Stone County Grooms

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RAINEY, Grady Lamar MASSINGILL, Vashite 1935-Jul-31
RATCLIFF, T Charles BOND, Bessie 1925-Sep-19
RAYALS, Luther PAGE, Leonia 1917-Apr-25
RAYBORN, Boyd STOCKSTILL, Irene 1935-Oct-26
RAYBORN, Braxton LYONS, Rubie 1921-Feb-20
RAYBORN, Chalmus BOND, Dala 1916-Dec-16
RAYBORN, Chalmus BOND, Dola 1916-Dec-24
RAYBORN, Ernie MILLER, Willy 1930-Feb-08
RAYBORN, Guy LEWIS, Bonnie Mae 1932-Feb-20
RAYBORN, N L BRELAND, Laverne 1929-Jan-19
RAYBURN, L E GRIMES, Nettie 1919-Oct-01
REATHEAL, D P THOMAS, Gracie 1919-Mar-15
REDDEN, O S CUEVAS, Vera 1935-Jun-20
REDFIELD, Fletcher MILES, Helen 1935-Aug-17
REDFIELD, H V LOWERY, J T Mrs 1930-Dec-21
REDMOND, H D BOND, Frances 1920-Jun-20
REDMOND, John P SHAW, Edith Dorris 1927-Aug-20
REED, F W LOTT, Bennett Lee 1923-Aug-04
REEVES, Ollie PARKER, Jennie 1935-May-12
RENOT, E H EASTERLING, Vivian 1927-Jun-23
REWES, Harmon PARKER, Viba 1917-Mar-16
REYER, Sylvester LEWIS, Vivian 1933-Jul-15
REYNOLDS, Ervin R BOND, Nora May 1926-Nov-06
RHEA, W M PERKINS, Rosa Myrtle 1919-Oct-04
RHODES, J W BROADUS, S P Mrs 1934-Sep-06
RICHARDS, John E HART, Lizzie 1919-Sep-30
RICHARDSON, Claude M CAMPBELL, Louise M 1932-Aug-21
RICHEY, Edward PADGETT, Laura 1929-Feb-14
RICHIE, B F FORBES, Ethel Beatrice 1917-Mar-18
RILEY, Luckus MOODY, Gladys 1930-Nov-15
ROBERSON, John E WALKER, Jencie 1922-Mar-25
ROBERTS, Buford B KOHAN, Bessie Mrs 1927-Oct-29
ROBERTS, Paul BRELAND, Zora 1933-Mar-14
ROBERTS, W P DANIELS, Ethel 1925-Oct-11
ROBERTS, W R HARKNESS, Margaret 1926-Nov-25
ROBERTSON, Edwin A BURKE, Jimmie W Mrs 1923-Mar-12
ROBERTSON, W V DANIELS, Nora 1932-Oct-22
ROBINSON, F C DONELL, Cassie 1926-Feb-13
ROBINSON, Isiah GREENE, Vesper 1926-Dec-11
ROBINSON, Neverson Burdett FORBES, Gladys Bertha 1916-Jul-25
ROBINSON, Paul A CARNES, Merlie D 1926-Jun-20
ROGERS, Hobson LOPER, Dona Bell 1916-Dec-31
ROGERS, Hoston SUMERALL, Letha 1927-Apr-13
ROGERS, J B LOTT, Virgia 1922-Jan-13
ROSE, F E DESPORTE, Juanita Ostavia 1929-Oct-05
ROTH, Thomas Carl BROADUS, Elsie 1935-Jan-23
ROUSE, Arl J LOTT, Stella Me 1934-Feb-04
ROUSE, Chester R SMITH, Alma Estell 1934-Feb-10
ROUSE, Cooper D PRICE, Marguerite 1933-Jul-01
ROUSE, Jas L DEARMAND, Bernice 1932-May-29
ROUSE, Kermit BOND, Velma 1934-Dec-07
ROUSE, Otho E EVANS, Etha Mae 1927-May-03
ROWELL, Ernest CONNER, Dorothy 1933-Mar-12
