Tishomingo County Brides


SAMPLES, M E Miss CAGLE, L H 1887-Sep-20
SAMPLES, Nancy Bell PHARR, G T M 1897-Oct-03
SAMPSON, Mary BRAY, William A 1833-Jan-10
SANDERFORD, Elizabeth CONN, Samuel 1833-Oct-03
SANDERS, Addie SELBY, W W 1895-Oct-30
SANDERS, Callie Mrs LANCASTER, James 1892-May-26
SANDERS, Catherine KEETON, Charles C 1833-Aug-27
SANDERS, Jane ATKINSON, George 1889-Jul-16
SANDERS, M J Miss WATERS, M C 1890-Apr-26
SANDERS, Mary HALLCOMB, A B 1897-Apr-18
SANDERS, Rachel MARCHANT, Richard 1833-Nov-28
SANDERS, Rebecca JORDON, John T 1893-Jul-02
SARTIN, L E Miss HAMILTON, I B 1897-Aug-29
SARTIN, N E Miss EPPS, L 1894-Oct-30
SCHORVER, Emma MITCHENER, Sorrey 1900-Feb-15
SCOTT, I J Miss WILLCOTT, James 1893-Mar-19
SCOTT, Martha WISDOM, Gabriel 1848-Feb-09
SCOTT, Rebecca ONEAL, J N 1892-Mar-12
SCRUGGS, E M Miss GRISHAM, M E 1887-Aug-10
SCRUGGS, Julia COUNTS, Max 1889-Jul-18
SEAGO, Faithy BULLARD, W P 1899-Nov-09
SEAGO, Julia A BOOTHE, G W 1897-Dec-23
SEAGO, M J Miss MORONEY, Thomas 1895-Feb-24
SEAGO, Mattie ADAMS, H W 1897-Jul-23
SEAGO, Minnie HOLDER, J S 1893-Dec-12
SELBY, E V Miss GURLEY, W H Jr 1894-Dec-06
SELBY, I C Miss BAILEY, J T 1891-Feb-12
SELBY, M F Miss MOBLEY, W W 1896-Jan-15
SELMON, Mollie PERSONS, H A 1887-Oct-16
SESLEY, Jane BEARD, Nealy H 1861-   -
SETTLE, Annie DAVIS, W W 1895-Jun-15
SETTLES, Violet COOK, Boston 1897-Jul-06
SEWELL, Ann H OWENS, J H 1865-May-21
SHACKELFORD, Carolina M SHANNON, John M 1834-Jan-09
SHEFFIELD, Elinor H RANDOLPH, Maracheah 1835-Feb-24
SHEFFIELD, Lasbery COOK, Daniel 1831-Aug-25
SHEFFIELD, Liddie WATKINS, James 1888-Oct-28
SHEHORN, Rebecca REYNOLDS, G W 1890-Jan-05
SHEHORN, Sarah Ann SANDERS, John F 1860-Dec-22
SHELBY, Mary E GRAY, W G 1860-   -
SHERILL, Mary Ann PATTON, Hanson A 1853-   -
SHEROD, Elizabeth BURGESS, Miles 1869-   -
SHERRIL, Salina A SMITH, M K 1865-Jul-10
SHERRON, Amy Emelin SMITH, S M 1865-   -
SHOOK, M E Miss SARTIN, J T 1893-Nov-15
SHOOK, Mary A MITCHELL, James M 1888-Feb-16
SHOOK, N M Miss EPPO, E E 1888-Oct-04
SHOOK, R A Miss BYRAM, S S 1896-Nov-20
SHOOK, Vecy SHORT, J M 1893-Apr-07
SHOPE, M O Miss GRISHAM, M D 1888-Sep-26
SHORT, Elizabeth NASH, Reuben 1834-Jul-21
SHORT, N E Miss MOORE, W S J 1889-Nov-17
SILLS, Ella BOX, John C 1891-Mar-04
SIMMONS, U A Miss HARWELL, G W 1893-Feb-17
SIMS, S E Mrs JAMES, T C 1897-May-02
SKELTON, Janie MARONY, P A 1899-Apr-04
SKELTON, M E Miss STOKES, A 1890-Sep-21
SKILLMAN, Mary ROGERS, Carrhe 1847-Oct-17
SKINNER, Donie WHITE, J L 1899-Dec-24
SLACK, A B Miss DEAN, J D 1894-Dec-06
SLAGRAM, Lizzie MCCLUNG, Robert 1895-Oct-14
SLAY, Annie LEE, J H 1893-May-22
SMITH, Amanda DAWD, Alfred 1848-Apr-14
SMITH, Aurlenia ROBINSON, L R 1887-Dec-20
SMITH, Eliza BRAY, Tom 1891-Jun-21
SMITH, Elizabeth ARCHER, H S 1856-   -
SMITH, Elizabeth CLEMMONS, J Henry 1853-May-14
SMITH, Elizabeth GREENHAW, William 1866-Feb-17
SMITH, Elizabeth E SIMS, Martin 1831-Mar-16
SMITH, Elizabeth Mrs RHYNE, Michael 1833-Feb-05
SMITH, Ella HARRIS, J G 1887-Nov-25
SMITH, Ellen RINEHART, G M 1865-   -
SMITH, Henrietta WHITE, James W 1888-Feb-05
