Tishomingo County Brides


MACKEYFIELD, Mary HAYES, Sam 1888-Feb-06
MAJORS, Bular LONG, Henry 1896-Jul-18
MALLOY, Elizabeth REDUS, Henry 1833-Feb-21
MALONE, Lilly TURNER, Jones 1893-Nov-02
MALONE, Milly LEE, Jimmie 1888-Mar-01
MALONEY, Katie ALLISON, Sam 1898-Oct-24
MANAHAN, Rojinna BEGGOR, John M 1834-Jul-10
MANLEY, Delilah WOOD, David 1848-Feb-11
MANLEY, S E Miss THOMAS, D A 1889-Sep-05
MANN, Mattie RODGERS, Thomas 1893-Dec-29
MARLOR, Maggie Mrs CROUSE, J R 1898-Dec-04
MARLOR, Margaret WALKER, Frank 1896-Dec-20
MARONEY, L C Miss BARNETT, W H 1887-Dec-29
MARS, A REYNOLDS, John H 1859-Sep-14
MARS, Ida L MILLER, D F 1897-Dec-30
MARSHALL, E L Miss SMITH, C N 1899-Oct-25
MARTIN, Adline ARMSTRONG, George 1847-Sep-10
MARTIN, Alice STEPHENS, J W 1891-Jul-20
MARTIN, Beckie GANDY, Ike 1888-Apr-26
MARTIN, Blanche CLAUNCH, William R 1897-Oct-17
MARTIN, Della COMON, Hilliard J 1900-Jan-20
MARTIN, Elizabeth D PHILLIPS, William 1855-Mar-07
MARTIN, Lizzie WRIGHT, W F 1896-Dec-20
MARTIN, Lucinda MOORE, H I 1850-Feb-20
MARTIN, Martha FLOYD, James R 1847-Feb-07
MARTIN, Martha HILL, James 1893-Nov-16
MARTIN, Martha P HODGES, J S 1897-Nov-28
MARTIN, Mary GLASGOW, C C 1889-Feb-26
MARTIN, Mary KITCHENS, Eli 1848-Feb-24
MARTIN, Mattie BANISTER, M F 1889-Oct-20
MARTIN, Sarah GRAY, Daniel 1850-   -
MARTINER, Elvina Mrs NIXON, T L 1893-Aug-20
MASON, Fannie NELSON, Arthur 1900-Nov-25
MASON, Ola SPICKARD, S B 1890-Dec-10
MASON, T J Miss SHORT, B L 1897-Aug-19
MASSENGALE, Sebba RUMAGE, W B 1894-Aug-26
MATTHEWS, Anna Lou REED, E N 1889-Dec-31
MAXWELL, Minnie HIGHTOWER, W L 1895-Aug-15
MAYES, Emma BRIGGS, Frank 1889-Dec-15
MAYFIELD, Elizabeth C GORDON, John F 1834-Nov-24
MAYFIELD, Martha MURPHY, Amezi D 1833-Oct-17
MAYO, Mittie Lou RHODES, John B 1889-Aug-09
MAYO, N J Miss SOUTH, J T 1895-Aug-15
MCANALLEY, M F Miss HARVEL, J J 1888-Dec-25
MCANALLEY, Vinie HUMPHREYS, Jake 1888-May-23
MCANALLY, Bell SNELLING, John 1894-Jul-08
MCANALLY, Ethel MILLSAPPS, A W 1895-Jan-10
MCANALLY, L P Miss ELLEDGE, M M 1899-Jul-12
MCANALLY, Mary J BEARD, A C 1867-   -
MCBEE, Estatia Ann WILLIAMS, Thomas H 1832-May-04
MCCABE, Mary CLARK, J M 1894-Nov-18
MCCAIG, Martha J HARP, G W 1889-Apr-11
MCCAINS, Lou PARSONS, R A 1887-Dec-22
MCCLANAHAN, Elizabeth HUMPHRES, A S 1833-Jul-19
MCCOWERY, Mattie STEVENS, George 1900-Jan-17
