Tate County Grooms

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UNDERWOOD, Will C STUDDARD, Kate 1895-Apr-03
UPSHAW, Hershel TUCKER, Julia A 1894-Mar-28
VANDERBURG, W J LOTT, Emma 1885-Dec-25
VANHOOZER, I L DAVIS, Imon 1893-Dec-24
VAUGHN, L A GOUDY, Lizzie 1883-Nov-25
VAUTERS, G E FURGERSON, M A Miss 1878-Jul-20
VEAZEY, B T UNDERWOOD, E F Mrs 1896-May-11
VEAZEY, Clarence ATKINS, Ella 1898-Jul-28
VEAZEY, J D BOWDIN, Hazeg 1886-Nov-19
VEAZEY, Powell WADE, J T 1888-Oct-24
VINSON, C F OLISON, Florence 1898-Oct-06
VINSON, Thomas A THOMASON, Maggie Zilla 1896-Feb-26
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