Tishomingo County Brides


DABENPORT, Essay DOUGLAS, Stephen 1834-Jul-20
DANIEL, Lucy MURPHY, T E 1897-Jun-19
DALE, Alleo GIVEN, William N 1832-Jul-26
DALLEN, Eliza ROBBINS, Jeptha 1854-Dec-14
DALLEN, Eliza ROBBINS, Jeptha Robbins 1854-Dec-14
DARES, Sarah MORRISON, Samuel 1847-Dec-23
DAVIS, Bethenia GRAY, David 1854-   -
DAVIS, Blanche STRICKLEN, Marcus E 1899-Nov-29
DAVIS, Cora Mrs GROSS, Lester M 1896-Feb-02
DAVIS, E J Miss FLYNT, G M 1891-Jan-15
DAVIS, Eliza BRAUGHTON, Charlie 1890-Dec-04
DAVIS, Elizabeth COOK, David 1845-   -
DAVIS, Elizabeth GRAY, Thomas 1848-Dec-11
DAVIS, Ella R SAPPINGTON, Henry 1887-Dec-14
DAVIS, Emeline SPARKS, William 1844-Jan-04
DAVIS, Hattie WADE, Harvey 1893-Apr-18
DAVIS, Hattie G HUBBARD, George T 1892-Sep-10
DAVIS, Lillie Cleo FLURRY, Charles 1897-Nov-14
DAVIS, Louisa C THOMPSON, Archibald 1842-Dec-25
DAVIS, M E Miss HILL, H D 1889-Jan-29
DAVIS, M J Miss OZBIRN, T W L 1891-Dec-23
DAVIS, Mamie AKINS, Charles 1894-Aug-05
DAVIS, Margaret WALKER, James H 1845-   -
DAVIS, Martha Ann HARTSELL, William 1852-Dec-07
DAVIS, Mary E GENTRY, Uriah E 1852-   -
DAVIS, Nancy ADAMS, Martin 1859-Sep-23
DAVIS, Parthenia HARRIS, M L 1887-Dec-01
DAVIS, Polly A GRAY, Willis 1849-Nov-
DAVIS, Rachel HODGES, Larkin 1843-Aug-24
DAVIS, Rebecca M GENTRY, Drury 1859-May-30
DAVIS, Roxie A LONG, C M 1898-Jan-09
DAVIS, S E Miss DAVIS, W J 1890-Dec-28
DAVIS, Sarah A TISON, Sherod N 1854-Jun-03
DAVIS, Sarah C PICKENS, S R 1852-Jun-03
DAVIS, Sarah E YOUNG, Mason 1855-   -
DAVIS, Savilla JONES, Allison 1860-   -
DAWSON, Elizabeth ROBBINS, W J 1860-   -
DEAN, A B Miss HUBBARD, J B 1891-Dec-23
DEAN, A E Miss ELLEDGE, H M 1899-Feb-22
DEAN, Annie STEPHENS, George C 1899-Nov-19
DEAN, Annie N HINES, B M 1894-Nov-21
DEAN, Callie SLACK, A C 1894-Nov-15
DEAN, Fannie MOORE, John 1865-   -
DEAN, J D Miss TRAYLOR, L S 1891-Oct-20
DEAN, J L Miss REYNOLDS, A B 1893-Mar-01
DEAN, L B Miss LANCASTER, Henry 1892-Sep-30
DEAN, L B Miss LANCASTER, Henry 1892-Oct-02
DEAN, Laura E PATTERSON, A B 1890-Sep-24
DEAN, M E Miss FLYNT, J W 1897-Dec-22
DEAN, Rebbie FOOTE, J M 1890-Jan-30
DEATON, L A Miss HOPKINS, T L 1893-Jan-25
DEATON, M L Miss HOPKINS, J L 1893-Jan-28
DEEN, Ruthy JENKINS, Thomas 1834-Apr-17
DEES, Polly EDMONDSON, R C 1890-Apr-06
DEGRAW, Lillie GRIFFIN, John Riley 1899-Jun-25
DEGROW, Ida BROWN, R E 1888-Sep-06
DEMPSEY, Rosa Ann BAILEY, John C 1892-Mar-05
DENTON, Annie SUGGLEY, W P 1895-Feb-14
DENTON, Mary L WYNN, G E 1890-Apr-06
DERICK, Henrietta COGER, Tom 1896-Dec-24
DERRICK, Anna WHITE, Martin 1890-Apr-20
DERRICK, Emmerly GREEN, Henry 1888-Jan-22
DEWOODY, Bettie PETTY, C O 1893-Jan-02
DEWOODY, Linnie LYLE, T B 1892-Oct-12
DEWOODY, Mary Leo WILLIAMS, J B 1897-Dec-29
DICKINSON, Dollie MESSER, I Y 1894-Aug-23
DIXON, Alabama HOBBS, H 1895-Mar-19
DIXON, Chelsie BANKHEAD, Bob 1895-Dec-28
DIXON, J A BIRGE, Charlie 1900-Feb-18
DIXON, Louisa HUSSEY, George 1900-Jan-14
DONAHOO, Artimissey COOK, Jackson 1847-Oct-15
DONAHOO, Lon ROBINSON, Levi 1893-Jan-09
DOP, J N Miss DAILEY, Andrew 1889-Jan-05
DOP, M J Miss LANCASTER, Charlie 1889-Jan-05
DOTSON, Melvina SMITH, William 1857-   -
DOUGLASS, E E Miss RAST, J A 1893-Oct-28
DOWELL, Melrina MCDANIEL, W H 1847-Dec-16
DOWELL, Melrina MCDANIEL, W H 1847-Sep-16
DOWLSING, Elizabeth MIMS, Shadrach -   -
DOZIER, Frances MINOR, Nicholas 1832-Nov-20
DRAKE, Belle LOCKRIDGE, W W 1893-Feb-02
DRAKE, Della HARRIS, George 1890-Mar-18
DRAKE, Ida LOCKRIDGE, C 1895-Apr-07
DUGGAR, Julia ROBINSON, Sidney J 1897-Dec-27
DULOISE, Mary TUCKER, J A 1892-Apr-20
DUNCAN, Matilda A REYNOLDS, Meredith 1861-   -
DUNCAN, W A Miss BULLARD, J B 1896-Jun-25
DUNHAM, Angaline MOORE, Alfred 1844-Jul-30
DUNN, Emily GEORGE, J N 1856-   -
DUNN, Emma LENARD, Robert 1892-May-29
DUNN, Mary THOMPSON, Charley 1890-Nov-23
DUNN, Mary H SMITH, G T 1866-   -
DUNN, Pearl MANUS, Lafayette 1893-May-24
DUNN, S L SMITH, D J 1866-   -
DUPOY, Julia Eliza FORTSON, John Thomas 1833-Dec-17
DURHAM, H Miss HOGELAND, 1892-Aug-13
DURHAM, Q E Miss COX, R A 1892-Dec-27
DYER, Francis SANDERS, Jackson 1833-Jul-14
DYKES, L Miss SHEFFIELD, W 1888-Nov-25
DYKES, S G Miss KEMUN, A L 1888-Jun-10

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