Stone County Grooms


CAGLE, William T PREDGEN, Geraldine 1920-Oct-30
CAIN, E J FIRTH, W D 1917-Jun-05
CAIN, Everett MOORE, Rosa 1919-Jul-14
CALCOTE, John L JOHNSON, Ineita 1934-Jun-23
CALES, Alford JONES, Marguerite 1935-Jul-02
CAMERON, Odo B GIBSON, Katie Maud 1927-Apr-02
CARLIN, E J EVANS, Annie M 1919-Dec-27
CARNEY, J W FIRTH, Tassal W 1924-May-10
CARNLEY, Louis A HALL, Ophelia 1924-Nov-22
CARTER, A G W FLOYD, Maud May 1918-Mar-30
CARTER, Ellis PATRICK, Ruby 1935-Jul-06
CARTER, Norwood COX, Carolyn 1932-Apr-30
CASE, William Elbert AULTMAN, Helen Lois 1934-Apr-06
CATRAN, James MORRISON, Olive 1919-Feb-08
CHANDLER, Robert MCALPIN, Lula 1919-Mar-26
CHAPMAN, Carey E HATTEN, Flossie A 1926-Nov-24
CHAPMAN, H M CLARK, J J 1920-Dec-20
CHAPMAN, L B BURCH, Flossee Mrs 1934-Sep-03
CHAPMAN, Otis ROGERS, Mae 1928-Jun-19
CHAPMAN, W T MORSE, Leona 1924-Aug-27
CHAVERS, C H HINTON, Anna Mae 1928-Apr-11
CHAVERS, D G DAVIS, Lonnie 1930-Jun-16
CHAVERS, J M WINTERS, Velmer 1919-Oct-12
CLAIRMAN, Vernon B LANCASTER, E W 1924-Dec-01
CLARK, J J CHAPMAN, H M 1920-Dec-20
CLARK, J J MCLEORD, Anna L 1935-Oct-27
CLAYTON, F E MCLENSON, Isabell 1928-Dec-22
CLAYTON, Thomas H ROUSE, Decie 1924-Dec-21
CLENDENIN, Annie Leverne HILL, Claude Edward 1918-Jun-11
CLENDINEN, Mamie Louise LOPOSSER, O D 1924-Jun-08
COBB, Silas Daniel SCOTT, Gladys Lelia 1934-Jun-24
COCHRAN, Burke V WALKER, Pearlie Erette 1935-Oct-20
COCHRAN, F H COOPER, Iona 1919-May-18
COCHRAN, Wilson DONALD, Lois 1935-Mar-29
COKER, Loyd MILES, Lela 1929-Nov-27
COLEMAN, Robert H ELWELL, Emma 1927-Jul-07
COLLINS, R C HERRON, Eula 1927-Oct-07
CONN, S W Jr WALKER, Margarett Giles Mr 1924-May-13
COOK, O M BOLLING, Lucy Ann 1927-Dec-06
COOK, Thomas COOK, Ida 1921-Feb-01
COOKER, C C ENTERKIN, Gladys 1933-Jun-10
COOLEY, J A MOORE, Mary Maud 1925-Aug-01
COOLY, Hilman YATES, Mattie 1934-Jan-27
COOPER, C L FAIRLY, Dorothy 1925-Nov-12
COOPER, Crumpton HICKMAN, Gladys Leona 1935-Oct-19
COOPER, Eli Hunt, Ida Bell 1916-Nov-10
COOPER, Eli HUNT, Ida Bell 1916-Nov-15
COOPER, J A HUNT, Julia 1918-Sep-04
COOPER, J H NELSON, Maud 1923-Jul-20
COOPER, Oakly SCARBROUGH, Hazel Louise 1934-May-05
COOPER, Otho BRELAND, Viola 1928-Dec-29
CORBETT, Jack Arthur DEANE, Emma Clare 1926-Jul-28
COWART, H T HERRING, Revane 1929-May-29
COX, Avery HICKMAN, Amanda 1920-Nov-07
COX, D O SHOEMAKE, Bosasay 1928-Jun-29
COX, Keith H SMITH, Etha M 1933-May-17
COXE, William Nelson NORMAN, Margary 1935-Aug-31
CRAFT, C E MERRITT, Flora 1927-Apr-14
CRESTWOOD, L C BOONE, May Belle 1919-Jul-03
CROCHET, Earl REEVES, Rhoda 1930-Aug-21
CROCKER, E S DEARMAN, Bertie May 1926-Sep-08
CRONIER, E E JOHNSON, Ruby 1927-Mar-04
CROOKER, E R BUMGARDNER, Mae Mrs 1931-Dec-09
CRUTHIRDS, Fred O LEE, Agnes 1923-Dec-29
CRUTHIRDS, G A BOND, Bertha 1920-Sep-04
CRUTHIRDS, Golden STEWART, Rubert 1922-May-31
CUAVE, Luther BOND, Lucy Mrs 1923-Apr-21
CUEVAS, O J CROSS, Gladys 1934-Apr-15
CULPEPPER, S C NASON, Lucille 1923-Dec-31
CUNNINGHAM, C E BOND, Sadie A 1920-Sep-20
CUNNINGHAM, Clyde C FLURRY, Clara Etta 1935-Aug-03
CUNNINGHAM, Davie BRELAND, Covent W 1921-Jun-29
CURET, Harvey M TODD, Bessie E 1933-Dec-23
CURRY, J W WARD, Lola Mae 1926-Mar-27



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