Stone County Grooms

K - L

KATCH, Frank LOTT, Celeste 1935-Apr-01
KEITH, V V GARICK, F O 1933-Aug-12
KELLEY, J E DEARMAN, Eva 1930-Feb-24
KEYS, W E MILES, Carrie 1925-Jul-06
KING, A F FAIRLEY, Sallie 1926-Jul-03
KING, Dana G EIGHMAY, Lettie K 1927-Jul-19
KING, J A BLACK, Bertie May 1928-Jun-03
KING, J M WALKER, Essie O 1920-Mar-08
KING, Jacob BOONE, Gladis 1934-Jun-04
KING, M J FAIRLY, Ruby 1932-Oct-20
KING, W F BRELAND, Mantha 1920-Aug-24
KINNEY, H F WALKER, Anna Kate 1920-Feb-09
KIRBY, John Henry MCDONALD, Lou Ethel 1924-Apr-06
KNIGHT, Joe TULEY, Jessie 1928-Nov-05
KNIGHT, Paul LOTT, Edith Mae 1929-Nov-30
KOCH, Frank LOTT, Celeste 1932-Jun-22
KROHN, E E GREEN, Mamee 1931-Apr-18
KROHN, R M ASBELL, Ruth E 1919-Sep-09
LACOSTE, E J Jr GEX, Laurin 1933-Mar-04
LADNER, Almon BOND, Martha 1917-Mar-07
LADNER, B L RICK, Bertie M 1925-Jul-16
LADNER, C E TAYLOR, Stella Hunt 1924-Jun-28
LADNER, Chalmers LADNER, Lucile 1935-Oct-13
LADNER, Clarence BEDWELL, Celia 1924-Nov-20
LADNER, Clarence CASTLOR, Azeline 1934-Aug-08
LADNER, Claude JOHNSON, Erna 1924-Dec-03
LADNER, Colon LEE, Irene 1933-Dec-24
LADNER, L L Jr BEALL, Frances 1931-Aug-15
LADNER, Nick BEDWELL, Emma 1927-Jul-02
LADNER, Nolan SMITH, Lissie Fay 1935-Jul-27
LADNER, Nolan L HICKMAN, Eva 1926-Jul-06
LADNER, Odis DEARMAN, Anna Ray 1929-Mar-30
LADNER, Orvis DEDEAUX, Selena 1920-Feb-28
LADNER, Robert DEDEAUX, Cora 1917-Mar-12
LAIRD, R L GREEN, Pauline 1935-Nov-22
LAMEY, John Clifton BOND, Kate 1917-May-19
LANCASTER, E W CLAIRMAN, Vernon B 1924-Dec-01
LANCASTER, Earl E DOUGHDRILL, Emma 1929-Nov-20
LANE, J M DORSETT, Elizabeth 1934-Jun-26
LASSITER, H A LOTT, Edna 1931-Jul-12
LEE, Albon BODIE, Thelma 1927-Jul-29
LEE, C C PARKER, Ora 1927-Jul-23
LEE, Harmon HICKMAN, Ruby F 1923-Aug-04
LEE, J R DAVIS, Joyce 1934-Aug-03
LEE, Lawrence A DALE, Bonnie 1920-Dec-05
LEE, Lewey E OLIVER, Stella May 1920-Aug-03
LEE, Morgan JENKINS, Anna 1920-Jun-28
LEE, R A LADNER, Alice 1923-Dec-20
LEONARD, S G BRADLEY, May 1919-Aug-31
LESSENBERGER, Fred Jr CUAVE, Eula 1929-Oct-12
LEWIS, James ALEXANDER, Cleo 1933-Aug-23
LEWIS, Mose CUAVE, Ada 1917-Dec-17
LEWIS, Robert R WARDEN, Jeneva 1933-Jun-17
LEWIS, Rodricked COLVILLE, Kattie Mae 1933-Jan-28
LEWIS, T F PREDGEN, Allie 1918-Aug-10
LILES, E H HALL, Myrtle 1923-May-25
LINTHICUM, D D BOND, Add Lee 1931-Oct-02
LINTHICUM, H S BOND, Burnett 1931-Jul-07
LIZANA, W A JAMES, Velma B Mrs 1929-Dec-13
LOCK, Judson S ROTH, Mary 1935-Jul-06
LOCKE, Richard C BOGGS, Fanny K 1935-Nov-23
LONGETT, Harbert B HATTEN, Lucille 1917-May-24
LOPER, Eli FAROE, Lucille 1926-Jun-25
LOPER, J B MOKE, Mildred Anna 1926-Mar-27
LOPER, Woodrow ONEAL, Helen 1933-Feb-03
LOPOSSER, O D CLENDINEN, Mamie Louise 1924-Jun-08
LOTT, B B PARKER, Jara 1929-Jun-29
LOTT, B R FAIRLY, Isabell 1927-Dec-24
LOTT, Bennett Lee REED, F W 1923-Aug-04
LOTT, Dan REDMAN, Mary 1917-Feb-03
LOTT, Edgar BOND, Laura 1921-Feb-09
LOTT, Ewell DALRYMPLE, Alice 1933-Sep-23
LOTT, G R WHITTINGTON, Margarett 1921-Jun-25
LOTT, Henry HICKMAN, Delphia 1917-May-30
LOTT, J B MEGEHEE, Carrie 1928-Jul-14
LOTT, L M BOUNDS, Sylvia 1934-Dec-29
LOTT, L O SMITH, Ola 1931-Aug-22
LOTT, Mack SAUCIER, Hazel 1930-Sep-22
LOTT, Percy M DEARMOND, Myrtle 1935-May-04
LOTT, Willard HATTEN, Eleanor 1935-Jul-13
LOVE, E W YELVERTON, Hilda Mae 1925-Jun-14
LOWERY, Robert C Jr JOHNSON, Posie I 1932-Nov-04
LUMPKIN, J L ODOM, Viola 1929-Mar-09
LYONS, A A DAVIS, Blanche 1930-Nov-29
LYONS, A A HICKMAN, Margie 1920-Dec-25
LYONS, H B SMITH, Ethel E 1925-Oct-14
LYONS, J A SIMMS, Jannie Mrs 1921-Apr-08
LYONS, R M DAVIS, Elma L 1925-Sep-09
LYONS, S O BRELAND, M J 1922-Dec-21
LYONS, Willis BRELAND, Sarah 1931-Jul-20



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