Tishomingo County Brides


ABERNATHY, Winnie DEAN, Tobe 1888-Dec-20
ABLES, Nancy Ann MOON MOOR, James 1864-Jul-15
ABLES, Nancy Ann MOOR MOON, James 1864-Jul-15
ABLIS, Mary E BRUMLEY, J H 1895-Nov-24
ADAMS, Elisabeth Mrs ARDIS, David 1899-Sep-03
ADAMS, M A Miss WOODLEY, J D 1890-Oct-29
ADAMS, Manda BUTLER, G G 1891-Dec-09
ADAMS, Mary ALLEN, C H 1895-Oct-24
ADAMS, Matilda E KENNEDY, William R 1897-Oct-24
ADAMS, Nancy BOOKER, J M 1898-Mar-19
ADEN, L C Miss YULDING, C L 1895-Aug-25
ADKINS, Sarah A FRANKS, Samuel A 1835-May-08
AGNEW, Inez BURTON, Tom 1900-Jan-17
AKERS, L B Miss DEAN, R C 1895-Feb-14
AKERS, Sallie M HUTTON, Edgar H 1897-Aug-08
ALDRIDGE, Bamma CARTER, William 1898-Sep-19
ALDRIDGE, Debbie MONROE, W E 1899-Jul-30
ALDRIDGE, Emma ALDRIDGE, George 1890-Jul-08
ALDRIDGE, Eula B RAINEY, W P 1895-Dec-19
ALDRIDGE, Lizzie RAST, J E 1892-Nov-03
ALDRIDGE, Mary SUTTON, J W 1899-Sep-17
ALDRIDGE, Mattie HARTMAN, J R 1893-Feb-05
ALDRIDGE, Minnie EDMONDSON, Charley 1895-Oct-23
ALDRIDGE, Mollie MITCHELL, Ben 1900-Dec-23
ALLEN, Leola B HARP, T J 1900-Jan-14
ALLEN, Maye JACKSON, W O 1890-Mar-17
ALLEN, Rebecca PARKER, W T 1866-Sep-01
ALLEN, Samantha HART, J H 1898-Dec-28
ALLEY, Ann L GURLEY, J E 1895-May-26
ALLEY, Dizy PUCKETT, Oscar 1893-Jul-16
AMERSON, Francis M BONDS, Wesley G 1887-Dec-01
AMERSON, Phoebie GLENN, W C 1888-Nov-01
ANDERSON, Cintha RAUSEY, William 1848-Apr-08
ANDERSON, Emma Mrs WEAVER, R H 1888-Nov-26
ANDERSON, M J Miss SMITH, T H P 1889-Sep-22
ANGLAIN, Annie Mrs HOLDER, J A 1898-May-08
ANGLIN, Mattie SPOON, George 1895-May-05
ARCHER, Ella Lou HAMS, J L 1897-Feb-07
ARCHER, Jennie PAYNE, J C 1899-Aug-02
ARCHER, Josie HASTINGS, John A 1894-Dec-12
ARCHER, Mollie SMITH, J T 1888-Dec-23
ARDIS, M C Miss BROWN, W M 1898-Dec-11
ARMSTRONG, D L Miss FORD, S W 1899-Apr-23
ARMSTRONG, Mary JACKSON, Richard 1899-Dec-21
ARTHUR, Jeptha ELLISON, Armando 1834-Nov-27
ARTIS, Cora FULLER, S C 1900-Feb-11
ASBEL, Mary J WOOLEY, G B 1865-Oct-19
ASBELL, Sarah J DOTTSON, Grandville 1857-Jan-27
ASHCRAFT, Francis FLOYD, W T 1890-Aug-02
ATKINS, Lillian COPELAND, Richard 1895-Dec-16
AUSTON, Elza WYNN, S A 1890-Feb-11
AVIR, Elizabeth BROCK, Isaac 1834-Jan-31


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