 1893-Jan-13
TROTTER, Della HUBBARD, I S 1899-May-11
TRUPELL, Nancy HICKS, Wright 1834-Jan-31
TUCKER, Minnie L PHILLIPS, J E 1898-Dec-11
TURBIVILLE, Sallie Mrs POWELL, James 1891-Dec-22
TURNER, Ida Mrs PARKS, Washington 1891-Jun-24
TURNER, Kissiah OWENS, John 1856-Mar-04
TURNER, Mandy MURPHY, J K 1891-Sep-21
TURNER, Nancy A POUGH, Charley 1835-Mar-30
TWITTY, Della BURNS, P L 1899-Jan-08
TWITTY, M M Miss STAMPHILL, V P 1899-Aug-20
TWITTY, Martha PAGE, W D 1889-Jun-02
TYNES, M V Miss WILEMON, C F 1896-May-17
TYNES, Roxie N DICKINSON, J H 1898-Feb-23

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