Stone County Grooms

D - E

DAGGETT, Felix Pete CAMP, Irma 1934-Feb-28
DALE, C D DAVIS, Lena 1920-Dec-26
DALE, Jim T DAVIS, Myrtle 1932-May-29
DALE, Rosco WHITTOM, Nita 1934-Sep-10
DALL, Lamar E LADNER, Sylvenia 1933-Oct-26
DANCER, G L DELLING, T A 1925-Jun-20
DANCER, G V MORSE, Myrtle 1923-Apr-18
DANIELS, Ernest RANKIN, Minnie 1930-Jan-19
DANIELS, Gertis BRYANT, Sarah 1932-Feb-08
DANIELS, Ray EVANS, Annie 1933-Jun-17
DANLER, Richard L CAIN, Grace Mae 1926-Jun-17
DANZEY, J H BRELAND, M O 1922-Mar-20
DARLY, W V FULLINGAME, Pearl Inez 1928-Dec-21
DAUGHDRILL, Hallie BEALL, Bertha 1928-Apr-07
DAUGHDRILL, Horace BROADUS, Stellar 1932-Jul-04
DAVID, A C BRELAND, Venziles 1926-Nov-24
DAVIS, A L ANDERSON, Essie Bell 1934-Jun-02
DAVIS, Aall P ONEAL, Julia M 1922-Aug-30
DAVIS, B L STOVALL, Nettie L 1926-Nov-20
DAVIS, Cecil ANDERSON, Eda 1920-Apr-20
DAVIS, Claude BOND, Ola 1924-Sep-12
DAVIS, E R DECKEY, Eugenia 1929-Nov-28
DAVIS, E W LOTT, Delphia 1933-Nov-05
DAVIS, Earl B BOND, Mary 1934-Jun-23
DAVIS, Emery H FORETICH, Mignonette 1933-Oct-21
DAVIS, Gordon SMITH, Elberta 1929-Jul-27
DAVIS, H J SPARKMAN, Hattie Lee 1924-Jun-26
DAVIS, Husler C CRUTHIRDS, Claribel E 1925-Jun-10
DAVIS, James L RUSSELL, Gregory 1930-Dec-24
DAVIS, John W JONES, Juanita 1929-Oct-19
DAVIS, L R LADNER, Mollie 1926-Jan-09
DAVIS, Luther DALE, Blondie 1922-Feb-18
DAVIS, Luther A STEWART, Bertha A 1921-Jun-20
DAVIS, Luther A SUMERALL, Audry May 1933-Mar-25
DAVIS, Ray CHRISTOPHER, Jenett 1931-Oct-15
DAVIS, S R LOTT, Bertie Mae 1925-Jun-06
DAVIS, V I ATCHISON, W L 1921-Jun-20
DAVIS, W H CARPENTER, Rubie Lee 1920-Dec-04
DAVIS, W M EVANS, Ollie 1921-Sep-03
DAVIS, William O ALEXANDER, Lucile 1933-Jun-03
DAW, F S BOND, Callie 1916-Nov-15
DAW, F S BOND, Collie 1916-Nov-15
DAY, L E BATSON, Lola N 1931-May-16
DEARMAN, Sylvester CROFFORD, Lillian 1926-Nov-13
DEDEAUX, A A HEAD, Lottie 1923-Apr-12
DEDEAUX, Ernest DAVIS, Dimple 1934-Jul-13
DEDEAUX, Homer MASON, Ido 1920-May-01
DEDEAUX, J J HICKMAN, Teshia 1918-Mar-03
DEDEAUX, Live SWILLY, Daisy 1932-Jul-30
DEDEAUX, S W SMITH, Eunice 1931-Apr-22
DEDEAUX, Vardaman SWILLY, Calie 1924-May-03
DEJAINE, E M Jr PARKER, Marjorie 1933-Apr-14
DELLING, T A DANCER, G L 1925-Jun-20
DEMOVAN, Alphose BROCK, Eunice 1930-Apr-14
DESMUKE, Frank R BALIUS, Lottie 1932-Feb-10
DEVORE, J T JORDON, Thursana 1924-May-18
DEVRON, Floyd DAVIS, Juanita 1928-Jul-30
DEXTER, Richard P MURPHY, Lela Batson Mrs 1931-Aug-15
DIAMOND, Hilton SEALS, Viola 1935-Oct-20
DICKSON, Cleet M BROADUS, W R 1921-Jul-06
DIX, W G RHEA, Pattie 1932-Oct-08
DUCKWORTH, Bush MCDONALD, Ella 1922-Mar-31
EASLEY, W F HALL, Anna Mae 1927-Aug-03
EAST, E H WICKS, Ruth 1919-May-03
EASTERLING, James H WILLIAMS, Bertha E 1931-Sep-25
EDWARDS, C M STEWART, Joyce 1922-Dec-12
EDWARDS, Jake ODOM, Annie 1920-Jan-18
EIGHMEY, Grant W OVERSTREET, Martha J 1931-Oct-28
ELDER, Lee BOTTOM, Emma 1921-Jun-27
ELLIOTT, William ALLEN, Mamie 1918-Sep-07
ELLSBERRY, Clyde L FERRELL, Tinnie B 1922-Jul-02
EVANS, B A AULTMAN, Sadie 1929-Mar-21
EVANS, Curtis HERRINGTON, Vasleti 1927-Jun-19
EVANS, Guy BEVERLY, Dena 1928-Dec-22
EVANS, Huston COOPER, Ophelia 1932-Mar-19
EVANS, John G MOORE, Willie Mae 1929-Aug-11
EVANS, Nolan A HICKMAN, Piccola 1930-Sep-09
EVANS, Ramsey MCINTYRE, Mary 1931-Sep-14
EVERETT, Alton PATRICK, Anna Bell 1935-Aug-24
EVERETT, Walter BARNETT, Vergenea 1924-Jan-27



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