Stone County Grooms

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WADE, William A BOND, Marcella 1920-Jan-05
WAITS, Ras CAMPBELL, Flora Bell 1930-Dec-18
WALKER, Alvin BROWN, Mary 1935-Dec-14
WALKER, E C HESTER, Rhoda 1919-Jun-21
WALKER, Elroy D COX, Annie B 1935-Jun-20
WALKER, Hw LONG, R L Mrs 1933-Dec-05
WALKER, James M HAMPTON, Evelyn Inez 1928-Jan-03
WALKER, Norman J JOHNSON, Wilma 1917-May-31
WALKER, Richard BOND, Daisy 1917-Aug-12
WALKER, W O BRYANT, Ocie Eva 1934-Dec-02
WALKER, Wilmer SCARBROUGH, Kate 1920-Jul-27
WALLER, Lewis A TAYLOR, Bertha 1917-Jul-15
WALLING, W T NOBLE, Lula 1918-May-24
WALLSMITH, Henry GOFF, Gurtrude 1931-Sep-04
WALTERS, M LOTT, Ruthan Mrs 1933-Oct-09
WALTON, Tom Fox KOCH, Blondie 1929-Jul-26
WARD, James M POWELL, Hattiemae 1929-Feb-04
WARD, John R BATES, Virgie 1930-Dec-24
WARDEN, Coy NALL, Isabel 1932-Feb-08
WARDEN, T R HOLLIS, Edith 1935-May-04
WARREN, Talton WALDROP, Comfort 1927-Dec-22
WATER, W M HICKMAN, Winnie 1932-Mar-28
WATKIN, H M BATTEASTE, Louise 1932-Dec-22
WATKINS, Thomas E LAMBDIN, Irene 1916-Aug-29
WECKLAND, G E SMITH, Carrie 1927-Jul-20
WEEKS, Leroy HAWK, Alice 1934-Mar-17
WEEKS, Robert P SEYMOUR, Eula A 1934-Apr-17
WEEMS, J M RUSSELL, Ivy 1935-Jul-05
WEIR, Hugh Walter MOON, Rosa Mae 1934-Apr-19
WELCH, James T FENNAN, Lillian Mae 1935-Feb-08
WENTWORTH, Rupert A SEMMES, Mary Blanche 1933-Nov-30
WESLEY, William LOTT, Elva 1924-Jan-10
WEST, S M HILTON, Murel 1928-Dec-26
WETMORE, William C S FILLINGAME, Jessie 1922-Apr-10
WHEELER, Corbcort C LEE, Myrtle 1927-Feb-25
WHITE, J N TAYLOR, Alsie 1919-Aug-28
WHITE, Jesse MOORE, Hillman 1923-Feb-04
WHITE, John WHEELER, Felicie Marie 1925-Nov-12
WHITE, L J COWART, Lillie 1930-Jun-03
WHITTINGTON, Knox MOORE, Esther 1928-Dec-20
WHITTINGTON, Turner PARKER, Bertha 1933-Apr-25
WICKS, T D Oscar DAVIS, Raba 1919-Jun-29
WIGGINS, Floyd WALLSMITH, Neva Laura 1933-Mar-06
WILKERSON, J A EUBANKS, Leslie May 1925-Dec-02
WILKISON, Henry BOND, Zenora 1922-Oct-21
WILLEMOES, Peter KROHN, Lena 1929-Feb-15
WILLIAMS, A B HERRING, Gussie 1935-Mar-23
WILLIAMS, A L BRELAND, Nannie 1919-Jan-08
WILLIAMS, Clarence C WILLIAMS, Jamae 1933-May-20
WILLIAMS, D W DAVIS, Ida 1924-Mar-29
WILLIAMS, Dan M REYNOLDS, Rhoda 1935-Feb-09
WILLIAMS, Earl BOND, Edna 1927-Mar-18
WILLIAMS, Ernest T COOPER, Ava Mae 1933-Jun-27
WILLIAMS, J W Jr WILLEY, Hannah Sue 1927-Jul-04
WILLIAMS, Leroy MOORE, Marie 1933-May-06
WILLIAMS, Leslie BOND, Lottie 1929-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Nathan BURDEAUX, Gladys 1927-Jul-05
WILLIAMS, Nathan DELANCY, Elva 1923-May-02
WILLIAMS, Odie ALEXANDER, Eva 1923-Jul-28
WILLIAMS, Oscar LOTT, Nellie 1933-Feb-04
WILLIAMS, Thomas PARKER, Lue Mrs 1935-Nov-15
WILLIAMS, William Wesley DELANCY, Lela Elizabeth 1923-May-12
WILLIAMS, Willie BOND, Gertrude 1922-Aug-10
WILLIAMSON, J D Jr STEVENSON, Janella 1932-Jul-16
WILLIAMSON, Talmage E ROBERTSON, Bessie Mae 1932-Jun-07
WILLIS, W C TINER, Georgia 1924-Jul-27
WILSON, Al CHANDLER, Woddie 1916-Oct-17
WILSON, Alex CHANDLER, Woddie 1916-Oct-17
WILSON, E P MULDINE, Olive E 1925-Jun-03
WILSON, J R MILLER, C B 1921-May-28
WILSON, James A DAVIS, Lula Mae 1928-Nov-13
WOOD, Otis BOND, Gladys 1928-Sep-02
WOODCOCK, Gus WILFORD, Maybell 1929-May-16
WRENN, F G PRIDGEN, Ava 1922-Oct-09
YARBROUGH, Johnie KING, Martha 1925-May-02
YEAGER, J L MARSHALL, Lottie 1922-Sep-25
YEAGER, John Wesley COX, Margaret Thais 1931-Jun-02
YEAGER, V A STROTHER, Dora May 1921-Jun-26
YEAGER, V N STROTHER, Viola 1930-Jun-07
YOUNG, Robert JAMES, Mary 1931-May-28



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