Tishomingo County Brides


CABLE, Annie J DOWD, Gunn 1894-Feb-28
CADE, T B KINDRICK, Benjamina 1847-Dec-27
CAGLE, Mollie MURPHY, J W 1889-Apr-21
CAIN, E M Mrs HARRISON, T M 1898-Apr-07
CAIN, N A Miss DEATON, H L 1896-Mar-11
CAIN, Rebecca Jane Mrs NAGLE, J S 1898-Jan-30
CAIN, Sallie SHOOK, H F 1898-Sep-22
CAINE, E E Miss HARRISON, T M 1889-Jan-20
CAINE, S E Miss UNDERWOOD, M V 1890-Jun-09
CALEB, Amelia Battle MILES, Gilman 1834-Feb-04
CALLICOTT, Pearl V NIXON, W A 1897-Jul-22
CAMPBELL, E L Miss FULLER, E G 1899-Dec-24
CAMPBELL, Ellen YARBER, Perry 1897-Oct-31
CAMPBELL, Fannie HODGE, W N 1894-Nov-04
CAMPBELL, Jane JOHNSON, Jonah 1834-Dec-
CAMPBELL, L R Miss SARTIN, L F 1896-Jan-22
CAMPBELL, Mollie YARBER, Joshua 1898-Dec-25
CAMPBELL, Ormanda Margaret BRADLIERS, Isaac S 1833-Oct-31
CAMPBELL, Pearl L LINDSEY, S C 1899-Nov-26
CAMPBELL, Victory COMAN, Stephen 1895-Dec-23
CARR, E M Miss HUGHS, T G 1893-Nov-19
CARR, M A Miss BURLESON, A B 1899-Jul-13
CARR, M D Miss HUGHS, J P 1899-Jan-18
CARSON, Delie BULLARD, William 1898-Sep-18
CARTER, Maggie ROGERS, John 1895-Feb-15
CARTER, Nancy E WILSON, W D 1860-   -
CARTER, Susanna MCWILLIAMS, Andrew 1835-Jul-13
CARTER, Vela TRIM, D A 1897-Dec-26
CARTWRIGHT, Mary ALLISON, John 1835-Mar-04
CASEY, Martha MOORE, Felix 1843-May-06
CASTELBERRY, Henrietta C HANK, James Paul 1899-Oct-05
CASTLEBERRY, Katy COGER, David 1896-Jun-10
CASTMAN, L Mrs RAST, A J 1892-Aug-14
CATHEY, Allie GORTNEY, J D 1889-Feb-07
CATHEY, Ida POSEY, A J 1890-Oct-26
CAYCE, Mary OWEN, D Will 1858-   -
CHADWICK, M E Miss TURNER, James 1890-Jul-08
CHAMBERS, Eva BLUNT, J J 1896-Aug-23
CHAMBERS, Lou SANDERS, John C 1894-Sep-09
CHAMBERS, Rebecca M BEAN, William 1865-   -
CHAMBERS, S M Miss DAVIS, F S 1889-May-12
CHANCY, L M Miss GANN, T J 1888-Dec-20
CHAPEL, Rebecca VAUGHN, William W 1831-Dec-15
CHAPPEL, Martha COULTER, William M 1834-Dec-29
CHASTEEN, E J KING, L A 1853-Oct-27
CHEEK, Elizabeth DANIEL, T A 1847-Sep-30
CHENNACH, Sallie ADAMS, J N 1889-Mar-31
CHERRY, Lucy Mrs CRUMP, Charlie 1888-Nov-29
CHEWING, Martha COLLINS, Joseph 1835-Jul-28
CHOUT, Flora Ann SMITH, Levi 1858-   -
CHRISTOPHER, Rebecca CAMPBELL, William 1832-Sep-06
CINDIA, Ellen T HILL, J W 1894-Dec-18
CLANNAH, M H Miss LAMBERT, Jack 1889-Jan-08
CLANNEH, S A Miss WRIGHT, W J 1887-Dec-25
CLARK, Lillie ONEAL, Will 1896-Oct-30
CLARK, Mary Bell BRANSON, J W 1894-May-13
CLEMENT, Mattie DEAN, Julius 1897-Sep-26
CLEMENT, Mollie SMITH, William 1890-Dec-25
CLEMONS, Julia PADEN, G A 1890-Dec-07
CLIFTON, Haley CLEMENT, Charlie 1887-Dec-27
CLIFTON, W J Miss HARLAND, D P 1891-Feb-22
CLINGON, N J Miss HARRISON, E W 1891-Feb-03
COBB, Melvina WHITEHEAD, William 1832-Jun-12
COCHRAN, Dona PADEN, J B 1897-Oct-31
COCHRAN, Frances BEARD, Thomas 1866-Jan-11
COCKERHAM, Jane MCELROY, Reuben 1830-Jul-01
COCKERHAM, Louisa ADEN, William D 1835-Oct-23
COCKERHAM, Nancy E WILLIAMS, Elzey 1833-Sep-05
COGGINS, Lou SCOTT, J H 1895-Dec-24
COKER, P V Miss STEPPS, T J 1889-Dec-25
COLE, Mary Ann MOORE, James 1857-Jul-31
