Tippah County Grooms


YANCEY, Clarence R GIBSON, Mary E 1899-Sep-15
YANCEY, F ASBURY, M L Mrs 1867-Jul-03
YANCEY, G L BLYTHE, Luella 1879-Nov-19
YANCEY, G L MILLER, J W Miss 1883-Feb-15
YANCEY, J S Jr ALDRIDGE, Beulah 1899-Sep-20
YANCEY, J V HINES, M J A Mrs 1877-Mar-29
YANCEY, L B BOOKER, Corrie 1897-Nov-16
YANCY, G L JONES, R Mrs 1870-   -
YANCY, J F THOMAS, Sallie 1875-Dec-23
YANCY, J F WIER, Minnie 1894-Jan-03
YANCY, J S DUNCAN, N J Mrs 1868-Sep-09
YANCY, R L PORTIS, M A Mrs 1868-Sep-09
YATES, James T JUMPER, M J Mrs 1863-Aug-07
YATES, Joh H WOOLEY, Matilda 1885-Sep-20
YATES, W F TAYLOR, Allas 1885-Oct-18
YELVERTON, Stephen B        MARLER, Sarah J 1861-Jan-03
YOPP, J A HENSON, Mary 1859-Aug-18
YOUNG, A M SMITH, Blanche 1890-May-01
YOUNG, Alexander W PANNELL, Mary A 1880-Sep-01
YOUNG, B E PANNELL, M A Miss 1866-Jan-07
YOUNG, C W KINNEY, Jennie 1893-Jan-26
YOUNG, Daniel JACKSON, A M A Miss 1881-Feb-24
YOUNG, J V KERR, M J Miss 1869-Mar-10
YOUNG, J W CAMPBELL, A V Miss 1865-Dec-19
YOUNG, James T CHILDERS, Elizabeth 1867-Nov-30
YOUNG, John A MILLER, M M Miss 1868-Jul-20
YOUNG, Melville GRIFFIN, P C 1885-Dec-29
YOUNG, Pat TICER, Roseann 1869-   -
YOUNG, W B LEWELLEN, M F Miss 1876-Mar-02
YOUNG, W P NANCE, E L Miss 1882-Dec-14
YOUNG, W S FARROW, Elizabeth L 1872-Jul-18
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