MCCOY, Birdie BODIFORD, Thomas 1889-Sep-08
MCCOY, Laura PARSONS, Willie 1899-Mar-05
MCCOY, Martha HUBBARD, Ernest 1897-Aug-12
MCCOY, Susan MOORE, James M 1859-Apr-23
MCCULLOW, Rosa Mrs BANKHEAD, Peter 1891-Apr-25
MCDOUGAL, Amanda E PADEN, James M 1861-   -
MCDOUGAL, Lou GARDNER, A C 1893-Jan-17
MCDOUGAL, M V Miss KING, Thomas 1892-Dec-20
MCDOUGAL, S E HILL, Bertie 1897-Jan-20
MCDOUGAL, S W Miss GARDNER, E W 1895-Jan-03
MCDOUGAL, Willie FOOTE, Jeff 1895-Aug-18
MCDOWELL, Catharine L MOORE, James M 1850-Apr-18
MCELHANEY, Carrie LAMENICK, Luther T 1899-Feb-01
MCGAUGHEY, Caroline CLARK, Levi 1888-Jan-11
MCGAUGHEY, Eliza WILLIAMS, W C 1894-Jun-07
MCGAUGHEY, Sarah POLK, Thomas J 1832-Mar-08
MCGHEE, Sarah BROWN, Andrew 1847-Sep-26
MCGOWAN, Emily ROSS, Wesley 1835-Jan-25
MCGOWEN, Louise B MCCLANAHAN, James 1831-Aug-17
MCKEVER, Eveline GRAY, Robert 1852-   -
MCKINNEY, Belle HANNON, J W 1894-Nov-04
MCKINNEY, Carrie COTTON, A J 1894-Dec-26
MCKINNEY, Ella D HENDRICKS, John J 1891-Jan-29
MCKINNY, Sarah ALLEN, John A 1893-May-31
MCLAREN, Elizabeth FLOYD, John A 1860-Jan-02
MCMASTERS, Dollie DUNAHOO, J H 1892-Oct-02
MCMASTERS, Josie BULLARD, Dick 1899-Feb-19
MCMASTERS, S E Miss MORRIS, J S 1892-Dec-02
MCMASTERS, Sarena JOHNSON, Charley 1892-Mar-14
MCMEANS, Mollie MARLOW, Washington 1888-Mar-25
MCNEAL, Ella SMITH, T L 1891-Dec-05
MCNUTT, Julia CALLICUTT, Will 1895-Jul-28
MCNUTT, L F Miss SEAGO, L D 1894-Dec-06
MCNUTT, M A Miss HUBBARD, J S 1896-Apr-28
MCNUTT, S J Miss BYRAM, J J 1888-Dec-06
MCQUILLIAMS, Sarah Ann MOORE, R B 1866-Jul-04
MCRAE, Catherine GWIN, Robert A 1834-Dec-17
MCRAE, Edna MORRISON, G W 1888-Dec-20
MCRAE, F Miss PATE, W L 1888-Dec-06
MCRAE, Lena DILWORTH, Henry 1898-Jan-01
MCRAE, Lula BINFORD, John 1894-Oct-22
MCRAE, M T Miss BICKERSTAFF, J H 1889-Dec-29
MCRAE, Mary SELBY, D H 1895-Dec-18
MCRAE, S B Miss TROLLINGER, A J 1897-Mar-03
MCRAE, Tinnie BLOUNT, J A 1897-Nov-21
MCREYNOLDS, Hester Ann WILLIAMS, Jonah 1833-Feb-
MCREYNOLDS, Martha H RANDALL, Joel B 1832-Dec-13
MCVEY, Dollie CLARK, Harvey 1892-Jan-22
MCWILLIAMS, Rachel REY, John W 1834-Jul-29
MCWILLIAMS, Sarah STALLINGS, Shadrach 1830-Dec-30
MEADOWS, Anna BAKER, C T 1894-Sep-20
MEADOWS, Maud VOYLES, J S 1895-Jan-21
MEDLEY, Ella WHITE, Lewis M 1892-Apr-01
MEDLEY, Mary Jane SCOTT, Lawrence 1900-Feb-11
MEDLEY, Mollie WALLACE, R L 1889-Sep-22