ROWLES, Clarence LOTT, Rosa Lee 1934-Apr-07
ROWLS, Elmer BRELAND, Cleo 1932-Jul-30
ROYALS, Murley WALTERS, Adrien 1934-Sep-08
ROYALTY, Oscar HOWARD, Mattie 1918-Sep-07
RUBEL, L W COLEMAN, Mollie O 1926-Sep-02
RUDESILL, L A UNDERHILL, Mary Scott Mrs 1918-Feb-22
RUNNELLS, William I HALLIFIELD, Bell Mrs 1928-Oct-29
RUSSELL, Gregory DAVIS, James L 1930-Dec-24
RUSTIN, D W MASON, Bertie 1919-Apr-20
RUTLEDGE, John O LOCKE, Laura 1923-Feb-03
RYAN, P T KANE, Ada 1917-Apr-25
SALTER, Scott BREAZEALE, Myrtle 1928-May-15
SANDERS, John HUDSON, Clara 1927-Dec-02
SAUCIER, Charlie HUDSON, A E 1923-Sep-01
SAUCIER, Clarence LEE, Matilda 1917-Nov-04
SAUCIER, E E SCARBROUGH, Virdalee 1928-Jul-22
SAUCIER, Jim T BOND, Jneva 1919-Jun-28
SAUCIER, O D TURAN, Orela 1924-Jul-30
SAUCIER, Wath WILLIAMS, Verna 1927-Jan-19
SAUCIER, William F SWEENEY, Emma Marie 1934-Sep-26
SAUCIER, Wilmer VARNADO, Elijah 1923-Oct-01
SCARBROUGH, Charles MALPASS, Edna E 1934-Nov-30
SCARBROUGH, Elmer MALOY, Dorothy 1932-Mar-16
SCARBROUGH, Eugene WALKER, Ruth 1918-Dec-21
SCARBROUGH, Homer A CAMERON, Maggie 1919-Aug-03
SCARBROUGH, Linus LEE, Ollie 1926-Oct-23
SCHROEDER, Ellis SIMMONS, Ione 1935-Dec-14
SCOTT, James F ALLEN, Lula Mae 1935-Jul-02
SEAL, J H SMITH, Verissie 1933-Feb-08
SEAL, Willie MORSE, Martha Verna 1934-Apr-21
SEALE, Louis LYON, Gwendolyn 1927-Oct-11
SELLERS, Louis COKER, Ethel Thelma 1934-Dec-22
SELLERS, Vergil BRELAND, Ola 1933-Jan-07
SHALTTES, Harvey PRINE, Jewel C 1930-Dec-12
SHAMPER, I SATTLER, Carrie 1927-Jul-19
SHARP, L H SMYLIE, Gruda Mae 1933-Jun-17
SHEFFIELD, Leo WALKER, Irene 1929-Nov-18
SHEPPARD, M E CHAVERS, Nona 1916-Oct-25
SHERMAN, Jack STEWART, Verna 1934-Mar-07
SHIMP, Ed PRINE, Lucile 1931-Aug-25
SHOEMAKE, Bosasay COX, D O 1928-Jun-29
SHOOK, Borden E MARTIN, Emma 1918-Sep-07
SHOWERS, Joseph YOUNG, Minnie 1926-Jul-15
SIMMONS, Oliver JOHNSON, Allie B 1935-Feb-19
SIMPSON, G W EDWARDS, Annie 1921-May-07
SIMS, M T MIXON, Ina B 1933-Jul-26
SIMS, M W SMITH, Mary 1918-Nov-02
SINDINGER, William HAMMOND, Ado M 1928-Mar-29
SMITH, A O DALE, Gussie 1921-Feb-28
SMITH, Curvis MATE, Daisy 1929-Oct-05
SMITH, Darias BOND, C L 1935-Jun-09
SMITH, Elmer LYONS, Alice B 1924-Mar-01
SMITH, Elvis LOCKE, Ellen 1932-Dec-30
SMITH, Evon MOFFITT, Patt 1922-Sep-16
SMITH, H A DALL, Yetive 1933-Jul-08
SMITH, H Fred TRUSSELL, Mildred Ealine 1935-Oct-21
SMITH, Harvey BREWER, Mary 1928-Oct-01
