Tippah County Grooms

U - V

UNDERWOOD, T H RAY, Cornelia 1889-Mar-19
USELTON, S B MORGAN, Elizabeth 1872-Dec-22
USSARY, J D ROBBINS, M J Miss 1891-Aug-23
VANCE, James A J TATUM, Wineford 1860-Sep-02
VANDEGRIFF, James YOUNG, M J Miss 1868-   -
VANDEGRIFF, Nathan SATTERFIELD, S J Miss 1870-   -
VANDEGRIFF, William RILEY, Catherine 1859-Apr-03
VANDIVER, C M WINTERS, S J Miss 1868-Sep-07
VANZANT, J P T ADAMS, V Miss 1874-   -
VAUGH, Thomas W ADAMS, S A Miss 1861-Apr-28
VAUGHN, L H JOBE, N E Miss 1875-Aug-05
VAWTER, W J SANFORD, R J Miss 1868-Dec-03
VERNOR, Dave PATTON, Leathy 1878-Apr-25
VERNOR, Isaac PATE, Leah 1884-Feb-07
VERNOR, Isaac PULLIAM, Mattie 1885-Jan-01
VERNOR, Isaac SMITH, Emma 1879-Dec-30
VERNOR, Noah BYRD, Elizabeth 1860-Jul-24
VERNUM, J M ROACH, Sarah 1862-Mar-03
VICERS, Frank LAMBERT, Mariah 1869-   -
VINCENT, J F MANSFIELD, S M Miss 1882-Dec-07
VINES, Dawson MCMICKEN, Rebecca 1859-Apr-11
VOILES, A J MARLER, E J Miss 1869-   -
VOILES, G W DAVIS, Annie 1891-Nov-08
VOYLES, G W DAVIS, Annie 1893-Jul-05
VOYLES, H MCINTURFF, Mary 1890-Aug-17
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