Tishomingo County Brides


LACKEY, Margaret Ann GEORGE, Charles 1857-   -
LAILER, Nancy Louise BUCHANNON, William 1847-Oct-09
LAIRD, Charlotte COBBLE, John 1852-Jan-29
LAMBERT, Amanda E HALL, James G 1894-Nov-18
LAMBERT, Caroline JACKSON, J C 1887-Sep-24
LAMBERT, Ethel BLAKENEY, Walter 1897-Jan-24
LAMBERT, Mary M TIPTON, W A 1891-Nov-22
LAMBERT, Sarah Jane SOUTH, R B 1897-Oct-24
LAMBERT, Venie Belle TIPTON, J J 1899-Feb-26
LAMBERT, Virdie GAINES, J B 1893-Oct-08
LANCASTER, Jennie WADE, Joe 1889-Jan-26
LANGLEY, Mary MILLER, Lawson 1847-Sep-28
LARKINS, Mary DEEMER, Robert 1888-Sep-22
LASTER, Inie WALKER, Tom 1899-Nov-21
LAURENCE, Elizabeth OWENS, William L 1857-   -
LAWHORN, Jane MARTIN, William 1890-Nov-09
LAWHORNE, Maggie BENIE, Will 1894-Mar-13
LAWRANCE, A S Miss MCMILLEN, J N 1889-Dec-22
LEATHERWOOD, Sallie E TYSON, J C 1888-Apr-25
LEATHERWOOD, Susan E Mrs HYATT, J B 1888-Nov-15
LEDBETTER, Sarah E BEARD, Daniel M 1855-   -
LEDGARD, Jennie PAYNE, J H 1889-Jun-13
LEE, Ella LAMBERT, Jim 1897-Sep-12
LEIGH, Alice G Mrs WHITE, T O H 1889-Nov-21
LENTZ, Ada P MOORE, W R 1897-Mar-03
LENTZ, Mary Lou SERCY, Willie 1898-Jul-07
LENTZ, Mary Lou TAYLOR, E C 1897-Aug-25
LESLEY, Martha NEIGHBORS, W N 1847-Nov-21
LETCHER, Elizabeth GREGORY, Frances R 1835-Jul-14
LEWIS, C J CARTER, Michael 1893-Oct-05
LINCECUM, Emily MOORE, Daniel B 1830-Jul-16
LINDSAY, Mollie PHILLIPS, J A 1899-Jan-05
LINDSEY, Addie RUTHERFORD, R M 1898-Dec-07
LINDSEY, Eliza MILK, John 1848-Oct-08
LINDSEY, Elizabeth BYRAM, A G W 1891-Jan-22
LINDSEY, M A Miss SHOOK, R L 1893-Nov-23
LINDSEY, M D Miss CRAINE, A J 1891-Oct-13
LINDSEY, Nancy L SMITH, R P 1866-   -
LINDSEY, Nora STANLY, Martin 1893-Dec-19
LINDSEY, Sallie DEMSEY, J H 1899-Dec-27
LINNESSA, Mary RUSHING, Abel 1848-Mar-16
LIPSCON, Lucy WILLIAMS, Robert 1888-May-17
LITRALL, Winnie REED, Hardy 1863-   -
LITTLE, Amanda Mrs LEE, Harry Leon 1900-Feb-26
LOCKEY, Adaline STEWART, William 1847-Dec-12
LOILA, Nancy Louise BENKHAUNEW, William 1841-Oct-10
LONG, Allie MYRICK, Herdle 1898-Oct-15
LONG, Ella JTERRY, James 1891-May-??
LONG, Ella TERRY, James 1891-Jun-04
LOONY, Martha V MOORE, Richard 1861-   -
LOUISE, Nancy BENKHAUNEW, William 1841-Oct-10
LOVE, Jain GIVEN, George 1832-Oct-23
LOWE, Elizabeth EDUMN, S A 1835-Jun-30
LOWREY, M C Miss PACE, Cullen Lee 1896-Nov-04
LUKER, Clara CAIN, J T 1892-Dec-24
LYLE, Mary CHILDS, William P 1832-Sep-27


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