Tishomingo County Brides


FAIRLESS, Mollie LONG, H C 1895-Dec-08
FALLS, M E Miss OWENS, L F 1891-Apr-18
FANCHER, N J Miss BOSTIC, J T 1891-Sep-18
FANT, Minnie THOMPSON, John 1891-Dec-30
FARLEY, Sharlette BROOKS, Hardy 1867-   -
FARRIS, Alice ESTES, Henry Allen 1897-Oct-10
FARRIS, Della L Mrs RANDOLF, G W 1889-Jun-28
FARRIS, Jennie GIST, Joseph M 1895-Feb-24
FARRIS, Julia TRAPP, Doman 1888-Nov-18
FARRIS, Maggie E Mrs BRAZLE, James 1899-Jul-27
FELKER, Catherine MARTIN, A 1895-Jul-25
FELKER, L J Miss GRIMES, G N 1898-Aug-18
FELKER, M A Miss MILLSAPPS, E T 1891-Jan-22
FELKER, M E Miss JOHNSON, I R 1888-Jul-24
FELKNER, Mary FLOYD, D V 1859-Oct-05
FIELDER, Aden LONEY, Arch 1889-Jan-06
FIELDS, Dicy Jane STRICKLAND, John W 1899-Mar-19
FIELDS, Nancy ABBEY, John T 1847-Dec-02
FINCH, Cora BUCHANON, R H 1890-Dec-21
FINCH, Fanny Green CUNNINGHAM, Andy 1857-Sep-02
FINCH, Mary Ann CUNNINGHAM, Alfred 1854-Sep-20
FINLEY, Arena SMITH, James 1866-   -
FINLEY, Sylvia SOUTHWARD, Anderson 1891-Jan-01
FISHER, Sallie SMITH, George W 1893-Jul-26
FLEMING, Haney R HOLCOMB, James 1896-Jun-28
FLEMMING, Lucretia BICKERSTAFF, L B 1896-Jan-29
FLEMMING, Mollie STEPHENS, W S 1891-Sep-03
FLOCHER, Sarah FREEMAN, Archigald 1847-Nov-15
FLOYD, Alice MAYS, W H 1899-Sep-28
FLOYD, Lizzie HARRIS, Moses 1898-Jan-23
FLOYD, Louisa J DICK, Thomas J 1860-   -
FLOYD, Macy ENIS, S V 1865-Dec-16
FLOYD, Margaret MATTOCK, Thomas 1856-Jun-
FLOYD, Martha Jane STANLEY, Johnathan 1897-Oct-31
FLOYD, Mary FLOYD, J M 1866-Mar-08
FLOYD, Mary A MADLOCK, James 1843-Sep-10
FLOYD, Sarah REAGAN, G W 1863-Aug-11
FLYNT, E S Miss DEAN, S C 1891-Dec-17
FLYNT, Jennie DAVIS, T J Jr 1888-Sep-09
FLYNT, M M Miss DAVIS, R F 1891-Oct-27
FOOTE, Alice KEY, G P 1892-Jan-04
FOOTE, Fannie COUNTS, J V 1890-Dec-31
FOOTE, Mattie J VAUGHN, Robert R 1888-Jun-10
FORD, Arvilla BLAKENEY, Sam 1896-Jul-25
FORD, Mary E HILTON, H K 1894-Mar-21
FORD, Sarah SKARD, James 1893-May-28
FOREHAND, Cintha HARDEN, Galloway 1848-Mar-16
FOREMAN, Betty HOLLEY, Jim Marion 1897-Sep-09
FOSTERE, Sarah DUCKE, Barcell I 1834-Apr-10
FOWLER, Carolin Nancy FLOYD, David C 1865-   -
FOWLER, Mary GRAY, Edward 1860-   -
FROLLINGER, M A Miss TIPTON, C B 1888-Jan-01
FULGHAM, Callie CROCKETT, J C 1865-Dec-19
FULTON, Jennie SPENSEN, Walter 1889-Apr-13
FUNDERKING, Sarah DEATON, William -   -


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