MEDLEY, Myrtle WHITAKER, J D 1899-Dec-31
MEDLEY, Nellie ARNOLD, J W 1893-Sep-03
MERRILL, Lyla MCDONALD, Marion 1899-Feb-14
MESSER, Ada WIGGINS, James 1896-Dec-17
MESSER, Ella M NEWMAN, W T 1895-Oct-13
MILES, M J Mrs WOODALL, William M 1890-Nov-12
MILFORD, Nancy FLOYD, John M 1856-Jan-
MILICAN, Mary A GAHAGAN, Joseph 1866-   -
MILK, Sarah BRADY, John 1847-Dec-09
MILK, Sarah BRADYH, John 1847-Dec-09
MILLER, Elizabeth OWENS, Obidiah 1851-Dec-24
MILLER, Esther OWEN, James 1848-Nov-
MILLER, Fannie MORRIS, Bud 1894-Aug-14
MILLER, Fannie MORRIS, E W 1889-Dec-12
MILLER, India GRESHAM, L D 1899-Dec-12
MILLER, Josie HARRISON, J G W 1888-Dec-17
MILLER, Laura DAVIDSON, J D 1894-Oct-10
MILLER, Mary DAVIS, William J 1854-   -
MILLER, Prudence MOORE, J M 1855-   -
MILLFORD, C M Miss BUCHANON, W S 1887-Nov-07
MILLFORD, Lizzie GURLEY, J W 1893-Sep-03
MILLIGAN, Julie HUBBARD, Jack 1895-Apr-14
MILLIGAN, Sallie E MOSEN, J W 1889-Aug-15
MILLS, Amelia MCCOLLUM, T B 1890-Jul-27
MILLS, Sarah GLOVER, Allen 1848-Jan-30
MILLSAPPS, R L Miss OAKES, J F 1894-Nov-18
MITCHELL, Beulah CAMPBELL, W F 1887-Sep-22
MITCHELL, M E Miss SCALES, L M 1891-Feb-12
MITCHELL, Margaret BEARD, Isiah 1861-   -
MITCHELL, Mary B JACKSON, Gilbert 1833-Dec-26
MIZE, Martha Mrs CORNELISON, Joe 1896-Aug-06
MOACH, Margaret FELKE, William 1847-Sep-09
MOLLEY, Mary E MOORE, John 1843-Jul-06
MONTGOMERY, Ada PACE, C L 1899-Apr-30
MONTGOMERY, Ella MOORE, W C 1889-Jan-13
MONTGOMERY, Ida VINSON, John 1896-Dec-06
MONTGOMERY, Mary EISLEY, Samuel 1848-Feb-24
MONTGOMERY, Mary ELSLEY, Samuel 1848-Feb-24
MONTGOMERY, N E Miss BONDS, W F 1889-Dec-24
MONTGOMERY, Sallie STORMENT, D 1895-Mar-20
MOON, Matilda PAYNE, Daniel 1833-Dec-18
MOONEY, Mary DAVIS, M M 1863-   -
MOORE, Alice CHISHOLM, R D 1897-Feb-10
MOORE, Armanella E LYLE, C C 1865-   -
MOORE, C H Miss BREWER, Wiley 1894-Jul-22
MOORE, Cynthia Mrs BROWN, W A 1892-Apr-04
MOORE, Dora A BONDS, D A 1898-Sep-18
MOORE, E M Miss HALE, D M 1889-Dec-29
MOORE, Emely RAPELL, John 1849-Feb-18
MOORE, Fanny MCDANIEL, Charles 1854-Jan-26
MOORE, Francis TERRY, Ambros 1859-   -
MOORE, Hester Ann CHILDS, Morgan 1832-Nov-22
MOORE, Hulda P TAYLER, H I 1853-   -
MOORE, Indianna JOHNSON, John 1897-Sep-04
MOORE, Isbella MOODY, T J 1865-   -
MOORE, Jane PARKER, Henry C 1857-Nov-23