SMITH, L C Miss CLAUNCH, L G 1893-Dec-03
SMITH, Lula Belle ARCHER, Charley 1891-Nov-21
SMITH, M J Miss FLATT, B F 1892-Jul-04
SMITH, M M Miss LONG, S J 1890-Nov-02
SMITH, M O Miss HOLDER, T M 1889-Oct-29
SMITH, Margaret MOORE, C A 1848-Jul-18
SMITH, Martha T BONDS, W T 1860-   -
SMITH, Mary Ann LEATHERWOOD, James W 1860-   -
SMITH, Minerva SEARCY, M T 1899-Jan-25
SMITH, Minnie B HARRIS, W C 1892-Feb-17
SMITH, Mollie BENICK, George 1896-Mar-08
SMITH, Mollie M HOLDER, A J 1890-Apr-20
SMITH, Sadie E BURT, J M 1898-Jun-16
SMITH, Sarah BOWINGS, John 1834-May-18
SMITH, Sarah MCCAY, W B G 1847-Dec-09
SMITHWARD, Eliza WOOD, James 1889-Aug-24
SNELL, Rory Ann SHARP, Thomas 1833-Nov-28
SNIDER, Luly WINGO, R C 1893-Dec-03
SOLOMON, Annie Mrs JOSLIN, Eli 1896-Nov-23
SOUTH, Doshia CAMP, H W 1899-Aug-13
SOUTH, F L Miss TWYSON, C A 1894-Mar-01
SOUTH, Mollie RUSHING, I M 1889-Oct-10
SOUTHARD, Belle MCRAE, George 1898-Jul-31
SOUTHARD, Julia Ann BURGESS, Sam 1891-Aug-17
SOUTHARD, Mattie BENNIE, John 1895-Jan-01
SOUTHARD, Mattie LOSLEY, Jerry 1894-Jun-10
SOUTHWARD, Ella MARTIN, Mack 1895-Jan-27
SOUTHWARD, Lucie SOUTHWARD, George A 1899-Dec-25
SPARKS, Alice ALDRIDGE, C T 1889-Apr-07
SPARKS, Fransance GRIZZARD, Sidney 1887-Dec-07
SPEER, Nancy WILLIAMS, James S 1835-Jan-01
SPROUCE, Sarah SMITH, A I 1833-Oct-24
SPROUSE, Emma HONEYCUTT, Demsy 1890-Dec-07
STACY, Delby Bell CREDILLE, E S 1897-Mar-04
STACY, Josy SARTIN, John 1892-Dec-31
STACY, M J Miss CRIDDLE, W B 1892-Aug-04
STAMPHILL, A E Miss HALE, A P 1889-Nov-14
STAMPHILL, Emma GURLEY, M W 1899-Nov-02
STAMPHILL, Lillie MOORE, David C 1896-Nov-22
STANLEY, A M Miss BRUTON, E L 1899-Jan-16
STANLEY, Lizzie MCGAUGHY, B F 1897-Nov-08
STANLEY, Mattie MASON, John 1897-Dec-18
STEEL, Ethel CREIGHTON, J H 1899-Sep-07
STEGALL, Callie SHAW, Phil Jr 1900-Jan-08
STEGER, Julia P HOUSTON, R V 1866-Jan-13
STEP, M B Miss DAVIS, O P 1894-Dec-25
STEPHEN, Lucinda MCGATHERN, Alexander 1834-Aug-07
STEPHENS, Barsheba PAYNE, Nicholas 1830-Aug-12
STEPHENS, Jane SANDERS, George W Jr 1833-Mar-12
STEPHENS, L E Miss GLASGOW, T E 1891-Nov-21
STEPHENS, Martha HILL, Gus 1898-Aug-07
STEPHENS, Mary Jane MILIKIN, Oliver H 1833-Jul-20
STEPHENSON, Hannah EGGER, John R Jr. 1831-Dec-15
STEPP, M S Miss HARRIS, J M 1891-Aug-12
STEVENS, L J Miss HILL, W R 1887-Oct-16
STEWARD, Fannie STACY, G H 1898-Feb-14
STEWART, Mary E MOORE, James M 1847-Mar-21
STOKES, Christina BUTLER, John 1847-Nov-16
STONE, Bettie Mrs BASKINS, Eli 1893-Jul-07
STORMENT, Elizabeth DAVIS, L G 1865-   -
STORMENT, Katie TRICE, Sam 1891-Aug-26
STORMENT, Rebecca Jane GABREL, R L 1888-Nov-04
STOVALL, Margaret Ann PARKER, H C 1866-   -
STRICKLAND, Della CHACE, John W 1899-Jan-18
STRICKLAND, Lillie BONDS, J C 1889-Jan-27
STRICKLAND, Sallie WOODLEY, T W 1894-Nov-29
STRINGFELLOW, Elizabeth ASBEL, Daniel 1866-Feb-28
STURDIVANT, Hattie DOVLEY, Burt 1895-Dec-31
STUTTS, M A DAVIS, Newton J 1855-   -
SURATT, Ann Eliza ELLIS, W E 1847-Oct-13
SWIMPARD, Alice MILLIGAN, J A 1893-Jul-23

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