Tippah County Brides

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UMBARGO, Sarah FAULKENBURY, James 1867-Feb-24
VALES, M C Miss HENDERSON, J H 1867-Jul-04
VANDERGRIFF, E Miss WITT, S A 1867-   -
VANDERGRIFF, Margaret BRIGHT, James 1860-Jan-11
VANDERGRIFF, Nancy E ORMAN, C L 1859-Jan-30
VANDERGRIFF, Nancy E ORMAN, Calvin C 1859-Jan-30
VANDIVER, Mary GULLETT, J H 1863-   -
VANDIVER, R A Miss MULLIKIN, L W 1869-   -
VANDIVER, Sarah A BLACKWOOD, James 1868-   -
VAUGHN, A A Miss PATTON, H O 1873-Aug-07
VAUGHN, Bettie C TREECEWELL, F M 1868-Nov-03
VAUGHN, Mary J ROBERTSON, A F 1880-   -
VERNOR, Abegail CHEEK, John W 1859-Nov-13
VERNOR, Ellie BOBO, S S 1876-Feb-17
VERNOR, M A Miss MCCLURE, W J 1865-Dec-17
VERNOR, Rebecca J WHITEHEAD, J N 1859-Dec-04
VOYLES, Bell ESSARY, A A 1895-Oct-23
VOYLES, Lula STUDDARD, F A 1900-Jun-17
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