Stone County Brides

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TALLANT, Carrie E BLAIR, Victor J 1926-Jun-29
TAYLOR, Alsie WHITE, J N 1919-Aug-28
TAYLOR, Annie Rose HAWK, Noel 1928-Oct-12
TAYLOR, Bertha BERRY, M B 1921-Apr-24
TAYLOR, Bertha WALLER, Lewis A 1917-Jul-15
TAYLOR, Cloise MITCHELL, Alphus 1933-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Edra BRELAND, Ray 1934-Feb-24
TAYLOR, Ethel MCMURPHY, Ulman 1922-Aug-31
TAYLOR, Eva Kathleen FAIRLY, Alvin 1934-Sep-07
TAYLOR, Ida MILES, B C 1917-Oct-17
TAYLOR, Lula PARKER, S M 1926-Apr-11
TAYLOR, Mamie FORBES, Guy E 1923-Mar-03
TAYLOR, Sarrah Rebecca MCCAY, A P 1919-Aug-29
TAYLOR, Stella Hunt LADNER, C E 1924-Jun-28
TEMPLE, Velma HESTER, E E 1926-Jul-04
TENNYSON, Annie M GAST, Laniel F 1927-Jun-05
THOMAS, Annie MILES, T M 1921-Mar-27
THOMAS, Gracie REATHEAL, D P 1919-Mar-15
THOMPSON, Myrtle MOORE, N W 1920-Oct-10
TINER, Bettie MCDONALD, W D 1917-Jun-09
TINER, Georgia WILLIS, W C 1924-Jul-27
TINGLE, Hattie Lee SPARKMAN, L E 1923-Nov-06
TODD, Bessie E CURET, Harvey M 1933-Dec-23
TRAVIS, May I BOND, C C 1931-Sep-08
TROTHER, Willie Love MIXON, Harvey W 1935-Jul-17
TRUSSELL, Mildred Ealine SMITH, H Fred 1935-Oct-21
TULEY, Jessie KNIGHT, Joe 1928-Nov-05
TULLEY, Joe BOND, James V 1929-Aug-21
TUNISON, F H MINOR, L M 1918-Jul-27
TUNISON, Sarah PHELPS, Charles R 1934-May-13
TURAN, Orela SAUCIER, O D 1924-Jul-30
TURRILTEN, Gladys BROADUS, Thornton J 1929-Aug-04
UNDERHILL, Mary Scott Mrs RUDESILL, L A 1918-Feb-22
VANCE, Effie BENNETT, Leroy 1917-May-26
VANCE, Georgia Edna BROOKS, N M 1935-Jul-20
VERPLOUGH, Pearl POWERS, Beverly 1935-Aug-19
VOGIL, Fay GILL, Ray 1933-Mar-28



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