Stone County Grooms

H - J

HAIRSTON, O E COOPER, Ouida 1919-Apr-03
HAIRSTON, W C GOLDEN, Velma Esther 1919-Oct-22
HALL, A D HARVEY, Gracie 1927-Mar-27
HALL, D R CARTER, Gertrude 1925-Aug-05
HALL, Herbert A BUELL, Christina 1935-Sep-22
HALSTON, J D STROTHER, Eva 1920-Aug-01
HAMILTON, G S FAIRLY, Queenie 1928-Mar-03
HANDCOCK, Paul SMITH, Lucy 1916-Nov-04
HANNA, Eugene C HARPOLE, Mattie Wood 1934-Nov-30
HARMON, R H RUBLE, Grace Estell 1917-Dec-27
HARRIS, H I KING, Leona 1918-Dec-29
HART, H B MOFFETT, Ethel 1917-Sep-15
HART, Wesley PETTIS, Doire 1927-Mar-20
HATHORN, Buford BUCKHANNA, Kattie 1922-Nov-21
HATHORN, Rubye STEWART, F W 1931-Nov-14
HATTEN, A L JONES, Elsie M 1925-Aug-08
HATTEN, Alvin R KENNARD, Dona E 1927-Dec-15
HATTEN, Arlon SHIRLY, Josephine 1924-Dec-31
HATTEN, Duncan CLAYTON, Lillian 1932-Jul-23
HATTEN, E G BOND, Arkana 1920-Mar-18
HATTEN, Horace BRELAND, Doris 1935-Jul-27
HATTEN, Hyman H JOHNSON, Ola M 1923-Jul-29
HATTEN, J C REYNOLDS, Mildred 1933-Aug-11
HATTEN, L E ALEXANDER, Exa 1926-Dec-24
HATTEN, R L FALLIEN, Nellie 1923-Oct-13
HATTEN, W L BOND, Arbell 1920-Jan-17
HATTEN, W Leo INABINETTE, Ida M 1933-Aug-26
HATTEN, Willer WELLS, Ella 1925-Apr-29
HAVENS, C D RAYBORN, Janie 1916-Sep-12
HAWK, Harry BRELAND, Essie 1926-Dec-16
HAWK, Newett BRELAND, Christine 1933-May-06
HAWK, Noel TAYLOR, Annie Rose 1928-Oct-12
HAWK, Vernon BRELAND, Kattie Idabell 1933-Aug-24
HAYNIE, J F CULVAR, Gertrude 1927-Jan-07
HEAD, Joseph DELANEY, Anna Bell 1927-Jan-14
HEARNE, R E MEUNIER, Bernice Cecile 1927-Dec-02
HECKMAN, J B SUMERALL, Ella 1924-Aug-24
HECKMAN, Laranzy BOND, Dona Mae 1934-Dec-23
HEMETER, L M ANNIS, Frances 1935-Mar-24
HERRIN, W F WHEAT, Mattie 1932-Dec-04
HERRINGTON, D J GILL, Idolzy 1927-Nov-29
HESTER, E E TEMPLE, Velma 1926-Jul-04
HESTER, Robert HICKMAN, Pearl 1918-Apr-20
HICKMAN, Arthur LYONS, Elsie 1920-May-09
HICKMAN, Clifton SMITH, Lucie 1928-Jun-09
HICKMAN, Davis COBB, Lula 1917-Nov-20
HICKMAN, E J JONES, C B 1922-Oct-06
HICKMAN, Emet SWILLY, Delia 1920-Jul-08
HICKMAN, Hugh DEVERAUX, Bennelia 1916-Oct-12
HICKMAN, Hugh DEVIRAUX, Bennelia (Mrs) 1916-Oct-12
HICKMAN, J R DAVIS, Marita 1935-Aug-24
HICKMAN, Mathew PHILLIPS, Christine 1930-Jan-15
HICKMAN, Millard BOND, Edwina Smith Mrs 1930-Jul-29
HICKMAN, P W ALEXANDER, Emma 1917-Apr-29
HICKMAN, R D BANG, Augustine 1932-Jun-04
HICKMAN, Versie WARDEN, Lania 1935-Apr-28
HICKMAN, Walter JOHNSON, Emma 1919-Jun-08
HILL, Claude Edward CLENDENIN, Annie Leverne 1918-Jun-11
HILLIMAN, C L HEMITER, Kattie May 1920-Jul-10
HILTON, Thomas H PAGE, Ardell 1929-Oct-07
HINTON, Clarence Alen HATTEN, Orpha 1917-Jun-14
HINTON, S C PRUITT, Ruby Estell 1922-Jul-23
HINTON, W F BOND, Frances 1919-May-08
HOLSTON, T E BRELAND, Inez 1927-Jun-25
HOOKER, Arco SIMPSON, Edith 1928-Jun-01
HOSEY, Robert MILES, Nola 1926-Apr-24
HOWARD, James LEE, Myrete 1930-Mar-20
HOWARD, James MOOSLY, Ruby 1928-Jun-30
HUDSON, A E SAUCIER, Charlie 1923-Sep-01
HUDSON, George W HAM, Martherett 1925-Oct-03
HUDSON, Oscar HUDSON, Maggie 1933-May-15
HUDSON, Oscar J MOAK, Margrett Frances 1925-Sep-19
HUGHES, Arnold W BOND, Gertie 1925-Jun-22
HUGHES, Lemon HICKMAN, Gurtrude 1925-Jan-14
HUGHES, Lenard HICKMAN, Ola 1923-Aug-19
HUNT, R M MIXION, Cad 1919-Dec-07
HUNT, V A MOORE, Verdun 1931-Apr-18
IKE, William M COX, Alma 1924-Oct-18
JACKSON, Rodreck S RYAN, Gladwyn 1930-Jan-15
JACOBS, Howard BOND, Verda 1918-Jan-23
JAMES, T L LADNER, Alcide 1933-Aug-27
JENKINS, Willis Jess BURRIS, Belma 1931-Aug-08
JOHNSON, Allen LEE, Ruby May 1932-Sep-10
JOHNSON, Arthue SMITH, Allice 1922-Jun-11
JOHNSON, Canova MORSE, Mabel 1927-Mar-26
JOHNSON, Harvy BREAKFIELD, Carzella 1924-Aug-16
JOHNSON, Horace BOND, Bertha 1916-Dec-21
JOHNSON, I W WHITTINGTON, Laura May 1924-Jan-13
JOHNSON, Jimmie BOND, Lena 1928-Jul-28
JOHNSON, O E MOORE, Ruth 1935-Feb-02
JOHNSON, Russell GRAHAM, Lucile 1934-Feb-25
JONES, A D GARTMAN, Nora 1928-Oct-29
JONES, C B HICKMAN, E J 1922-Oct-06
JONES, Gray O'FLYNN, Kathern 1929-Aug-17
JONES, Jack BOND, Virgia Olivia 1932-Oct-13
JONES, Lee KROHN, Allie May 1919-Mar-31
JONES, S P BOND, Mary E 1922-Aug-26
JORDAN, George KNIGHT, Lena 1926-Mar-25
JORDON, Gomer ROBERTS, Ola 1917-Aug-25



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