Tippah County Brides


YANCEY, Alice TAPSCOTT, B C 1898-Mar-03
YANCEY, Jennie May COOK, J W 1899-Jan-01
YANCEY, Julia BRADDOCK, W M 1900-Nov-25
YANCEY, M A Miss MANN, J O 1887-Jul-24
YANCY, Elizabeth MEADOWS, Noble 1893-Oct-05
YANCY, Sallie J W COX, Elijah 1860-Mar-18
YATES, M C Miss JUMPER, P J 1864-Jan-12
YATES, Margaret R DAVIS, H L 1882-Sep-03
YOPP, L C Miss HUDSON, J W 1888-Feb-16
YOPP, Mary C LUNA, William L 1867-Jul-21
YOPP, Nannie WHITENER, J T 1881-Dec-01
YOUNG, Alice BRYANT, S J 1885-Oct-30
YOUNG, Bell JERNIGAN, J B 1881-Jan-09
YOUNG, Emily GAMMEL, George 1873-Sep-14
YOUNG, Francis COLLUM, Stephen 1878-Jan-22
YOUNG, Harriet MARTIN, Councile 1882-   -
YOUNG, L Miss AGNEW, Anthony 1869-Feb-17
YOUNG, Laura AGNEW, Anthony 1869-Feb-27
YOUNG, Leanna AGNEW, Anthony 1869-Feb-18
YOUNG, Leanna ANTHONY, Agnew 1869-Feb-18
YOUNG, Lillie MCCOWN, A L 1895-Dec-22
YOUNG, M J Miss VANDEGRIFF, James 1868-   -
YOUNG, M Jmiss SNIDER, N A 1870-Jan-13
YOUNG, M M Miss CLAYTON, Arthur 1896-Aug-12
YOUNG, Maggie H HOMES, J R 1881-Nov-20
YOUNG, Manda PITMAN, John L 1859-Nov-02
YOUNG, Martha R PANNELL, James A 1860-Mar-01
YOUNG, Mary PAYNE, Lott 1866-Dec-17
YOUNG, Mary M WAGES, Lee 1869-Sep-22
YOUNG, Rebecca PANNELL, J E 1867-   -
YOUNG, S A Miss MORGAN, W G 1868-Dec-24
YOUNG, S J Miss BALCH, Andrew 1898-Aug-10
YOUNG, Susan F LINVILLE, Worley 1860-Sep-25
YOUNG, Virginia STUBBS, H A 1882-Mar-09
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