Tishomingo County Brides


EADY, Hattie ROSE, G W 1897-Mar-12
EARNEST, Polly M GRAY, J H 1857-   -
EATON, M D Miss ARDIS, D D 1892-Jan-05
EDWARDS, Lena BRAMLETTE, Phillip 1900-Feb-13
EDWARDS, Lula BUTLER, Mose 1900-Mar-12
EDWARDS, Mary E OWENS, William M 1861-   -
EDWARDS, Mattie JACKSON, John F 1893-Dec-14
EGGER, Polly EGGER, Andrew Sr 1832-Feb-02
EHRETT, Annie WHITFIELD, J H 1888-Apr-15
ELISON, Elinder MILLIKIN, William 1830-Sep-01
ELIZEE, Mary Ann ONEAL, E A 1834-Dec-06
ELLIS, Bessie WALKER, J F 1889-Nov-18
ELLIS, Emma FRASER, W A 1899-Sep-02
ELLIS, Susan FAMMANT, John 1848-Mar-12
ELLISON, Elizabeth CARTER, Hugh 1830-Mar-03
ELLISON, Mary WILKINSEN, Thomas 1831-May-15
EMBREE, Celeste RILEY, Thomas J 1833-Jun-04
ENLOW, E A Miss UNDERWOOD, S H 1889-Jan-26
ENLOW, Mary GALYEAN, J R 1896-Jul-31
EPPERSON, Cora RYAN, C A 1888-Dec-23
EPPS, Elizabeth DAVIS, Matthew 1852-Dec-15
EPPS, S E Miss STAMPHILL, J P 1890-Dec-25
ERRETT, Annie WATKINS, J W 1893-Jan-12
ERVIN, Sallie B ROBINSON, W M 1894-Nov-03
ESTES, Georgian GRAY, Albert 1896-Jan-08
ESTES, Josie CORNEALINSON, I H 1898-Sep-01
ESTIS, Alsey D BYERS, Edward 1845-   -
EVANS, Margaret Ann IRBY, John H 1833-Nov-04


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