SMITH, Hollis MORSE, Maudie 1928-Jun-25
SMITH, Izette PARKER, Myrtie 1935-Aug-30
SMITH, J B MULLINS, Mildred 1935-Apr-20
SMITH, J F SUMERALL, Beddie 1933-Jan-03
SMITH, L L LEE, Dorthy 1926-Sep-29
SMITH, Loyd DALE, Ivel 1921-Jan-21
SMITH, Luther DALE, Grace 1920-Nov-07
SMITH, Manson JACKSON, Louise 1930-Jan-11
SMITH, Noel DEARMAN, Gussie E 1934-Jun-03
SMITH, Odis PRESTON, Mae 1927-Jul-10
SMITH, Olson S BROWN, Lillie 1934-Feb-17
SMITH, Peter DEDEAUX, Eva 1922-Apr-15
SMITH, R A BRELAND, Myrtle 1929-Mar-30
SMITH, R E LADNER, Floye 1933-Oct-29
SMITH, R K HOWARD, Lucille 1926-Mar-18
SMITH, W E LOGUE, Emma 1925-Aug-25
SMITH, W M HATTEN, Emma 1917-Nov-25
SNIDER, B F Jr HINTON, Alma 1929-Aug-29
SPANGLER, Carl N STEWART, Minnie Mary 1917-Aug-08
SPARKMAN, L E TINGLE, Hattie Lee 1923-Nov-06
SPEGNER, J W BOND, Lettye 1924-May-25
STALEY, Herbert OLIVER, Norma 1929-Mar-09
STANLEY, F H MARLIN, Bonnie 1917-Sep-29
STEEL, J C SWITZER, Saddie 1919-Sep-28
STEELE, B Jr PERKINS, Blanche M 1932-Mar-25
STENSON, Ioma LEE, Ivory 1931-Oct-10
STEWART, F W HATHORN, Rubye 1931-Nov-14
STEWART, Harmon FAIRLY, Lois 1933-Aug-11
STEWART, Helen MOODY, Luther 1934-Feb-10
STEWART, J H ELDRIDGE, Rubenette 1934-Aug-25
STEWART, Luther L ANDERSON, Rosabell 1935-Jun-02
STEWART, M A BUSH, Mary Vashtie 1918-Jan-06
STEWART, M M MCKENZIE, M L Mrs 1927-May-14
STEWART, Melvin CLARK, Rena 1923-May-13
STEWART, Robert L WALKER, Iva 1928-May-10
STEWART, Rubert CRUTHIRDS, Golden 1922-May-31
STEWART, W Virgil WATTS, Patsy Ruth 1933-Jan-04
STIGLETS, J P BOUNDS, Annis 1923-Nov-01
STINES, A E DAVIS, Janie Bell 1923-Jun-09
STINSON, C L CHAPMAN, Velma 1918-Nov-02
STOCKSTILL, R D BOND, Myrtle Dee 1933-Jan-14
STRAHAN, Lavis ODOM, Margaret 1929-Mar-17
STRICKLAND, A R SELLERS, Effie 1932-Nov-22
STRICKLAND, B A COKER, Zeller Catherine 1934-Apr-18
STROTHER, W F ROSS, Susie 1920-Dec-16
STUART, L M HARLFIELD, Ella 1926-May-07
STUART, William D HOLLIMAN, Margueritte 1935-Jul-08
STUBB, Fred E Jr CIECUTAL, Juanita 1924-Sep-24
SUMERALL, A L RANKIN, Estell 1927-Jun-04
SUMERALL, G W SELLERS, Vera 1927-Feb-19
SUMERALL, T W ALEXANDER, Irene 1931-Sep-06
SWEARINGEN, Jim BRENT, Ido Ruth 1935-Mar-04
SWEENEY, H P PARKS, Margie Dee 1933-Mar-13
SWILLY, E HAROLD, Ida 1921-Nov-17
SWILLY, Henry WILLIAMS, Jamima 1935-Sep-08
SWILLY, Luther DEDEAUX, Leonia 1932-Jun-04



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