Tishomingo County Brides

I - J

IHAKI, Ishtum MULLINGS, John 1830-Apr-21
IJAM, Nancy BALTON, Ephra%I<M 1848-May-14
IJAM, Nancyh BALTON, Ephram 1848-May-14
INGRAM, Sarah STEWART, Sam 1894-Sep-03
ISABEL, Janie BROWN, W W 1896-Nov-25
ISBEL, Mary  RANDOLPH, Joseph B 1853-Dec-05
ISBELL, Sofa Mrs STALLEY, A L 1896-Mar-31
JACKSON, Annie POLK, Will 1897-Feb-14
JACKSON, Cora SMALLMAN, Charlie 1896-Mar-26
JACKSON, Elva HEARD, R H 1888-Feb-07
JACKSON, Georgian Mrs ALDRIDGE, Porter 1897-Jan-14
JACKSON, Maggie THOMPSON, Louis 1896-Mar-15
JACKSON, Pattie DAWKINS, Louis 1887-Dec-24
JACKSON, Pennie JACKSON, Charlie 1887-Dec-25
JACKSON, Sallie WALTERS, Taylor 1889-Mar-18
JAMES, Carrie WALKER, Eugene 1900-Jan-03
JAMES, Martha A C GRAY, William N 1854-Jun-10
JAMES, Matilda KOGER, Ben 1900-Jan-17
JAMES, T C SIMS, S E Mrs 1897-May-02
JARRETT, Virgie Lee WREANCH, Russell 1900-Jan-13
JEMISON, Harriet BALE, Davie S 1830-Aug-09
JENKINS, E B Miss HENDRIX, W G 1888-Dec-19
JERKINS, Clara PEDIGREW, J C 1892-Nov-06
JOBE, Mary H VANDERFORD, John D 1855-Feb-21
JOHNSON, Almeta Mrs MEEKS, J W 1896-Aug-23
JOHNSON, Almeter ADAMS, Henry 1890-May-04
JOHNSON, Amy WESTBROOKS, William A 1835-Mar-08
JOHNSON, Clara ROBERTSON, None 1900-Feb-15
JOHNSON, Clara Jane MIZELL, Thomas M 1834-May-29
JOHNSON, Della SOUTH, W M 1889-Nov-05
JOHNSON, Emma B NELSON, Robert 1897-Mar-18
JOHNSON, Fannie MCMIMS, C B 1890-Jul-15
JOHNSON, Hattie DONALDSON, J T 1892-Apr-21
JOHNSON, L E Miss FRANKLIN, J H 1897-Jul-14
JOHNSON, Malissa PHIFEN, J M 1889-Mar-12
JOHNSON, Mary JACKSON, Giles 1900-Mar-10
JOHNSON, Mattie BARTON, Sam 1894-Dec-27
JOHNSON, Mollie J TACKER, J B 1887-Nov-29
JOHNSON, Normanda FINCH, Paul 1864-   -
JOHNSON, R E Mrs KENNEDY, H J 1898-Nov-17
JOHNSON, R P Miss PINKSTON, John 1892-Feb-04
JOHNSON, Virginia YOUNG, G W 1889-Mar-17
JOHNSTON, Amanda H SMITH, Elijah 1859-Dec-22
JONES, Allison DAVIS, Savilla 1860-   -
JONES, Becky DAVIS, William 1845-Jun-04
JONES, Belle Mrs WALKER, Edward 1898-Apr-03
JONES, Charie MORGAN, Frank 1899-Sep-25
JONES, Clementine ARNOLD, Berrity D 1830-Aug-09
JONES, D A BROOKS, L R 1866-   -
JONES, Della HILL, A 1892-Dec-15
JONES, Ella HILL, W D 1889-Dec-27
JONES, F R Miss SOUTH, Will 1891-Aug-13
JONES, Julia POTTS, Andrew 1848-May-30
JONES, Lou Zettie JAMES, Brady 1897-Apr-06
JONES, Lusina JONES, John 1848-Feb-16
JONES, M L Miss TERRY, J P 1895-Jan-15
JONES, Mary TURNER, Armstead 1892-Dec-28
JONES, Mary F WEIR, Abraham H 1843-Nov-21
JONES, Minnie JOHNSON, H J 1897-Oct-15
JONES, Nancy E Mrs SIMMONS, M A 1887-Dec-23
JONES, Silvia KENNELL, Pat 1892-Feb-24
JONES, Sinthey SMITH, James L 1860-   -
JORDAN, C G Miss EDWARDS, C B 1893-Jan-19
JORDAN, Linnie HARGETTE, J T 1894-Mar-28
JORDAN, Nannie PRIDE, Rad 1897-Jul-24
JOSHLIN, Mollie DILWORTH, Henry 1896-Sep-20
JOSLIN, Bulah LAMBERT, Arch 1895-Jan-27
JOSLIN, Hattie COUNTS, Charlie 1891-Oct-21
JOSLIN, Nan POOL, W H 1890-Jun-22
JOURDAN, Cora A WIMBISH, Robert L 1890-Dec-25
JOURDAN, Florence BRAUGHTON, James T 1897-Dec-22
JOURDAN, Hattie A MARTIN, Leroy 1895-Jan-03
JOURDAN, Minnie BROWN, Joseph 1898-Dec-25
JOURDAN, N E Miss COKER, N L 1889-Dec-26
JOURNIGAN, Mary Jane WARDLOWE, James M 1859-Mar-30


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