Tishomingo County Brides


RAGSDALE, Sarah DAVIS, Lewis P 1849-Sep-04
RALPH, F M DAVIS, D C 1866-   -
RAMSEY, Dora A WOODEN, J V 1898-Sep-18
RAMSEY, Etta MOSER, H L 1897-May-06
RAMSEY, Fannie WOODEN, John 1896-Nov-19
RAMSEY, L E Miss BLUNT, J W 1888-Jun-24
RAMSEY, Netta WOOD, D N 1896-Sep-30
RANDOLF, Lucinda BELIN, James 1894-Apr-01
RANDOLF, M E Miss RAST, W R 1888-Jan-25
RANDOLF, Mary PANNELL, J H 1891-Apr-25
RAST, Effie ALDRIDGE, M A 1899-Oct-11
RAST, Hattie ALDRIDGE, Fowler 1893-Jan-31
RAST, May PAGE, W H 1897-Dec-26
RAST, Nancy DURHAM, J W 1894-Jan-25
RATLIFFE, Fanney WHITE, Benjamin 1842-Nov-22
RAY, Annie REID, Frank 1887-Dec-30
REED, Lizzie LONG, Charlie 1887-Nov-20
REED, Nannie BECKERSTAFF, J W 1888-Jan-29
REED, Satirah HAMILTON, John 1848-May-30
REEDING, Martha RICKETTS, A F 1843-Jul-03
REESE, Eliza WINDHAM, William 1833-Jul-18
RENTFROW, Sarah Ann SKINNER, Josiah 1833-Jul-29
RETLIFF, Fannie WILSON, J M 1867-   -
REVAS, P A Miss PARKER, S A 1893-Feb-03
REYNOLDS, Fannie CLARK, R B 1866-Feb-17
REYNOLDS, Ida BINGHAM, Charlie 1897-Nov-24
REYNOLDS, L V Miss KENEDY, I W 1895-Jul-08
REYNOLDS, Mary GRISHOLM, J M 1891-Sep-26
REYNOLDS, Meredith DUNCAN, Matilda A 1861-   -
REYNOLDS, Paula HALL, William 1897-Sep-12
REYNOLDS, Rachel C DAVIS, Edward R 1848-Oct-24
REYNOLDS, Tishee SMITH, James 1867-May-07
RICHIE, Mary E GABLE, G T 1891-Oct-13
RICHMOND, Elizabeth MOORHEAD, Jonah C 1832-Nov-22
RICKMAN, Jan GORE, Thomas 1833-Mar-07
RICKMAN, M C Miss DAVIS, W H 1898-May-22
RICKS, F R Miss ROACH, J W M 1891-Oct-09
RICKS, Minnie JACKSON, Ed 1900-Sep-29
RIGSBY, Margaret SANDERS, Elisha 1835-Feb-05
RILEY, Micah E A DAVIS, James W 1856-   -
RINEHART, Sealby SELLERS, Philip 1848-Jan-23
RINGO, Martha HARROD, Elijah 1835-Mar-05
ROBBINS, Eleanor Elmira DAVIS, J M 1861-Apr-01
ROBBINS, Mary F MASK, W K 1866-   -
ROBBINS, Phoebe BAILEY, John 1833-Aug-06
ROBERTS, Bertie THOMPSON, Willie 1898-Oct-09
ROBERTS, Birtie WEST, William 1899-Dec-06
ROBERTS, Ella DIXON, John 1893-Dec-14
ROBERTS, Hannah KEETON, Toliver 1833-Dec-26
ROBERTS, Lena DAVIS, W I 1894-Nov-04
ROBIN, Zeda BRUNNET, Henry 1832-Dec-27
ROBINS, Lillie FISHER, Thomas 1899-Jan-23
ROBINSON, Ada JOURDAN, J C 1889-Oct-03
ROBINSON, Annie DAVIS, L C 1899-Aug-06
ROBINSON, Belle Z BUCHANON, R W 1888-Feb-05
ROBINSON, C C Miss ERWIN, J D 1899-Dec-13
ROBINSON, Emma KENNEDY, J H 1889-Nov-25
ROBINSON, Glennie BATES, J H 1898-Mar-09
ROBINSON, Henrietta BURDINE, M L 1900-Dec-25
ROBINSON, Laura I ROBINSON, James L 1892-Apr-19
ROBINSON, Lon MITCHELL, Jim 1896-Dec-14
ROBINSON, Lou SANDERS, Gus 1900-Sep-09
ROBINSON, M E Miss DEATON, J E W 1892-Feb-15
ROBINSON, Mary Ann MOORE, William F 1865-May-15
ROBINSON, Mollie GREGSON, W T 1900-Jan-31
ROBINSON, N E Miss LAMBERT, J B 1891-Dec-17
ROBINSON, Ophelia BURGESS, D W 1894-Jan-02
ROBINSON, Sirena MOORE, James H 1857-Apr-26
ROBINSON, Tine GLASSCO, W B 1892-Nov-06
ROBINSON, Virginia WHITE, C W 1893-Oct-29
RODGERS, Carry GRAHAM, J H 1896-Jun-27
RODGERS, H E Miss VAN SANDT, N W 1894-Nov-13
RODGERS, Manda L DEES, W D 1889-Jan-17
ROGERS, Sarah CUMMINGS, Malichi C 1833-Feb-19
ROLLER, Mollie Ann BROWN, L T 1900-Jan-14
ROSS, Minnie WHITFIELD, G L 1896-Oct-15
ROSS, Sarah LAMBERT, Russell 1896-Oct-15
ROWENS, Euginia CLARK, J F 1894-Dec-09
RUMAGE, Ella BELM, J T 1890-Dec-28
RUMMAGE, Annie PACE, G W 1893-Dec-25
RUSH, N A Miss COX, R A 1895-Aug-25
RUSSELL, A Miss BRITTON, W C 1893-Jan-25
RUSSELL, Jennie F BARNETT, A J 1892-Aug-24
RUSSELL, M E Miss MANN, W A 1898-Feb-27
RUSSELL, Nettie SPROUSE, William 1895-Jun-23
RUSSELL, R D Miss HILL, I N 1890-Aug-14
RUTHLEDGE, Louise NASH, James M 1855-Apr-10
RUTLEDGE, Louise NASH, James M 1855-Apr-10

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