Stone County Grooms

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NATTEN, Graham STROTHER, Mable 1926-Apr-29
NELSON, W W HICKMAN, Lula 1929-Sep-16
NETTO, Rodney SWILLY, Lillie 1929-Sep-18
NIOLET, Saul DEDEAUX, Edna Mrs 1932-Dec-13
ODOM, Earl ANDERSON, Clydea Mae 1934-Jan-09
OLIVER, Arthur BODIE, Willie 1920-Nov-07
ONEAL, Attis REABOLD, Ruth 1934-Mar-18
ONEAL, C J SUMRALL, Minnie 1923-Mar-10
ONEAL, C L MOORE, Lizzie 1925-Nov-08
ONEAL, Carl SUMRALL, Sarah 1917-Jun-23
ONEAL, Decalb FAIRLY, Lillian 1925-Feb-08
ONEAL, E L HALL, Mary T 1926-Jun-15
ONEAL, Edward T DANZY, Margrett 1926-Feb-13
ONEAL, Ford PRESTON, Jewell 1931-Jun-13
ONEAL, George L BAKER, Vera Mae 1933-Sep-16
ONEAL, Knox M DAVIS, Alma 1921-Nov-18
ONEAL, Odis MOORE, Frances 1928-Mar-03
ONEAL, P A BRELAND, Mary 1921-Feb-10
ONEAL, Ray L BOND, Nettra 1927-Jul-31
ONEAL, T R BOND, Abby Gill 1917-May-26
OVERSTREET, Joe SAUCIER, Lillie 1925-Sep-20
PALMER, J L HERRING, Nancy 1924-May-24
PARKER, Brenson LOTT, Nellie 1934-Mar-30
PARKER, Brisco BOND, Edna 1920-Sep-04
PARKER, C M REDMOND, Ann 1927-Mar-27
PARKER, Devon BOURG, Mary J 1926-Aug-21
PARKER, Eliger WEST, Tenia 1928-Nov-17
PARKER, George OVERSTREET, Jane Mrs 1917-Dec-24
PARKER, J B BYRD, Eunice 1923-Jul-25
PARKER, J O HESTER, Claudya Mae 1929-Aug-10
PARKER, Jessie POWER, Rosie 1924-Oct-26
PARKER, Lige FENNAN, Nola 1916-Oct-13
PARKER, Liger FENNAN, Nola 1916-Oct-06
PARKER, Lonnie FLURRY, Emily 1917-Sep-22
PARKER, Madie HICKMAN, Doris 1935-Aug-24
PARKER, Robert Regis DAY, Ruby May 1927-Feb-16
PARKER, Roda MIXON, Joyce 1917-Aug-02
PARKER, S M TAYLOR, Lula 1926-Apr-11
PARTIN, T P KIMBALL, Marjorie 1928-Aug-23
PATTON, Frank MCGEHEE, Octavia 1920-Jan-11
PEARCE, Aquilla BRELAND, Lois 1930-Jun-13
PEARCE, R A COOPER, Mattie 1929-Nov-07
PEARSON, Robt ARREN, Mildred Marie 1929-Dec-22
PENDERGRASS, C A CAMPBELL, Mildred 1935-Jan-21
PEPPER, J G CAIN, Naomie 1922-Mar-30
PERKINS, Vernon H HATTEN, Versie 1916-Jul-11
PERKINS, Vernon Henry HATTEN, Versie 1916-Jul-12
PETERSON, Ralph SWILLY, Iduma 1924-Feb-09
PETTIS, Jacob POSEY, Edith 1934-May-26
PETTIS, Joe HUGHES, Rosa 1932-Apr-23
PETTIS, Ray SANDERS, Lilla May 1929-Feb-04
PETTIS, Wiley WALTERS, Sarah 1930-Oct-11
PHELPS, Charles R TUNISON, Sarah 1934-May-13
PHILLIPS, Fred PARKER, Estelle 1929-Jul-20
PICKERING, John L ANDRESS, Frances E 1932-Mar-27
PIERCE, George CRAVEN, Ouie 1926-Mar-14
POOLE, J H HERRON, Estelle 1934-Jul-04
POSEY, Robert PRISDALE, Francis 1920-Sep-13
PRATT, R G BOND, Francis 1920-Aug-18
PRAYTON, W R CUNNINGHAM, Dosie 1924-Dec-27
PREHODA, Joe BYRD, Gardie 1927-Dec-24
PRESTON, Alonzo Clyde BODIE, Elizabeth Norma 1924-May-04
PRESTON, Claude LOPER, Nitor May 1926-Jan-27
PRESTON, H C MILES, Essie Irene 1928-Sep-08
PREVOST, Sargis FAYARD, Faith 1935-Oct-02
PREVOST, Sargis GILBERT, May 1930-Apr-16
PRICE, B T BATES, Mary L 1932-Apr-16
PRICE, Chevis BRELAND, Mary 1923-May-21
PRIDGEN, G I BRELAND, Meranda Mrs 1920-Nov-24
PRINE, Dewitt WILLIAMS, Beatrice 1932-Sep-10



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