Tishomingo County Brides


KAY, Dora E POWERS, J M 1892-Dec-25
KAY, Ida EPPERSON, D L 1895-Feb-24
KEENEM, Sallie I WRIGHT, W P 1892-Apr-04
KEETON, Clarissa BAILY, Wendel 1832-Sep-06
KEETON, Francis ALLEN, Jarre H J 1833-Jan-01
KEETON, Sudie FRANKLIN, D W 1898-Oct-23
KENEDY, C J Miss MCANALLEY, William E 1892-Jun-04
KENEDY, M A Miss TIPTON, H T 1892-Dec-22
KENEDY, Nettie STEWART, W P 1892-Jul-31
KENNEDY, Angie DEAN, J D 1898-Aug-18
KENNEDY, Lizzie HARP, L W 1889-Apr-18
KENNEDY, M B Miss SHORT, D L 1891-Jan-15
KENNEDY, Nancy A KENNEDY, L H 1889-Jan-22
KENNEDY, Ronie Miss PADEN, L R 1898-Aug-18
KENNEDY, Sarah Ann TIPTON, G W 1899-Nov-26
KILLAM, Nancy COLOMY, William 1848-Jan-25
KILLINGSWORTH, Nancy GRAY, George W 1853-   -
KILLINGSWORTH, Polly GRAY, William 1859-Aug-23
KILLINGSWORTH, Sarah E GRAY, E R 1866-   -
KILLIUM, Elizabeth UMBERS, Jerome 1835-Aug-18
KINCAID, Helen WHITEHURST, T N 1894-Aug-02
KINDAL, Ann Liza CRESSNO, Isaac 1847-Sep-30
KINDAL, Ann Liza GRESSNO, Isaac 1847-Sep-30
KING, Ella CLEMENT, John E 1896-Nov-10
KING, Franna SALMON, J M C 1894-Mar-18
KING, Mollie BROWN, L T 1892-Jan-04
KIRK, Belle CAGLE, C L 1896-Mar-29
KIRK, Flora ROBINSON, Y W 1893-Dec-24
KIRK, Ida BROADWAY, J F 1889-Jan-27
KIRK, Minnie WOOD, T B 1898-Jan-26
KIRK, T E Miss HAYNES, J A 1889-Oct-20
KITCHENS, Rachel HEARLD, John J 1855-Feb-06
KITCHENS, Rachel HERALD, John J 1855-Feb-06
KNIGHT, Martha HALL, J W 1893-Oct-14
KOBB, Jane OAKLY, Fielding 1832-Feb-28
KOLB, Mary Ann WILSON, William H 1834-Nov-05
KRAUSE, A A Mrs HODGE, William 1889-Aug-04
KRAUSE, Alice HOWARD, T J 1892-Oct-13
KYLE, Sarah SUGGS, Neaville 1833-Jan-18

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