Stone County Grooms

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TAYLOR, A L ALLEN, Dudley Faye 1933-Jul-14
TAYLOR, C M COX, Martha 1924-Oct-22
TAYLOR, Cator BOND, Cella 1916-Dec-17
TAYLOR, Cator BOND, Cella 1916-Dec-16
TAYLOR, D C MOORE, Vennie 1923-Feb-25
TAYLOR, Elmer SMITH, Mollie 1922-Dec-31
TAYLOR, Ernest BALER, Iva 1925-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Esper SEAL, Toxie 1930-May-17
TAYLOR, G S ROUSE, Gertrude 1925-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Inman HATTEN, Owida 1926-Aug-07
TAYLOR, Inman KELSAY, Katheryn 1934-Feb-22
TAYLOR, Jewel FIRTH, Charlie A 1930-May-17
TAYLOR, Shannon BOND, Mary 1932-Dec-18
TAYLOR, W L CURRIE, Pearl 1919-Apr-08
TAYLOR, W W ROBBINS, Elizabeth 1931-May-29
TAYLOR, Willie Ervin DELANCEY, Elva 1929-Mar-31
TEMPLE, Lloyd LADNER, Jossie 1927-Feb-26
TERRELL, John Jr DENHAM, Gussie Mae 1935-Aug-22
THOMAS, Milton PITTS, Grace 1929-Sep-02
THOMPSON, Dewey ERWIN, Doris 1931-Apr-03
THOMPSON, Edward H DAVIS, Amy G 1930-Sep-07
TROSCLAIR, W J WILKERSON, Virgia 1924-Feb-20
TURNER, H E BRELAND, Minnie 1928-Apr-09
VAN VRANCKEN, Charles ONEAL, Neva 1934-Sep-22
VANARSDALE, Jesse DAVIS, Jesse Panola 1918-Aug-17
VANDERFORD, Joe KING, N F 1925-May-30
VARNADO, Charlie J ALEXANDER, Mattie J 1934-May-07
VARNADO, Elijah SAUCIER, Wilmer 1923-Oct-01
VARNADO, G H REYNOLDS, Rubie 1921-Jul-21
VARNADO, Willard MITCHELL, Edith 1933-May-12



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