MOORE, Letitia BISHOP, G E 1899-Jan-12
MOORE, Louisa SHACKLEFORD, W A H 1890-Nov-04
MOORE, Louisa Jane PEEL, William 1852-   -
MOORE, M A Miss BARNES, J M 1888-Dec-26
MOORE, M B WILEMAN, N E 1858-Aug-09
MOORE, M E Miss MCKINNEY, J D 1888-Oct-20
MOORE, Margaret S DAVIS, J J 1853-Nov-
MOORE, Martha PATTON, Dorn 1860-Oct-15
MOORE, Martha ROBERSON, Alford 1860-   -
MOORE, Mary A E BARNETT, Thomas W 1857-   -
MOORE, Mary E HAMILTON, Clement 1853-Jul-
MOORE, Mary E MINCEY, Joseph 1864-   -
MOORE, Nancy MILLER, John 1849-Aug-18
MOORE, Nancy Jane WILLIMSON, James 1852-Jan-21
MOORE, R E Miss MCCOY, J B 1889-Sep-07
MOORE, Sallie DILWORTH, Thomas W 1865-   -
MOORE, Sarah M STOVALL, W I 1852-Oct-21
MOORE, Susan FLOYD, David N 1856-Feb-
MOORE, Susan C ROBINSON, John 1849-Oct-13
MOORE, Susie TRAFFORD, Fred 1891-Jul-25
MOORE, Virginia A MOORE, William I 1860-   -
MOORE, Virginia L MARTIN, Charley E 1899-Mar-29
MOORES, Mary E BUCHANAN, I A 1848-   -
MORGAN, A Zella WISDOM, J H 1888-May-07
MORGAN, Alice SCOTT, J W 1899-Oct-08
MORGAN, I L Mrs SIMPSON, J W 1894-Oct-07
MORGAN, L T Miss HUDSON, J G 1893-Jul-27
MORGAN, M J Miss BRASSELL, N E 1895-Jul-15
MORISON, Eliza Jane GEORGE, Marble C 1852-   -
MORLEY, Mary M MOORE, Wm R 1842-Nov-12
MORRIS, Frances MINOR, Oswill 1830-Dec-19
MORRIS, Georgie BONDS, Sam F 1892-Dec-18
MORRIS, L B Miss SMITH, J W 1893-Sep-03
MORRIS, Lear POWELL, John 1888-Jul-17
MORRIS, Lula CROW, G A 1890-Jul-27
MORRIS, Lula HONEYCUTT, D M 1894-Mar-18
MORRIS, Mary EGGER, James 1834-Feb-06
MORRISON, M J Miss SARTIN, John 1890-Jun-27
MOSEN, Laura B BRAUGHTON, W A 1888-Jul-10
MOSER, Mattie LIVINGSTON, R H 1895-Aug-13
MOTLEY, Alice UNDERWOOD, Kellos 1895-Aug-10
MOUELIN, Elizabeth L NORMAN, W G 1859-   -
MUKES, J M BROWN, S E Miss 1894-Sep-23
MULFORD, Geneva BLISSETT, M F 1893-Dec-24
MULLINS, Clementine MOORE, John D 1865-   -
MULLINS, Virgie BARNES, Charles E 1896-Oct-25
MURPHY, Alice WOOD, Ky 1889-Sep-22
MURPHY, Catherine NEILL, John C 1833-Sep-15
MURPHY, Elizabeth R STEPHENSON, John 1833-Jan-03
MURPHY, M C Miss DAWSON, J M 1890-Nov-22
MURPHY, M C Miss NUNLEY, J A 1889-Dec-22
MURPHY, M E Miss CAGLE, W A 1889-Nov-24
MURRELLE, Bettie POWELL, Dick 1893-Oct-10
MURRY, Henrietta NELSON, Jerry 1898-Apr-06
MYHAND, J A Miss ELLEDGE, C A 1896-Jul-29

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