Tishomingo County Brides

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PADEN, Belle SLACK, C F 1888-Apr-12
PADEN, Kate TIDWELL, J R 1894-Oct-20
PADEN, M E Miss SAVAGE, J R 1887-Oct-02
PADEN, Manenia REID, A D 1889-Dec-22
PADEN, Mariah Mrs NORWOOD, Jeff 1887-Dec-11
PADEN, Mary C HARVEY, D T 1896-Sep-14
PADEN, Sallie P GREEN, J E 1890-Jan-16
PADEN, Susan BURGESS, T B 1895-Jul-21
PAGE, Ida DAWSON, J W 1893-Dec-17
PAGE, J C Miss UNDERWOOD, H A 1888-Jul-26
PANNEL, Mary Mrs DAVIDSON, Joe 1896-Oct-01
PARHAM, Julia A COX, James G 1834-Oct-20
PARKER, M J Miss CLINGAN, O M 1899-Aug-01
PARKER, Margaret A BURDEN, J H 1866-   -
PARKS, Anna HENRY, Houston M 1900-Sep-11
PARKS, Anna TURNER, Jonas 1897-Apr-26
PARKS, Caroline JACKSON, Paul 1887-Sep-05
PARKS, Maggie ALLEN, Eugene 1888-Jul-11
PARSON, Ada P COX, I F 1893-Sep-17
PARSONS, Dosha WHITLOCK, Charley 1897-Jul-25
PARSONS, Martha FLOYD, John 1860-Jul-17
PARSONS, Mary FLOYD, James 1863-Jul-13
PATE, Nannie HOLCOMB, G W 1896-Nov-21
PATRICK, Amanda SMITH, E H 1860-   -
PATRICK, L C Miss GRISHAM, W M 1888-Dec-23
PATTON, Martha E DAVIS, Thomas H 1864-Oct-25
PATTON, Mattie Belle ROBINSON, Homer 1900-Mar-07
PAYNE, Eula BARHAM, J S 1899-Oct-11
PAYNE, Isabella COMMON, Bob 1897-Mar-04
PEAKS, M E Miss GORTNEY, M E 1894-Dec-09
PEAL, Francis SLOAN, Willis 1897-Sep-06
PEDEN, Katie EDWARDS, J F 1888-Dec-12
PERSONS, Harriet DAVIS, W M 1860-   -
PETTY, Minerva E BROOKS, Samuel 1865-   -
PETTY, Sarah D KING, William W 1854-Dec-16
PHAIR, Elizabeth WIGGINGTON, Silas 1888-Jul-29
PHARR, G L T Miss CAMPBELL, W F 1889-Dec-26
PHARR, L E Miss WHITEHEAD, J H 1889-Aug-20
PHARR, Minda WIGGINTON, S A 1891-Jul-15
PHARR, Paralee SAMPLES, W R 1895-Mar-03
PHILIPS, Mary SMITH, William 1860-   -
PHILLIPS, Ada BLUNT, W A 1900-Jan-18
PHILLIPS, Della MCMEANS, J L 1893-Dec-31
PHILLIPS, Violet OWEN, Peter 1867-   -
PICKEN, Margaret WILSON, William 1859-   -
PICKENS, Daisy B RAMSEY, Sirus 1898-Jul-31
PICKENS, Mattie FLYNT, A A 1887-Nov-17
PICKETS, Fannie MARTIN, William 1892-Dec-23
PICKETT, Mary E WALKER, L T 1855-Jun-20
PIERCE, Mary Etta REYNOLDS, G G 1897-Sep-05
PIGG, Samantha E COLE, Isaac D 1859-   -
PIGGS, Sarah A FLANIGAN, B B 1866-   -
PINKERSTON, Delilah PINKERSTON, Lanner 1848-Feb-24
PIPPIN, Elizabeth TAYLOR, Lewis P 1830-Sep-30
PITTS, Sibbie SEARCY, W L 1895-Dec-17
PITTS, Sudora RENA, S D 1888-Jan-04
POINDEXTER, Birdie CORRALL, William 1892-Oct-29
POLLARD, Mary Lou COLLIER, M H 1896-Oct-07
POOLE, S C Mrs BONDS, A F 1896-Jun-07
POUNDS, M E Miss BONDS, J D 1896-Sep-24
POWELL, Annie LEATHEWOOD, W F 1893-Jan-03
POWELL, Caroline COWAN, Frank 1870-   -
POWERS, Sarah DOWDLE, John M 1832-Feb-09
PREWITT, Elizabeth AURSWORTH, William 1830-Dec-11
PRICE, Millie WALLS, Tom 1900-Feb-02
PRIDE, Lue HARVEY, Frank 1900-Apr-22
PROVENCE, Bride BAUGH, John 1897-May-02
PROVINCE, Hollie PARKER, Jack 1893-Oct-31
PRUITT, Maggie F HANEY, Louis 1900-Jan-31
PUCKETT, Georgia NICKERSON, Frank 1900-Jan-07
PUCKETT, O E Miss GILBERT, C A 1893-Jul-31
PYRON, Katie PATRICK, J J 1899-Feb-19


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