Stone County Brides

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WADE, Rosa Lee BYRD, Shelton 1934-Oct-21
WALDROP, Comfort WARREN, Talton 1927-Dec-22
WALKER, Anna Kate KINNEY, H F 1920-Feb-09
WALKER, Essie O KING, J M 1920-Mar-08
WALKER, Irene SHEFFIELD, Leo 1929-Nov-18
WALKER, Isabel BOND, L R 1919-Feb-06
WALKER, Iva STEWART, Robert L 1928-May-10
WALKER, Jencie ROBERSON, John E 1922-Mar-25
WALKER, Margarett Giles Mr CONN, S W Jr 1924-May-13
WALKER, Minnie May GRIFFIN, Carl 1923-Jul-02
WALKER, Olga GIEGER, Webber 1935-Sep-28
WALKER, Pearlie Erette COCHRAN, Burke V 1935-Oct-20
WALKER, Ruth SCARBROUGH, Eugene 1918-Dec-21
WALKER, Stella BOND, J M 1917-Dec-30
WALLSMITH, Neva Laura WIGGINS, Floyd 1933-Mar-06
WALTERS, Adrien ROYALS, Murley 1934-Sep-08
WALTERS, Evelyn ARCHER, J C 1931-Jan-16
WALTERS, Sarah PETTIS, Wiley 1930-Oct-11
WARD, Lola Mae CURRY, J W 1926-Mar-27
WARD, Lula Bell MCDANIEL, Charlie 1927-Jul-02
WARDEN, Jeneva LEWIS, Robert R 1933-Jun-17
WARDEN, Lania HICKMAN, Versie 1935-Apr-28
WARDEN, Thelma FITZGERALD, Boyd 1933-Sep-23
WARREN, Zelma Mrs ANDREWS, J L Dr 1935-Jun-10
WATTS, Patsy Ruth STEWART, W Virgil 1933-Jan-04
WELCH, Lorena PERKINS, Marvin Stewart 1934-Dec-31
WELLFORD, Lillian BURDINE, John 1920-Jul-03
WELLS, Ella HATTEN, Willer 1925-Apr-29
WELLS, Lennie ALEXANDER, C J 1925-Jun-17
WEST, Anna Ethel BOUTWELL, W C 1922-Apr-01
WEST, Tenia PARKER, Eliger 1928-Nov-17
WHEAT, Mattie HERRIN, W F 1932-Dec-04
WHEELER, Felicie Marie WHITE, John 1925-Nov-12
WHIGHAM, Lottie Bell GIBSON, Burl E 1926-Oct-29
WHITTINGTON, Edna BOND, Melner 1920-Jun-27
WHITTINGTON, Eretta BOND, Lamar 1919-Dec-21
WHITTINGTON, Laura May JOHNSON, I W 1924-Jan-13
WHITTINGTON, Margarett LOTT, G R 1921-Jun-25
WHITTINGTON, Martha Olive MARTIN, James I 1920-Jun-24
WHITTINGTON, Tessye FLURRY, C A 1918-May-28
WHITTOM, Nita DALE, Rosco 1934-Sep-10
WICKS, Ruth EAST, E H 1919-May-03
WIGGINS, Gracie BAXTER, John Jr 1926-Mar-13
WIGGINS, Mary L BROWN, Charles D 1931-Dec-09
WILFORD, Maybell WOODCOCK, Gus 1929-May-16
WILKERSON, Virgia TROSCLAIR, W J 1924-Feb-20
WILKES, Mary Jane GILLY, Robert 1933-Feb-22
WILLEY, Hannah Sue WILLIAMS, J W Jr 1927-Jul-04
WILLIAMS, Beatrice PRINE, Dewitt 1932-Sep-10
WILLIAMS, Bertha E EASTERLING, James H 1931-Sep-25
WILLIAMS, Jamae WILLIAMS, Clarence C 1933-May-20
WILLIAMS, Jamima SWILLY, Henry 1935-Sep-08
WILLIAMS, Lydia L BRELAND, Ernest E 1929-Feb-04
WILLIAMS, Mary Ellen BOND, Lazrous 1917-Mar-04
WILLIAMS, Verna SAUCIER, Wath 1927-Jan-19
WINTERS, Velmer CHAVERS, J M 1919-Oct-12
WOOD, Undine Mrs FERGUSON, O K 1933-Jun-03
WYATT, Velma BATSON, Pascal Allen 1924-Jul-24
YATES, Mattie COOLY, Hilman 1934-Jan-27
YELVERTON, Hilda Mae LOVE, E W 1925-Jun-14
YOUNG, Minnie SHOWERS, Joseph 1926-Jul-15



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