COLEMAN, Emma COOPER, George 1900-Feb-16
COLLIER, Mary Ann Mrs STUBBS, Dallis 1900-Feb-11
COLOANY, Margaret YOUNGER, Presley 1847-Dec-29
COMBS, Amanda G DAVIS, Henry E 1853-   -
COMMINGS, Lucy GURLY, John I 1834-Feb-27
CONDRY, Parlee BALEY, Will 1900-Jan-02
CONN, Mattie B CLARK, A A 1889-Jan-27
CONN, Sallie BUNT, C H 1892-Apr-23
CONNER, Eliza W KILPATRICK, Asa K 1833-Sep-12
CONNER, Margaret ASHMORE, Henry 1833-Aug-17
COOHER, Mary CANTERBERRY, Thomas 1854-Jul-26
COOK, Becky BORDEN, Lige 1900-Jun-17
COOK, Caroline Mrs WALLACE, J D 1887-Dec-04
COOK, Polly WOODARD, George 1848-Mar-05
COOK, Sarah R HENRY, Willie G 1835-May-07
COOLEY, Sarah MOORES, James 1853-   -
COON, Susannah WILEMAN, William R 1865-Jun-21
COOPER, Cincinatus CHARLOTT, Luck 1835-Dec-03
COOPER, Georgiann LAYLAR, Edmound 1848-Feb-24
COOPER, Jennie GAINES, Wesley 1892-Dec-26
COOPER, Mary CANTERBERRY, Thomas 1854-Jul-26
COOPER, Sarah SMITH, Sam 1887-Dec-30
COPELAND, Lucinda S MATHURSON, Hugh 1832-Oct-08
CORNELIOUS, Mollie LINDSEY, W H 1888-Jan-01
CORNELISON, Lottie MAULDIN, D E 1894-Dec-31
CORNELISON, Lucinda REDDEN, Elias 1846-Nov-25
CORNELIUS, Bettie TIDWELL, S S 1898-Dec-22
CORNELIUS, Didemie PHILLIPS, D M 1898-Dec-25
CORNELIUS, I J Miss AGEE, W A 1894-Aug-08
CORNELIUS, L S Miss TATE, J E 1894-Aug-08
COTTEN, Lilla MCKNIGHT, C W 1891-Nov-17
COTTEN, Pink DRAKE, Alex 1895-May-22
COTTON, Emma F ARMSTRONG, George A 1896-Jun-24
COTTON, Mattie HARLAND, G W 1890-Oct-19
COUNTS, Catherine KNOX, John 1888-Nov-22
COUNTS, Kate BRAUGHTON, J A 1891-Nov-28
COUNTS, Sallie MEANS, Frank 1895-Jun-16
COWAN, Mary F MOORE, Thomas 1830-Apr-13
COWEN, Mary F REYNOLDS, Guilford 1855-Aug-09
COWEN, S E HUGHS, Al L 1866-   -
COWSER, Mary RYAN, William 1835-Feb-05
COYCE, Mollie Mrs MCCANLY, Dallas 1889-Oct-08
CRANE, Bessie F FULLER, A D 1894-Oct-17
CRANFORD, H J Miss YARBER, P 1898-Nov-20
CRAVAN, Mary Eleanor DICKERSON, Henry 1835-Mar-24
CRAWFORD, M E Miss WYNNS, E C 1893-Nov-16
CREDILLE, Dona STACY, W M 1898-Jan-06
CRENSHAW, Palistine THOMPSON, Paul 1899-Mar-16
CRISAMORE, Annie B CLAUNCH, George T 1899-Aug-20
CROCKET, Ann IRWIN, J C 1855-Dec-13
CROCKET, Sarah BEAVERS, Robert 1890-Dec-15
CROCKET, Sarah WILLBANKS, D P 1856-Jan-07
CROCKET, Sina A WILDMAN, Benj. J 1853-Oct-22
CROCKETE, Mary K HESTER, Robert F 1849-Jul-30
CROCKETT, Louisa M KENNEDY, G A 1861-Jan-11
CROCKETT, Margaret BRYSON, Samuel 1860-Oct-23
CROPLY, Susan Ann SANDERS, Jason 1834-Mar-24
CROSS, Dillie Ann SEAGO, J C 1897-Nov-25
CROSS, Mary J SMITH, J B 1865-   -
CROSSLEY, Laurinda HUTSON, Joseph L 1834-Feb-13
CUMMINGS, Mollie MOORE, Henry 1895-Jan-05
CUMMINGS, Sallie TAYLOR, T L 1897-Jul-15
CUNNINGHAM, Martha HESTER, Joseph 1855-Oct-
CURTIN, Lorinda BLUNT, W S 1897-Mar-14
CURTIS, Ednie YARBOROUGH, Willliam 1892-Nov-05
CURTIS, Jennie CURTIS, C W 1889-Jun-09
CURTIS, Lizzie MCKINNEY, R L 1898-Nov-26
CUSHMAN, Maria L BILLINGTON, John 1832-Nov-
CUTSHAW, M B Miss LONG, W S 1896-Feb-16

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